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Best Shaving Brush Stand

What Is a Shaving Brush Stand

A shaving brush stand is probably one of the most overlooked items in a man’s grooming kit. If you do not have one, then maybe it is time for you to make it a part of your essential grooming items, including a premium stubble trimmer and the world’s best beard wax.

With the stand around, you will have an easier time maintaining your shaving brush and safety razor’s excellent condition. Just like when you need to invest in a couple of good hair-cutting shears, the stand is also an important investment in making the razor and brush last. This stand also looks great when you place it in your bathroom.

Benefits of Using a Shaving Brush Stand

Prolongs the Life of Your Shaving Brush

Taming your beard with a relaxer can make your facial hair look fantastic in the same way as using a shaving brush can make your beard look great on you. To ensure that it will continue to serve its purpose, you should invest in a shaving brush stand. With this stand around, your brush can be naturally aerated and dried out in the open. It is a big help in aerating the brush and keeping it secure and safe, thereby prolonging its life as much as possible.

Prevents Possible Water Damage

Another advantage of having this stand is that it can prevent your shaving brush and other possible shaving gears from getting damaged mainly because of the water. This item is designed in a way that you can prop your razor, brush, and trimmer off your bathroom counter.

With that, you have an assurance that all the lingering moisture from the shave will be eliminated and evaporated naturally. Also, take note that your bathroom counter is where plenty of moisture and water caused by other grooming activities will pile up. By putting your grooming items in the stand, there is a low risk for water and moisture to pile upon them, thereby preventing potential damage.

Finding the right beard trimmer and shaving brush can be challenging and sometimes costly, so you have to protect them from possible water damage. It is possible with the shaving stand around.

Looks Great in the Bathroom

Undeniably, this shaving brush stand looks great once you hang it in your bathroom. Most of these items are crafted beautifully, so putting one in your bathroom will add a nice touch to it.

How Does a Shaving Brush Stand Work

You can expect a good shaving brush stand to work by keeping your shaving brush, razor, or any other shaving items you can put in there neatly tucked together. It also functions as a protective item for your grooming tools. By neatly tucking your brush and other shaving and beard grooming tools in there, you can protect them from potential damage, especially one caused by too much moisture. With that, you have an assurance that they will last long and serve their purpose for quite a long time.

Pros and Cons of Using a Shaving Brush Stand

Pros and Cons of Using a Shaving Brush Stand


  • Keeps your brush, razor, trimmer, and other possible beard grooming tools neat and clean. You can store them in the stand together to prevent them from messing up your bathroom.
  • Protects your brush from possible water damage.
  • Usually rust-resistant, thereby preventing your items from getting damaged after excessive and constant exposure to possible threats to their present condition.
  • Makes your brush and razor last for as long as possible.
  • Promotes the proper drying of your shaving brush. Regardless of the specific material used in making the brush, you can still expect it to dry properly.


  • Some shaving brush stands are not that durable, more particularly the ones made of plastic – Still, you can prefer to invest in materials that are sturdier, like steel, though they are often pricier.

Types of Shaving Brushes

Boar Hair Brush

The boar hair brush is probably the cheapest one you can find in the market today. It works well for beginners. It features stiffer bristles that you can expect to soften eventually. This hairbrush is capable of forming a good lather with the aid of cream or soap. However, one problem is that it may have a less efficient lather formation as it is incapable of retaining water well.

Horsehair Brush

As the name suggests, the horsehair brush is one made out of the horse’s tail hairs. It is a good choice if you are on a budget because it is one of the most affordable types of shaving brush out there. However, one problem is that it tends to produce a somewhat foul and nasty smell, making it necessary to wash it regularly.

Super Badger

The next type is the super badger hairbrush. It is the oldest type, but it is also considered by many as the best out of all their available choices. It is effective in holding water well, thereby creating more lather. The super badger hair brush is also a good choice for those with sensitive skin. While it is the most expensive among the types of shaving brushes, you still believe that it is the most effective one out there.

Synthetic Brush

You can also choose to invest in a synthetic brush. One great advantage of the synthetic brush is that it is not that expensive. It also works well in shaving. However, just like the fact that not all beard styles suit your face shape, the synthetic brush does not please everyone. The reason is that some users recognized some drawbacks – one of which is the fact that it is not that firm.

How to Choose the Best Shaving Brush Stand


One major factor that should contribute to your decision when buying a shaving brush stand is the size. It is crucial to decide on the most suitable size for the brush before buying to prevent yourself from picking either too big or too small.

When you need to invest in an extra-precise shaving mirror, it is also crucial to get the right shaving brush stand size. Check its loft length, too. This length should be a perfect fit in your bathroom.


How to Choose the Best Shaving Brush Stand - Materials

Determine the exact material used in creating the stand. Note that the material through which the stand is made can directly impact the overall quality of the brush. It can also help you determine its durability and reliability. Each type of brush has a unique strength and weight, so pick a stand that is appropriate for its material.


Consider the sturdiness of the stand, too. It refers to how strong the stand is. Go for a truly sturdy and strong one as it will be holding not only the brush in most cases. You may also need to use the shaving stand to keep other shaving and grooming tools together properly, including the brush and razor. You may also need the stand to store those products necessary in attaining impressive results from applying beard growth oil persistently.


Make sure that you also consider how durable the shaving stand is before buying. It should be durable and robust enough that you can expect it to last for a long time. These stands are usually constructed from either plastic or steel. Plastic-based stands often have great designs but not as durable as steel. If you prefer to buy a sturdier and more durable stand, then steel is your best option.


You also need to compare the prices of the different stands in the market today. Ensure that you go for an affordable one with the quality you expect.


Find out whether the shaving brush stand you intend to buy is rust-free, too. This is actually an important feature as the stand will be exposed to an area where moisture and water build-up. Make sure that it does not rust as it may cause damage eventually. If you choose a metallic material for your stand, then ensure that it comes with a coating.

Rubberized Sole

The best shaving brush stand is also that which comes with a rubberized sole. This feature is important as it helps prevent accidents, especially because you will be putting it in a wet-prone area.

How to Use a Shaving Brush Stand

How to Use a Shaving Brush Stand

Just like a beard balm is useful for men of all beard lengths, a shaving brush stand is also what you need to maintain the excellent condition of your chosen brush and any other grooming and shaving items you can put in there. You can use it every time you have finished using your shaving brush.

The steps for using the stand are simple, usually including the following:

Step 1 – Rinse your brush after shaving

Beard oils are jam-packed with nutrients, so it would be best to finish off your shaving routine by applying such products. Once you are done with shaving, get the brush you are using and rinse it using warm water. Flick the brush to get rid of any excess water.

Step 2 – Put the brush on the shaving stand

Make sure that the brush or the hair is facing down. This offers an assurance that the water drops down instead of into the brush.

Step 3 – Store it properly

Place the shaving brush stand on the counter instead of in the cupboard. It is the perfect place for your brush to breathe.

Does More Spending Mean More Quality

When it comes to buying a shaving brush stand, quality should be on top of your priorities. A high-quality shaving brush stand assures you of optimum functionality while also highly durable and strong to hold whatever you put in there. You may need to spend more on this, but it will all be worth it if you know that it can last long.

Castor oil can improve your hair growth and based on that premise, a reasonably priced and high-quality shaving brush stand can also work wonders for your brush and the other shaving items and tools you put in there. This is especially true in terms of maintaining their excellent condition.

Do’s and Don’ts With Shaving Brush Stands


  • Do pick a stand made of sturdy material. If possible, choose one built from steel as it is strong enough to hold all the items, not just the shaving brush, that you put in there.
  • Do ensure that the shaving brush is facing down. This will allow you to make the most out of the brush stand, especially in helping the shaving brush dry naturally and preventing water buildup.
  • Do invest in a stand with a compact design. That way, you can easily put the stand in any part or corner of your bathroom.


  • Don’t buy a stand that does not have a non-slippery base. It should have a non-slip feature since you will be putting it in the bathroom with a lot of moisture.
  • Don’t put the stand in a cupboard. The best place for it is on the counter, as it lets the brush breathe naturally and eliminate the remaining moisture.

FAQ About Shaving Brush Stands

FAQ About Shaving Brush Stands

Do I really need to buy a shaving brush stand? 

Yes, you need this stand to ensure that all your shaving gears are resting properly in the right place. It allows your shaving gears, most importantly your brush, to dry the right way. The good thing about letting the brush dry on the stand is that it can significantly increase its lifespan because it will not be exposed to potential water damage.

How can the shaving brush stand helps in naturally drying the brush?

By hanging the brush that you are using for your shaving routines on a stand, you can let it dry naturally. The stand can help let the brush dry naturally as it lets the bristles aerate properly and correctly after every use. The result is a lower risk of accumulating mold and developing a foul smell, thereby ensuring that your brush will continue to be in perfect condition and shape for all your shaving needs.

Can I also put other items on the stand?

Apart from the shaving brush, you can also store your other grooming items and tools in the stand. Other items and accessories you can put in there are your safety razor, cutthroat razors, and possibly a trimmer. Just make sure that the stand you are getting can comfortably hold the items you intend to put in there.


The best shaving brush stand is indeed one of the most useful items that someone who wants to keep his beard well-groomed needs to own. It may often be an overlooked item, but it plays a lot of significant functions in shaving and grooming, so it can definitely help you to start shopping for one now.

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