Best Shave Butter

What Is a Shave Butter

A shave butter is an important part of a man’s grooming and shaving kit, which combines a few qualities from various forms – one of which is the gel for lightness in texture, clarity, and ease in rinsing. It also has the qualities of a premium shaving cream, which makes the product provide a cushion, skin feel, and protection to users. There are also properties of oil that give the butter its glide, slip, and lubricity.

One distinctive quality of butter is that it has a low-lather nature. Rich in natural oils, you can expect it to keep your skin moisturized and protected. The presence of oils is a big advantage as it can prevent clogging in your razors, resulting in smoother shaves while lessening cuts and nicks.

Both shaving gel and shaving cream have their benefits. The same is true for shaving soaps, too, but these products often create a thick lather that you may experience discomfort shaving as you experience challenges seeing the skin. Such a situation may also cause you to feel like you attack your skin instead of nourishing it. You will not experience that discomfort with a shave butter as it is not only a non-greasy solution but also a transparent one, allowing you to see things clearly every time you shave.

Benefits of Using a Shave Butter

Adds Moisture to Facial Hair or Beard

One of the strongest benefits of shave butter is that it works in adding moisture to your facial hair and maintaining it. This means that it can keep your beard or facial hair fully hydrated when you shave it. Keeping it moisturized and hydrated makes it possible to soften your tough hair strands, promoting ease in cutting them down.

It can lessen the force you have to apply during shaving, promoting a more comfortable experience. Most grooming kits contain everything you need for smooth shaving, and you can expect some of them to contain shave butter, too, because of their moisturizing and hydrating properties.

Low Lather

Another advantage of shave butter is that it is a low lather shaving product. With that, you do not have to deal with the hassle of not seeing everything. Since you can see clearly, you can line up beards, cheeks, and necks more easily than when you are using the typical shaving cream. The fact that it is low lather and promotes visibility also makes it an ideal option when preciseness is what you are after.

Contains Ingredients That Are Good for the Skin

Some shaving products contain harsh ingredients, like propane and butane. Shaving soap comes in a hard puck even. With that said, you should consider investing in shave butter, instead, as it often contains high-quality and natural ingredients that your skin will love. Among them are fruit-based and plant-based ingredients, extracts, and essential oils capable of supplying nutrients and moisture to your skin.

How Does a Shave Butter Work

How Does a Shave Butter Work

A shave butter works by keeping the area that requires shaving as moisturized and soft as possible. It is based on a non-greasy formula, making it effective when used together with a double-edge razor. The fact that it is not greasy means that it lets you retain an excellent grip, especially when using the world’s best disposable razor or safety razor. It will have a better grip than when you are using shaving oil and soap.

Short History of a Shave Butter

Shave butter is a new player in the shaving industry. It has become a trend as some consider it better than other shaving products. Created around 2010, shave butter is a blend of the most popular products that men use to shave – shaving cream, gel, and oil.

It came around when men are looking for a grooming and shaving product, which contains the best qualities of past and present shaving products. The result is a highly effective shave butter, which is a solution in removing excess hair by using an electric razor or a blade. You can also use other tools to shave because this butter seems to work compatibly with everything.

Pros and Cons of Using a Shave Butter


  • Combines the best attributes of other shaving products, making its formulation unique and genuinely valuable for shaving.
  • Capable of providing a comfortable and smooth shave.
  • Promotes ease of navigation and details every time you shave.
  • Low-lather formula, which assures you of a more focused shave.
  • Contains ingredients that are all good and safe for the skin.


  • Some shaving butters can make your shower floors quite slippery. With that, you need to be extra careful when using them to prevent possible accidents in the shower.

How to Choose the Best Shave Butter

The popularity of shave butter is one reason why you can now find several versions of it in the market. Your wide range of choices can make choosing a good product quite confusing. In that case, you should consider the following:


One thing you should look for in shave butter is its moisturizing capabilities. Ensure that you invest in one that can effectively moisturize your skin. It is effective in adding moisture because it is devoid of soap, which you can find in other shaving products.

It is so moisturizing that you can apply it on your face, so it can start working as your after-shave lotion. You also have to check its ingredients. If possible, it should contain mango, cocoa, and shea butters as these ingredients can moisturize your skin before and after shaving.


How to Choose the Best Shave Butter

Another thing you should check out in shave butter is the lubrication. It should be able to form a lubricating barrier between your skin and that of the safety razor. Applying even just a tiny amount of this shave butter and activating it using some water can already improve the ability of the product to offer protection. Some people believe shaving stimulates hair growth, and the kind of lubrication and protection provided by shave butter can help achieve that.

Hair Softening

Shaving your genitals can be quite difficult. You may also find the shaving process tricky and challenging if the hair is not as soft and as well-hydrated as you expect it to be. This is where the shave butter comes into the picture. Coconut oil softens and hydrates your skin, and the oil often added to the mix of this product can already produce such a benefit. With that, shaving will become a lot easier, faster, and more convenient.

Shave Gel vs Shave Butter vs Shave Cream

Shave gel, shave butter, and shave cream are definitely three of the trendiest and most valuable products you can use whenever you decide to shave. The goal of these products is to make shaving easy and comfortable for you. Basically, though, they essentially have similar applications and compositions.

However, the shave butter still has its difference when compared to the other two products. For instance, it is different from a shaving cream because the shave butter is low. With that, you can see things clearly, thereby promoting further ease when it comes to lining beards, cheeks, and necks than when you pick a traditional cream. It is good, especially if you want the results of shaving to be truly precise.

As for the gel, you can expect shave butter to hold similarities to it. Similar to a shave gel, the shave butter is clear and lightweight. It is easy to rinse, too. Moreover, this product is environmentally friendly and sustainable, mainly because it has natural ingredients that can prevent it from lathering up. The butter is easier to apply than gels and creams, too.

Aside from that, the shaving butter seems to be a much better solution than the other two if you intend to have a quick shave before going to work. Aside from being easy to apply, it can also provide more control, especially if you intend to shave along mustache and beard lines.

How to Use Shave Butter

Step 1 – Put a coin-sized amount of butter between both hands

Rub your hands together with the butter in it. Apply the butter to the area you intend to shave.

Step 2 – Leave it there for approximately 15 minutes

This would be enough to let the skin absorb the shave butter.

Step 3 – Use your safety razor and start shaving

It would be best to use a double-edge razor as it is compatible with the shave butter, especially when providing you the best shaving experience. Shave with this razor until all excess hair is removed.

How to Make Shave Butter at Home


  • 2/3 cups each of coconut oil and shea butter
  • ¼ cup olive or almond oil
  • 10 to 15 drops of any essential oil you want


Step 1 – Melt the shea butter and coconut oil in a saucepan

Use low to medium heat. Once done, take the mixture out of the heat. Pour the essential oils and almond oil.

Step 2 – Allow the mixture to cool down for a few hours

Alternatively, you can store the mixture in your fridge to harden. Once solid enough, allow it to soften. After that, use an electric beater to whip the mixture for a few minutes. This should provide it with a soft texture that resembles a lotion. This step should be applied when you have chosen to let the mixture harden in your fridge.

Step 3 – Stir it manually

In case you leave it to harden on your counter instead of the fridge, stir it manually to attain a similar texture as when you are using an electric beater.

Does More Spending Mean More Quality

Similar to when you are purchasing a fogless shaving mirror, you may also want to make sure that what you are getting when buying shave butter is of top-notch quality. However, this does not necessarily indicate that you have to go for the really expensive brands. It is now easy to find affordable yet trustworthy brands of shave butters considering their popularity right now. You can even choose to make one on your own if you want to save even more money.

Do’s and Don’ts With Shave Butter

  • Leave it on your skin for a while for maximum absorption. A wise piece of advice is to let it stay for around 15 minutes – that would give the shave butter enough time to work its magic on your skin.
  • Shave using a double-edge safety razor. It would be much better to use this type of razor as the shave butter is non-greasy, promoting a much better grip.
  • Make sure that your hands are dry and clean when taking some butter from the jar. This can prevent you from introducing water to the mixture, which may cause it to spoil or accumulate mold.
  • Do not use a dull razor. Ensure that you are using a sharp and clean razor then shave based on the grain of your hair. This tip is crucial in preventing razor burns and irritation.
  • Do not forget to apply an aftershave balm or lotion. This product works in soothing your skin, disinfecting, and lessening irritation, thereby allowing your skin to bring back its moisture barrier for proper healing.

FAQ About Shave Butter

Does shave butter protect sensitive skin?

Yes, shave butter works effectively in protecting those with sensitive skin. The fact that it uses more natural fruit-based and plant-based ingredients rather than chemicals makes it completely safe and gentle for sensitive skin. It promotes a smooth shave without causing any harm to your skin.

Is shave butter better than gel?

FAQ About Shave Butter

Just like shave butter, a shave gel also seems to be a favorable and convenient choice for a lot of men with an extremely hectic schedule. It is quick and easy to apply plus it does not lather just like the shave butter, so expect to be able to see your lines with ease. The problem is that some of these gels use low-quality ingredients – one of which is paraben, which can trigger allergic reactions once it penetrates the skin. The fact that shave butter contains gentle and natural ingredients makes it a lot better than gel.

Is shaving butter better than shaving cream?

Some consider shaving butter a much better alternative to shaving cream as it does not contain any lathering agent. It does not lather up, making it a lot easier and quicker to apply than creams. It also ensures that you can easily navigate and see the details of shaving since it is lather-free. Shave butter also works with almost all kinds of razor while preventing them from getting clogged up.

Is shave butter scented?

In most cases, the shave butter has a nice scent, thanks to the mix of natural ingredients used in it. Many users love its scent, which usually comes from the light and fresh scents of the combined oils and extracts of natural ingredients, like eucalyptus, lavender, rosemary, and orange.


Shave butter is indeed one of the most useful products that should form part of your grooming and shaving kit. Invest in it just like how you would invest in versatile shaving bowls, high-quality razors and shavers, and other products you can use to get a more comfortable shave. With that, you will surely have a more convenient experience, especially because this shave butter eliminates the usual discomfort that other products seem to have.