There is nothing better than strolling off the beach with your locks effortlessly looking ready for a night out.

Both men and women strive for that tousled beach hair no matter if it’s summer or winter.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have that careless wave to your hair all the time?

Top 5 Sea Salt Sprays (Summary)

Image Product Details  
sample-table__image Most Natural CurlsOGX Moroccan
  • Makes hair fuller
  • Can be used on a colored treated hair
  • Makes hair appear silkier
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sample-table__image Non-DryingJohn Frieda
  • Leaves hair shiny
  • Pleasant coconut smell
  • Easy to use on all hair lengths
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sample-table__image Mate Finish HoldSun Bum
  • Amazing smell
  • Adds volume
  • Protects hair from UV-rays
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sample-table__image Davines
  • Ideal for fine hair enhancement
  • Great pleasant smell
  • Gives a tousled curls
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sample-table__image Salt Texturizing
  • Absorbs excess oils from hair
  • Increases hair grip
  • Entirely natural
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For more detailed and complete product reviews on benefits and features, keep reading.

Unlike undershirts for men, your hair is not something you cover-up.

One of the first things people see is your hair, so it has to look good.

Sea salt spray is the new must-have product that allows this dream come alive.

13 Best Sea Salt Sprays With Reviews

1. OGX Moroccan Sea Spray

Made with a combination of texturizing sea salt, sea kelp and organic argan oil, OGX Moroccan is well designed to give your hair the much needed soft curls, defined beach waves and a beautiful voluminous look.

Most ladies love this product because it’s infused with sea salt which functions to make their hair gain a refreshing silky and shiny beachy hairstyle.

The salt spray has also been well-formulated for use on color-treated hair. Therefore, if your hair is colored, you can use this product on it without getting any adverse effects.

Its application is as easy as just spraying it all over your damp hair and scrunching with fingers. You can decide to air dry your hair or use a diffuser to blow dry it after the application.

OGX Moroccan



  • Gives natural, soft curls and makes hair fuller
  • Makes hair appear silkier and shinier
  • Can be used on a colored treated hair

  • Not for all hair types

2. Herbivore Botanicals Sea Spray

Created with salinity that resembles ocean water, Herbivore Botanical Spray is all you need to achieve perfect natural bouncy hair, beach waves with a fantastic beach texture.

This elegant salt spray has been infused with sodium chloride, water and lavender essential oil. They all work in making you look groomed with a perfect and artful beachy look.

The infused lavender essential oil provides a soothing effect with a great natural scent, while aloe vera helps maintain a balanced healthy and moisturized condition that your hair needs the most.

You don’t need to worry about harmful chemicals, because the salt spray does not have synthetic ingredients, such as dyes, preservatives and fragrances. It’s purely vegan and natural.

Furthermore, this wave spray is very simple to use and you can spray it at any time to increase texture and waves to your hair.

Herbivore Botanicals



  • Adds a natural beachy texture to the hair
  • Keeps your hair healthy and moisturized
  • Made of purely natural ingredients and cruelty-free

  • Doesn’t last very long

3. John Frieda Sea Spray

Skillfully designed with a natural sea salt, John Frieda Spray is well placed for enhancement of natural and artfully looking hair waves with improved grip and great texture.

If you want hair salt sprays with an associated nice smell, this product is for you. Most ladies like the fact that it’s infused with coconut fragrance to give a lovely and uplifting beachy smell.

This wave spray is designed for use on all hair types. You can safely use it even If you have hair that is color-treated. Furthermore, you can apply it to whether your hair is dry or damp.

With an added sea salt, the salt spray provides a subtle volume that feels lovely in the hair and at the touch. It’s also incredibly easy to use.

John Frieda



  • Non-drying formula leaves hair shiny and adds volume
  • Easy to use on all hair lengths and textures
  • Pleasant coconut smell

  • Not suitable for a greasy scalp

4. Catwalk Session Series Sea Spray

Carefully designed and well incorporated with friendly ingredients, Catwalk Spray comes out as the best hair product that gives you the confidence to walk the streets knowing you have exceptionally good textured beachy waves, great smell and tousled look.

This salt sprays have a compounding formula that’s effective in controlling humidity to help keep your hair naturally smooth and defined.

It further adds volume to your hair for an amazing holding experience. The resulting nice beach waves are known to last and keep you groomed for most of the day.

You need very little effort to apply this salt spray and it can be applied to both dry and wet hair. You can spray it into wet hair to increase volume or into dry hair to achieve a great tousled texture.

Catwalk Session Series



  • Texturizing formula with holding properties
  • Adds volume to dry hair and tousled texture to wet hair
  • Has a pleasant smell

  • Can feel dry and sticky

5. Aquage Sea Spray

Aquage is specially formulated to give you the best value for your money and most importantly the elegant beachy look that you yearn for.

What makes this beach wave spray one of a kind is the proper infusion of magnesium, dead sea salts and botanicals.

If you are looking for something to help with adding thickness and increasing the holding volume to your hair, look no further because this spray is ideal for that too.

Unlike other salt sprays out there, this one will dramatically add fullness without causing stiffness to your hair. It’s also popular among users for its ability to give an admirable hair definition.

Furthermore, it’s effective in helping with the enhancement of strand separation. After spraying this product to hair, you can decide to use either your fingers or a wide comb to style your hair.




  • Holds hair firmly and boosts volume and thickness
  • Controls frizz and creates random loose beach wave
  • Has an amazing smell and doesn’t cause stiffness

  • Can be difficult to pump the product out of the bottle

6. Awapuhi Wild Ginger Sea Spray

Designed with effective texturing, softening and tousling capabilities, Awapuhi Wave Spray is set to perform great in ensuring that you stand out in the crowd.

Easy to notice increased lush volume and movement of the hair are just two of the amazing features that make this spray a top product among users.

Specially formulated with ultrafilters, it helps block UV rays that can damage your hair. It’s also gluten-free.

If you have color-treated hair, it’ll still offer you great results without any undesired effects at all and extracts it contains will perform best in balancing hair moisture for a healthy finish.

This spray will leave your hair with an undeniable great smell caused by the infusion of fresh ginger, green tea and tropical mango fragrance.

Using this product is as easy as spraying it liberally to your damp and clean hair before tousling with fingers. You can choose to blow dry with a diffuser or air dry.

Awapuhi Wild Ginger



  • Forms a tousled and beach hairstyle with added volume
  • Blocks harmful UV rays from damaging your hair
  • Moisturizes hair and creates a healthy-looking finish

  • Can make hair feel sticky and heavy if you overapply it

7. Sun Bum Sea Spray

Formulated with Hawaiian sea salt and black lava, Sun Bum Wave Spray along with the other products gives your hair a more defined and nice windswept look.

It’s also designed with features that will make your hair gain natural beach waves and voluminous look.

To improve your hair strand separation, this product is made with a lightweight formula. It’s also ideal for controlling humidity that can cause frizz.

You’ll find hair styling with this product extremely easy. It has a great matte finish and is further infused with a nice pleasant smell that can easily be noticed wherever you show up.

You don’t have to worry about your hair getting damaged by the sun while using this product because it’s well designed to protect it from UV-rays that can cause discoloration or weakening.

Sun Bum



  • Adds volume and natural beach waves
  • Protects hair from harmful UV-rays
  • Amazing smell with matte finish hold

  • Can feel sticky or greasy if overused

8. John Masters Organics Sea Spray

Perfectly made with a fantastic blend of natural and organic ingredients, John Masters Wave Spray prevents loss of hair and increases its volume and texture.

It also prevents hair from being too oily. The infused sea salt helps absorb excess oils in the hair during washing.

This product is made with lavender oil that helps in balancing scalp conditions and preventing your hair from drying.

Lavender oil keeps hair hydrated, therefore, leaving a delicate and calm scent.

If you need something natural for your hair, this product will serve you best. It’s gluten-free and you can also use it if you have dyed or colored treated hair.

John Masters Organics



  • Prevents hair from drying
  • Increases texture and volume to the hair
  • Prevents hair loss

  • Can make hair brittle

9. Davines Sea Spray

Davines Wave Spray is carefully made to give you the best results. It’s filled with ingredients that make it ideal for fine hair enhancement.

It also gives a nice texture and adds extra fullness with a great matte finish. This spray will not only give your hair a nice charming look but also make you smell pleasant.

It’ll leave your hair shiny with tousled and amazing beach wave curls that are easy to notice wherever you go.

This product is easy to use, but it’s advisable to properly shake the bottle contents before spraying on dry or wet hair.




  • Provides hair with extreme volume and a matte finish
  • Gives a tousle, beach wave curls
  • Great pleasant smell

  • Can cause tangles

10. Bumble and Bumble Sea Spray

With a perfect mixture of sea botanical, tropical oils and sea minerals, Bumble and Bumble Spray is the secret that excellently streamlines and conditions hair.

One reason why you need to get yourself Bumble Surf Spray is that it’s known to do incredibly well in nourishing and providing a great texture that enhances beach waves.

You can rely on this beach wave spray since it’s formulated with features that add holding volume. If you keep having trouble with dry hair, Bumble Surf Spray is ideal for you.

Bumble Surf Spray is known to help with repairing dry hair by adding moisture to the strands. Furthermore, Bumble Surf Spray has ultrafilters that shield your hair from sun damage.

Bumble Surf Spray is easy to use and you only need to be careful not to apply too much. You can spritz Bamboo Surf Spray through wet hair and blow-dry to achieve a gorgeous voluminous look.

Bumble and Bumble



  • Repairs dry hair and increase beach waves
  • Great for smoothing and conditioning hair
  • Uses UV filters to prevent sun damage

  • Can make hair sticky especially if too much is applied

11. Salt Texturizing Sea Spray

Crafted with a fine blend of purely natural ingredients, Salt Texturizing Wave Spray is the best hair spray any man can ask for.

This water-based spray is the best product to use if you prefer products with organic ingredients.

It’s well-formulated and popularly known by most men for its incredible ability to absorb excess oils and leave hair with awesome texture and nicely added volume.

This wave spray enables you to make a nice hairstyle and it also improves hair definition which will make you the center of attention wherever you go.

Men find this product very useful when it comes to refreshing hair by masking off or removing the grease from the scalp.

Salt Texturizing Spray



  • Absorbs excess oils and greasiness from hair
  • Increases hair grip and texture
  • Entirely natural, organic ingredients and cruelty-free

  • Doesn’t work on all types of hair

12. ORIBE Apres Sea Spray

Carefully created with a blend of lychee, watermelon and flower extracts, ORIBE Apres Spray is the best you need to defend your hair from aging, deterioration of natural keratin and oxidative stress.

It’s also ideal in protecting your hair from drying, color-depleting effects and damage.

This product will serve you best if you are looking for something to make your hair shaft swell and cause a wavy texture that is incredibly light to hold.

It also contains a mixture of moisturizers, oil and plant extract that help give your hair a soft, silky and sultry texture.

Most users also find this texturizing spray very useful for protection against sun damage. This is because it’s infused with a root extract known as Kaempferia, which blocks UV rays.

Ladies find this product the hidden secret to achieving a great smelling bombshell hair, nicely tousled and lovely to touch beach waves without the salty stiffness.




  • Gives beach waves without stiffness
  • Protects hair from sun damage
  • Can be used on a color-treated hair safely

  • Can be sticky

13. Alaffia Sea Spray

Infused with pure coconut and sea salt, Alaffia Spray will make you feel good about your hair by adding volume and great shape to it.

The unrefined coconut oil used as one of the key ingredients in this product has natural antioxidants and is popularly known to protect hair against sun damage.

This texturizing spray is also cruelty-free. It has no synthetic fragrance and parabens.

Furthermore, it’s also purely vegan which makes it ideal for everyday use and on all hair types.

It’s very easy to apply this product, but first, be sure to properly shake the bottle contents before generously spraying on your dry or damp hair. You can decide to use a blow dry or let your hair dry naturally.




  • Protects hair from drying out
  • Can be used on all hair types
  • Has a pleasant, not overpowering smell

  • Can’t give good results if not applied correctly

What Is a Sea Salt Spray and the Benefits of Using It

Exactly what it sounds like, best sea salt sprays are based on a combination of sea salt and water. But how does the salt not draw out all the moisture in your hair, you may ask?

Well, it is necessary for the salt to be a drying component to produce the texture for the look.

It is equally important that other products such as moisturizers and essential oils are mixed into the salt spray to prevent total dehydration of the hair.

If you aren’t sure what sea salt spray is, chances are you don’t know which one you need, either.

Keep in mind how you like your hair to look, feel and smell and that will help you to determine how to choose the best one for your needs.


Benefits of Using Best Sea Salt Sprays

Salt opens the follicles in your skin and forces strands of hair to swell, resulting in improved texture and volume. Rubbing in the salt can promote better circulation and strengthen the roots.

Acting much like a dry shampoo, sea salt sprays also absorb the oils your body produces that make your hair look greasy. So, if you want to eliminate oil from your hair, why would you want a salt spray with more oils in it?

The key is what kind and how much of a certain oil sea salt sprays contain. Moderation is essential to obtain the perfect amount of shine and texture.

Coconut oil and aloe vera in the right amounts can moisturize the scalp and hair while leaving a non-sticky shine.

Essential oils leave a pleasant scent. To supplement healthy hair growth and sun protection, vitamins are also commonly added in.

Besides the obvious physical advantages, the ease of use of this product is a huge benefit, too.

Sea salt spray is a shortcut to achieve a versatile hairstyle by only requiring a few pumps of product and your fingers to disperse it.

This makes it a great styling product for men in particular, who usually don’t like to spend a lot of time getting ready in the morning.

What Ingredients Should Best Sea Salt Sprays Have

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is full of antifungals, antioxidants and fatty acids, making it a good ingredient to look for. Using only a small amount of this scalp nourishing oil can help make your hair grow faster.

The minerals found inside remove build-ups from the root while moisturizing and taming frizz.


The point of the salt spray is to mimic the look and feel of a beachy hair. While the salt adds the dryness and curls, the grit of sand is missing.

That is where the clay gets added to the equation. It rounds out the texture while giving the hair slightly more hold than the salt alone can provide.

Aloe Vera

This plant has saved all of our lives from sunburns at some point.

Did you ever think about having it in your hair? The same soothing gel can transform your hair’s health.

Packed with vitamins, it will make your hair stronger and shinier. Aloe reduces itching and redness as it brings the scalp’s PH back to normal.

The most important quality of aloe is that it helps the strands retain water.

Essential Oils

Essential Oils as Sea Salt Spray Ingredient

Lavender, rosemary and cedarwood all stimulate hair follicles to aid in growth. Rosemary helps with thickness and chamomile makes your hair soft and shiny.

This is just the beginning of a long list of beneficial oils found in sea salt sprays. The best part is that they smell great, too.

Ingredients You Should Avoid

Sea salt sprays that contain any type of chemicals should be avoided at all costs.

The purpose of this product is to use natural minerals from the salt to style it instead of harmful man-made materials.


Any chemical can damage your hair and potentially negatively affect its regrowth. Here is a list of most common bad ingredients you should avoid:

  • Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Mineral Oil
  • PEG-Polyethylene Glycol
  • Propylene Glycol (PG)
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES)
  • Chlorine
  • DEA (Diethanolamine), MEA (monoethanolamine) and TEA (Triethanolamine)
  • FD & C Color Pigments
  • Fragrance
  • Imdiazolidinyl Urea and DMDM Hydantoin


These are common additives that are often included in hair care and beauty products. They’re used to extend the lifetime of different products and to kill any bacteria and fungus.

It’s unsure if these chemicals lead to cancer and until further research is being done, it’s suggested to avoid using them.

Hairstyle and Length

Sea salts spray don’t discriminate when it comes to hairstyles or lengths.

Anyone can use them! While the effects can be seen better on medium to long hair, even men with a crew cut hairstyle love to use it.

Thick or thin, your hair’s natural volume will be maximized without the gunk of other products weighing it down.

If your goal is to achieve the trending lumbersexual style – long wavy hair on top faded down to almost nothing on the sides, flannel and some Chelsea boots – sea salt spray is a must.

Naturally curly haired people love this product as a quick salt spray and scrunch method to liven up their ‘do. You won’t even need to use much because it will enhance the natural beachy waves you already have.

Flat and straight becomes full and bouncy with a touch of beachy waves.

Either scrunching it up with your hands or wrapping it up in a bun until it is dry, you will have an effortless texture where there is none naturally.

Hold and How Long Does Sea Salt Spray Last

Unlike hairspray or gel, sea salt spray doesn’t leave a hard build-up on the hair. This type of product is meant to leave a tousled look that has movement.

Working the liquid into your hair and blow-drying it will help keep the shape you want. To increase the life of the hold, make sure to follow the proper application techniques.

The salt spray can be used by itself or as a primer for other hair products and it will generally hold until you wash it out.

Hold and How Long Does Sea Salt Spray Last

How to Choose the Best Sea Salt Spray for Your Needs

The choice depends greatly on the type of your hair.

Whether your hair is natural or curvy, thick or wavy, fine or damaged and even colored or bleached, there’s the right sea salt spray for you.

Natural Hair

Men with this hair type should opt for sea salt sprays that provide a lot of moisture, but which don’t contain harmful ingredients that can dry their hair out.

That means you can’t go wrong with items made of argan, coconut or avocado oil as they keep your hair soft while also retaining the necessary moisture.

Curly Hair

If you have curly hair, then you’re one of the few lucky ones.

The only thing you might want from a salt spray is to improve your hair’s texture, but keep those beachy waves in the process.

Therefore, an ideal solution for you would be to use a styling cream before even thinking of using a salt spray. When the time for salt spray comes, go with the one that has aloe vera in it.

Also, make sure not to overapply it because the effects will be opposite than intended.

Sea Salt Spray for Curly Hair

Thick Hair

Knowing how hard it can be to preserve or boost a natural wave in thick hair is important in choosing the sea salt spray for you.

A wave spray can’t last more than a few hours, after which the hair returns to its natural state. However, not all hopes are lost.

Salt sprays that are known as hydrating help in adding volume to thick hairs without making them brittle. They also feel sticky and heavy, but that’s precisely the reason they work in this case.

Ensure that your hair is dry before you even apply the salt spray to make sure you get the best results.

Wavy Hair

If your hair is wavy but doesn’t have curls, a salt spray with active essential oils and organic ingredients is a way to go.

This item will improve your hair texture and leave you with an ideal matte finish at the same time.

Fine Hair

Usually thinner than most other hair types, fine hair doesn’t have enough bounciness to keep those beachy waves you wish.

To resolve this, get yourself a salt spray with lighter ingredients like sugar, for example. Also, it’s crucial that you wave spray it extremely close to the roots of your hair.

Make sure to do this only after drying your hair. After the application, put your hair upside down and blow-dry it, while at the same time scrunching it.

This way you’ll get the needed volume and grit, as well as those amazing beachy waves and bounciness.

Color-Treated Hair

To keep your new, awesome hair color, you’ll want to look for a product that doesn’t contain alcohol at all.

This way, you won’t wash away or fade the color and you’ll still get a great texture and beach wave.

Bleached Hair

Usually one of the driest type of hairs, bleached and highlighted hair also feels rough.

What this means is that you need a salt spray that’ll improve moisture, add more grit and provide that beach wave texture, while softening your hair at the same time.

You’ll want to avoid products that feel too strong or sticky and opt for those that are able to block harmful UV rays.

Damaged Hair

The critical thing for an already damaged hair is a gentle salt spray formula without salt because this ingredient can make it even drier.

This being said, the best solution for you is a product that doesn’t soak the hair, but still gives it texture. Those are usually sea salt sprays with fragrances, oils or plain water.

How to Apply Sea Salt Spray

Step 1 – Wash Your Hair

This texturizing spray can be used as a dry shampoo-like product on dry hair, but for the best results, it’s recommended to start with clean hair.

You will want to towel dry it well or use a blow dryer until hair is no longer damp.

Tousling and working the product from root to end can bring out dead skin cells, so avoid flaking by using anti-dandruff shampoos.

Step 2 – Spray

Shake well before use, as components in the mixture may have settled to the bottom.

Evenly spray the mixture all over your hair. With different combinations of ingredients in different products, check what is the recommended amount because it can vary.

As a rule of thumb, always start with less. You can add more if necessary.

Step 3 – Work It In

Massage the product into your hair from the roots to the ends. For a more unkempt look, use your fingers.

For a neater look, you can use a comb. Ruffle or scrunch the hair according to your liking.

Step 4 – Style

When styling your hair, you can either blow dry it or set it and let it air dry. If you have naturally curly or wavy locks, you can easily let them dry naturally.

Blow drying can be used to help increase volume or for a more defined hairstyle.

Sea Salt Spray vs Other Similar Products

Sea salt spray can be used alone. If you want more hold, just apply a small amount of gel or hairspray on top.

This will prevent you from having to reapply or fix your hair throughout the day.

This texturizing spray does sustain qualities similar to other hair styling products but is meant to be an alternative to some of them.

Sea Salt Spray vs Dry Shampoo

The main difference between these two is the base ingredient.

Dry shampoo is a spray-on powder material, while a texturizing spray is a liquid. Both of them eliminate grease build-ups, but sea salt offers more volume with less amount of product.

Sea Salt Spray vs Texture Powder

Texture powder does everything opposite of dry shampoo. It’s meant to be sprayed on dry hair to add long-lasting volume and a matte finish.

With no grease-fighting ingredients, you would need sea salt sprays and dry shampoo to cover up dirty hair.

It’s like wearing short socks for men with boots, it gets you halfway but won’t complete the job. Why not just buy sea salt spray to get it all in one?

Sea Salt Spray vs Gel

The gel is an unworkable and super hard holding styling product. Once the gel is dry, it’s difficult to adjust, but the application is fast and simple.

Salt sprays differ because you can easily reshape the hair and they don’t have much hold. As for the ease, it’s just as quick and simple as putting it on and letting it dry.

Sea Salt Spray vs Fiber

Hair fiber is a similar product to natural hair clay for men. With a thick and chunky texture, it must be worked in your hands before it can be applied.

The substance then binds to the actual hair for a stiff spiked hold. Meant for shorter hair, it can be a painful mess to use on anything but.

While you won’t get the same stiff hold, a sea salt spray makes for a much shorter process that involves no pain and can be used on any hair type.

Sea Salt Spray vs Fiber

Sea Salt Spray vs Oil

Oily hair is not a look anybody wants to have, no matter how beneficial the product is to hair health. But good quality hair oils don’t leave a greasy look – they add moisture and shine.

Nevertheless, they don’t offer the same texture the sea salt sprays do. It can have the same oils and offer a bonus of effortless styling.

Sea Salt Spray vs Cream

Even the best hair cream for men doesn’t compare. Creams can leave a sticky and unnaturally shiny residue on the hair.

Who wants that kind of a mess? Sea salt will deliver nutrition just as cream would, but it will leave no visible or physical residue behind.

Sea Salt Spray vs Hair Wax

Typically diluted with water or oils, hair wax is made from what you would expect – wax.

It bears similarities with sea salt spray in that they often have coconut oil as an additive, a matte finish and moisturizing properties.

The main difference is in the hold. Wax has a hard hold that could potentially look flakey from drying out. Salt sprays will not be visual once they dry and have little to no hold.

Sea Salt Spray vs Pomade

This oil-based product is meant to lock your hair in place and give it some shine.

It’s so strong that you will not sweat or wash it out without putting in some serious effort – it could even take days.

This is the opposite of everything beachy hair salt sprays stand for. The idea is to have styled hair with movement to make it look as natural as possible.

You will not experience the weight, stickiness or shine with sea salt sprays like you would with pomade for men.


Sea salt spray is the perfect product for everyone to use for that extra oomph they need for their hair.

Along with staples like face wash for men, deodorant, and toothpaste, this styling product is a must-have in your bathroom.

So make your hair happy and find the right sea salt spray for you today!

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