Best Scrubs for Men

The best scrubs for men are those that perfectly suit the type of work the users have while making them look good. They should be functional, quick-drying, and durable. If you want to get such scrubs, then reading this article can point you in the right direction.

Scrubs for Men

Image Product Details  
sample-table__image Most ComfortableDickies
  • Made with a combination of cotton and polyester fabric
  • Can be machine-washed
  • Comes in a variety of colors
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sample-table__image Longest LastingLandau
  • Comes in a large range of sizes and cuts
  • Features a large pocket
  • Can be easily washed either by hand or with a machine
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sample-table__image Most DurableCarhartt Ripstop
  • Fabric is soft on the skin
  • It has two pleats on the back and the hem comes down an extra 1.5 inches at the back
  • Three large patch pockets
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sample-table__image Barco 0107
  • Provides all day comfort and freshness
  • Fabric has moisture-wicking properties
  • Two additional pockets with pen slots
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sample-table__image Adar Addition
  • Wrinkle and odor resistant
  • Stretchy and allows for easy movement
  • Fabric has an anti-microbial finish
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For more detailed and complete product reviews on benefits and features, keep reading.

11 Best Scrubs for Men – Reviews, Pros and Cons

1. Dickies

Dickies Scrubs are designed to provide the best fit for men. They come in a range of sizes that are fully optimized to fit perfectly around all the parts of the upper limbs and torso.

The top is made with a combination of cotton and polyester fabric. It is soft and comfortable on the skin. The fabric can be washed with a machine without getting damaged easily.

The material gets softer the more it’s used and washed, so you will progressively get more comfortable in it as time goes on. It is breathable and keeps the skin cool and fresh.

It comes in a variety of colors that can perfectly match any pants. The v-neck shirt has a pull-on closure that makes it easy to put on and take off.




  • Comfortable on the skin
  • Can be machine-washed
  • Comes in a variety of sizes that provide optimum fit

  • Color might begin to fade after a while

2. Landau

Landau Scrub is a reversible unisex shirt that is specifically designed to fit seamlessly as a work uniform. It comes in a large range of sizes and cuts.

A breast pocket in the form of a patch on one side comes with a pen division and is large enough to hold a number of personal stuff. It has a classic v-neck design with short dolman sleeves that will look good on anyone.

It is made of a fabric that consists of polyester and cotton. The material might be a bit stiff at first, but with continued use, it gets softer and more comfortable.

The scrub can be easily washed either by hand or with a machine. It can withstand a great deal of wear and tear without coming apart.




  • Features a large pocket
  • Long-lasting
  • Comfortable on the skin

  • Fabric might attract a large amount of lint

3. Carhartt Ripstop

Carhartt Ripstop Scrub is specially designed to provide optimum durability and comfort as health care professionals go about their daily activities.

In a bid to provide the best form of durability, the fabric has reinforced threads interwoven into it. This feature gives the material additional strength and allows it to withstand a great amount of wear and tear without getting easily damaged.

The inside is lightly sanded to make it extra soft and comfortable on the skin. It has two pleats on the back and the hem comes down an extra 1.5 inches at the back.

It has a pocket on the left side of the chest and two-layered tradesmen patch pockets on both sides of the lower portion. The pockets are large and roomy with special angled pen slots.

Carhartt Ripstop



  • Optimized for extra durability
  • Fabric is soft on the skin
  • Three large patch pockets

  • Color is liable to fade out after a few washes

4. Cherokee Professionals

Cherokee Professionals WW675 Scrub comes in sizes that provide a standard fit for men of different heights and sizes. It has one large chest pocket that can hold a large number of personal objects. It also features an instrument loop.

The fabric of the top features a combination of polyester, cotton and spandex. The material stretches to conform adequately with the limbs and torso without being too constricting or restricting movement.

The top is made to allow for adequate ventilation, even during warm weather. The fabric is soft and smooth but thick enough to withstand everyday wear and tear.

The stitching and seams of the top can hold up to daily use and frequent washes without coming apart. It is usually form-fitting and comfortable, regardless of weather conditions.

CHEROKEE WW Professionals



  • Made of a stretchy material that allows for easy movement
  • Fabric is breathable
  • Can withstand daily use without damage

  • Color might fade after a while

5. Barco 0107

Barco 0107 Scrub is designed to be stylish while retaining optimum functionality. It has a classic high v-neckline with a high-low hem and side vents.

It is made of an ArcDry fabric that features a combination of polyester and rayon. The fabric keeps the wearer comfortable even in warm weather.

The material has moisture-wicking properties, thereby keeping sweat off the skin for all-day freshness. It has a chest pocket that has multiple compartments and a contrast loop.

Two additional pockets with pen slots are meant for keeping your belongings close to you and safe. The top combines quality, style and comfort to provide a classic option that will conform to the everyday life of healthcare professionals.

Barco 0107



  • Fabric has moisture-wicking properties
  • Provides all day comfort and freshness
  • Has three large pockets with compartments for storing personal items

  • Seams might begin to fall apart after a few months

6. WonderWink Alpha

WonderWink Alpha Scrub is a unisex shirt that helps the wearer to project a calm and professional image. It is designed in various sizes to fit the upper body without being baggy.

The top features a unique three-pocket design on the chest area. The pockets are layered on top of each other and roomy enough to hold personal effects.

It is made mainly of polyester with a small percentage of cotton. The material conforms to the contours of the body, thereby eliminating the restriction of movement.

A bungee loop is placed on the chest pockets to hold the ID card. The top can be easily machine-washed and does not lose its color after frequent use.

WonderWink The Alpha



  • Does not restrict movement
  • Has a large layered pocket
  • Can be machine-washed

  • Fabric might remain stiff even after a long while of frequent use

7. Figs Chisec

Figs Chisec Scrub is tailored in a modern design to provide a perfect fit. It helps you look professional and stylish without sacrificing functionality and comfort.

The fabric is made with a core-spun thread technology which features a spandex base, thereby allowing the cloth to conform to your movements without being constricting. The four-way stretch fabric allows you to carry out tasks and move your limbs with ease.

The top is designed with an extensive anti-wrinkle finishing process, which ensures that the appearance of creases and wrinkles is kept to a minimum. It is liquid repellant, light and extra soft on the skin.

It features a classic v-neck design with reinforced double-needle stitching for extra durability. One chest pocket and two pockets are located on the side seams, thereby providing enough storage space.




  • Made with a four-way stretch fabric that allows for easy movement
  • Liquid repellant and soft
  • Reinforced stitching for maximum durability

  • Material might attract dirt and lint easily

8. Landau 7594

Landau 7594 Scrub is carefully crafted to provide a high level of functionality. It has a stylish v-neck design that allows you to portray the utmost professionalism and confidence.

The top is made of a polyester and cotton fabric that is soft on the skin. It features set-in sleeves and 2-inch wide vented mesh gussets that conform well to the shoulders.

It also has a felled seam back yoke on the rear, which allows for a perfect fit. It features a large pocket on the chest with a pen division, allowing you to keep your essentials with you at all times.

The top is available in various styles and colors to fit your preferences. It allows you to function easily and provides long-lasting durability.




  • Has features that ensure a perfect fit
  • Has a large chest pocket
  • Comfortable and highly functional

  • Color of the fabric is liable to fade over time

9. Adar Addition

Adar Addition Scrub is made to provide a stylish yet professional option for healthcare workers. The top and cargo pants set contains various features that ensure its functionality and comfort.

The scrub set is made of four-way plain weave fabric, which has multi stretch properties, thereby allowing for easy movement that is free of constraints. It is lightweight and drapes softly on the skin for optimum comfort.

The material has an anti-microbial finish that helps to repel microbes. It is easy to keep clean and fresh as it is wrinkle and odor resistant. The top has two angled pockets while the bottom features two front slash pockets and two back pockets.

The pants have a flat front waistband and a drawstring, allowing you to adjust the fit easily. The top features side vents for ease of movement and has moisture-wicking properties to keep you dry and cool.

Adar Addition



  • Fabric has an anti-microbial finish
  • Stretchy and allows for easy movement
  • Wrinkle and odor resistant

  • Does not have a chest pocket

10. Blue Label James

Blue Label James 2223 Men’s Scrub is specifically made to provide a natural and well-balanced fit. It is made for men who want to look professional without sacrificing style, functionality and durability.

The fabric is made mostly of polyester and stretches adequately to offer the ultimate range of motion. It has moisture-wicking properties that help to keep sweat away from your skin, leaving you dry and comfortable all day long.

The material is easy to care for as it can be machine-washed without fading or shrinking and it provides a professional and wrinkle-free appearance at all times.

It features one chest pocket with a pen slot and slits on both sides for easy access. With its roomy sleeves and comfortable v-neck design, you can wear the top for a long period of time without stress.

Blue Label James



  • Moisture-wicking properties which keep you dry and comfortable
  • Easy to care for and maintain
  • Made of a stretchy fabric

  • Fabric is liable to get stretched after frequent use

11. KraftedCut

KraftedCut Cincy Scrub is designed for style and strategically tailored to provide the best fit in all the right places. It has a trendy and modern design that does not diminish from its beneficial qualities and function.

The slim fit shirt is made of a fabric that has a two-way stretch, which allows for a free and wide range of movement. It also has wrinkle-resistant qualities that keep you looking fresh regardless of wear and tear.

It features a raised v-neck design with one pocket located on the chest area. Its moisture-wicking feature allows you to feel comfortable all day long, even in warmer weather conditions.

The top also has two additional pockets that allow you to store all your essentials safely. The fabric is made from a premium weaved polyester blend that feels ultra-soft on the skin.




  • Fabric offers a two-way stretch for a wide range of movement
  • Features moisture-wicking properties
  • Has enough pockets to store your essentials

  • Fabric is liable to attract a large amount of lint and dirt

What Are They

If you are part of the healthcare or medical industry, then scrubs for men or women are among the items that you need to wear as a vital part of your uniform. You can find several doctors who prefer wearing a white coat over a premium undershirt or their dress, but a lot of these medical professionals shift to scrubs because they discovered that these could deliver some functions that street clothes can’t.

Scrubs can be defined as medical uniforms made using fabrics found in typical street clothes. The only difference is that these fabrics are stronger, allowing them to handle the stringent cleaning process necessary in getting rid of bacteria and germs that may have penetrated or attached to them throughout the day.

Just like when you are searching for the world’s best slippers for men or any other garment, you can also see these scrubs designed to be durable and functional. In most cases, these scrubs are available in a single color, helping medical professionals see right away whether they are already exposed to bacteria. The single color can also help conceal any stains that might appear on the garment.

Benefits of Wearing Them

Good socks will keep your feet warm. On the other hand, men’s pajamas are comfortable and lightweight. Just like when the mentioned wearable items can produce a lot of favorable benefits to its users, scrubs for men can also be beneficial for wearers.

The following are just a few of the many perks of wearing scrubs specifically designed for men:

Identifies Potential Contaminants

One major benefit of wearing men’s scrubs is that these allow healthcare or medical professionals to identify right away if there are bodily wastes, like blood, urine, stool, or vomit, as well as other contaminants around them. In most cases, you will be required to wear scrubs of solid color, like blue or white. This is to ensure that you can see and detect right away whether there are indeed contaminants.

Cleaner Compared to Other Regular Clothing

Another favorable advantage of men’s scrubs is that they are cleaner when you compare them to other regular clothes. It is because several healthcare facilities make it a point to clean the scrubs of their employees, which increases the likelihood of these items being cleaner than their personal clothes.

The fact that the scrubs are cleaned inside the facility also guarantees their cleanliness while providing an assurance that you will not wear any scrub that is not washed yet. This lowers the possibility of you carrying potential contaminants and germs on your clothes. It also lessens the transmission of germs from one person to another.


Another advantage of scrubs is that they are usually inexpensive. The low cost of owning these garments makes them easy to dispose of when necessary. You can also clean it up under harsh circumstances without worrying too much about it. In case they get damaged, replacing them is easy because they are affordable.

Promotes Ease of Access to Your Tools

Benefits of Wearing Scrubs for Men - Promotes Ease of Access to Your Tools

This is especially true for those scrubs that have plenty of pocket space. With sufficient space around, you can conveniently carry all the tools and equipment you need to work, especially if you are a nurse or doctor. Clothes and jeans that match your style can make you feel and look good, but they are not as functional and spacious as the scrubs.

If you are a nurse, then you will find the pocket space useful in carrying penlights, writing utensils, IV caps, swabs, gloves, scissors, and notepads, among many other items necessary in performing your job. It can provide sufficient room for everything you might need at work.

Makes It Easy to Identify Healthcare Professionals

Note that healthcare facilities and hospitals can somewhat get confusing and messy, especially during rush hours and peak periods. Just like a doctor’s coat, the scrub is a great way for colleagues and patients to identify doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals.

You can even find some healthcare facilities and hospitals requiring the use of scrubs of different colors as a means of differentiating nurses from other healthcare professionals and personnel, like doctors. You can also use the scrubs to give you a more professional look.

Comfortable to Wear Regardless of Body Size and Type

When searching for suspenders with the right fit and adjustable straps and making your choice between chinos vs khakis, comfort is probably on top of your priorities. You won’t have to worry too much about finding comfortable scrubs because these are already made to give any wearer extreme comfort.

It can comfortably fit any body type and size. It can even easily adapt to various body types. This can give you as much comfort as possible once you decide to wear them.

How Do They Work

Scrubs can be expected to work by performing its primary function, which is to help healthcare professionals identify and detect bodily fluids and contaminants. These scrubs are, therefore, the safest garments you can wear in environments that expose you and other people, like patients, to the danger of being contaminated.

Aside from that, it functions by protecting your personal clothes from being damaged or ruined. It is also a great way to identify nurses, doctors, and other medical professionals in hospitals and clinics. Furthermore, they are designed to give you comfort, especially when doing your duties.

You can wear it while you slide your feet into your favorite loafers. This combination will surely make you feel extremely comfortable when doing your job.


Similar to when you need to pick silk boxers that resist wrinkles carefully, it is also advisable to be extra careful when buying something as important as men’s scrubs. To have an easier time selecting scrubs, you need to be familiar with their various types, including the following:

Surgical Scrubs

Surgical scrubs are among the most common scrubs you can find in the market today. What makes it different from the rest is that it is disposable. It is usually made to be disposable because of the extreme exposure to bodily fluids and chemicals that most surgeons face when they are doing surgeries.

You can see this surgical scrub usually composed of light material. It is sterile and tends to be loose, offering surgeons comfort and a lot of freedom of movement. However, if you are shopping for surgical scrub, remember that you still have to avoid one, which is too loose as this might only interfere with you when you are doing surgery.

The surgical scrub is also made to be easy to remove, so the surgical assistant or the surgeon himself can easily change into a fresh, new pair during a surgical procedure.

Medical Scrubs

Types of Scrubs for Men - Medical Scrubs

Medical scrubs refer to those scrubs generally worn by medical and healthcare professionals in various settings. This means you can also see these scrubs in other settings and places, not only hospitals. Unlike surgical scrubs, non-surgical or medical scrubs are not mainly designed to be disposable.

Aside from healthcare workers, the majority of the support staff can also wear it. Most hospitals make it a point to set a color-coding system for the medical scrubs. This means that there are specific colors of scrubs that will help identify and distinguish those within the patient care department, like labor and delivery, pediatrics, and emergency room.

Lab Coats

You can also go for lab coats. They are still categorized as medical scrubs, but the lab coats have notable differences. You can see the lab coats were worn by doctors when they are performing tests or doing consultations. The majority of lab coats today are white and come with long sleeves. You can’t expect them to handle heavy-duty use, though.

Types of Scrub Pants

You can also find other variations of scrubs – among which are the scrub pants. You can choose from any of these scrub pant variations:

Jogger Pants

Jogger pants have a more contemporary design, which is ideal for men with physically toned bodies. You can expect this jogger pants version to form your body’s contours, making it possible for you to move comfortably when walking and moving the entire day.

The fact that this type of scrub pants consists of elastane or spandex material is also a big advantage as this means that it will not split nor restrict your movement that easily. The jogger pant is the perfect scrub for anyone who wishes to look his best when at work.

Cargo Pants

One thing that makes the cargo scrub pants a hit in the medical and healthcare industry is its overall functionality. Many choose it because of the additional pockets it has along the legs. With a such number of pockets, carrying all sorts of reference materials and tools will be more convenient.

Standard Pants

The standard scrub pants for men are perfect during those situations wherein you need to replace your pants because of certain problems, like tears and stains. If your job requires you to deal with various rough and tough situations when working, it would be best to use standard scrub pants.

It is because you can easily replace them without spending too much. However, take note that it does not have as many pockets as the cargo scrub pants. It is also not that form-fitting when you compare it to the jogger pants.


Scrubs are also constructed using different materials. You can, therefore, formulate a choice depending on what material or fabric blend the scrub is mainly made of. Here are some fantastic choices when it comes to materials:


Cotton is a famous material used in creating different kinds of items and garments. For instance, if you love to wear a cozy robe after swimming, then it could be because of the kind of comfort provided by the cotton material. You can see this material being used in almost everything, including denim and undershirts.

This is why this is also a common material among scrubs for men. However, for the scrub to be of top-notch quality, it should not be constructed from 100 percent cotton. It is because this material tends to wrinkle and tear easily.

Despite that, it is still necessary for cotton fibers to be included into the scrub because they are known to be breathable. You need breathable scrubs to prevent you from being too sweaty when dealing with rigorous tasks.


You can also go for polyester-based scrubs for men. When used on scrubs, this material can produce several amazing benefits. One of these is that it is strong. The strength of this material is one reason why it can handle heavy and rigorous use and abuse. This makes it suitable for the medical and healthcare industry, wherein most professionals need to deal with rigorous tasks every day.

Another great advantage of polyester is that it is capable of holding its form, so you can rest assured that it will not wrinkle that easily compared to other materials. This will surely make you look professional, making you feel the same way as when you are wearing a sophisticated belt. Note that an elegant belt will make you look classy, too, and you can imbibe that feeling when you are wearing a polyester-based scrub at work.


You might also want to check out scrubs for men made out of spandex or elastane material. This material works quite similarly to no-show socks. Keep in mind that no-show socks can match any outfit and the same is true for scrubs constructed from spandex or elastane.

It is because it can perfectly fit different kinds of clothing. It also boasts of some stretch in its fabric, preventing it from tearing or ripping too soon. With that, you can work conveniently while ensuring that you won’t waste money over constant replacements.

How to Choose the Best Scrubs for Men

How to Choose the Best Scrubs for Men

Apart from the information already provided, you can also further raise your chance of getting a hold of the best scrubs for men if you keep in mind and scrutinize the following factors during the selection process:

Waist Closure

Searching for the best scrub for men requires you to understand your choices in terms of waist closure. In such a case, take note of the three types of waist closure that you can choose from:

Button Up

This is a great choice for those who prefer a waist closure, which has a low chance of coming untied or wearing out. In most cases, this type of waist closure also comes in combination with an elastic waistband. One issue, though, is that it requires frequent replacements since it seems to become loose faster than usual.


You can often see this type of waist closure in inexpensive scrub pants. It is a perfect choice if you want to make sure that you can easily put on and take off your pants. One issue, though, is that it might be uncomfortable, especially if you get that waistband, which is too tight. However, it is also advisable to avoid elastic waistbands that are too loose as this might lead to the sagging of your pants. The fit should just be right – not extremely loose or tight.


This is probably the most commonly chosen waist closures in scrubs for men. What is good about the drawstring waist closure is that it is both inexpensive and reliable. It is made in a way that it helps make the scrubs remain snug against the waist. With that, you no longer have to think too much about having to fix your pants now and then. This is a good thing if you want to focus on the task at hand.


The material of the scrubs should also be one of your major considerations during the selection process. It usually refers to the fabric blend or the specific material used in creating the entire scrub. Among the most common fibers or materials used in this item are cotton, polyester, and spandex. We have covered such materials in the previous section of this article.

Find out which one among these fabrics or materials can benefit you the most once you wear it. Also, remember that the resulting fabric’s quality is fully dependent on every fiber’s percentage. With that, make it a point to scrutinize the label. Also, remember that the higher the fiber’s content is (for instance, spandex), the more stretchy the scrub will be.


The fit also needs to be carefully examined and scrutinized. How the scrub fits is even one of the most crucial factors you have to analyze. Note that regardless of what you are looking for is a top or a pair of pants, it is possible for you to come across various cuts for the scrubs. Among the cuts you have to check out in case you want to make sure that what you are getting is the appropriate and the perfectly-fitting one are:

Unisex Scrubs

It would be great for you to pick the unisex scrub as it is often the cheapest type available in the market. It is not fully customized, considering the fact that it is made to work for men and women. If you want to go for the cheaper variations of scrubs, then you may want to choose this one.

A distinctive feature of this scrub is its square and baggy nature. It is ideal for you if your job requires you to be in the back office. This means that your job does not require you to look presentable to patients and doctors.

V-neck vs Crew Neck

One famous cut for the top variations of the scrub is the V-neck. Many prefer this cut because aside from promoting ease in wearing and taking it off, this is also breathable. This ensures that you will feel comfortable no matter how long your shift is.

You can also go for the crew neck variation if you want your scrub to fit you in the same way as a T-shirt.


Another vital factor that is truly worthwhile to consider is the overall durability of the scrub. You can’t just invest your money on any scrubs specifically made for men without spending time examining its level of durability. Remember that scrubs are available at certain prices, so you need to choose a longer-lasting one.

Also, make sure that the scrub is not that hard to care for and maintain. That way, you can further boost its longevity. Make sure to read reviews, too, as such will give you an idea about how durable a specific type of scrub is. As much as possible, pick those made from materials proven to be highly durable, including cotton and polyester.

How to Choose the Best Scrubs for Men - Durability


Check how functional the scrubs for men is. One sign that the scrub is highly functional is if it contains several pockets. This is especially true for those in the medical and healthcare industry who need these pockets for all the things they need to work.

Aside from promoting proper organization, the presence of pockets in the scrubs can help make sure that all the materials, equipment, and instruments you need to carry out your tasks are with you all the time. If possible, go for a set of scrubs with plenty of pockets and space to guarantee its overall functionality.


The look of the men’s scrubs should also be a deciding factor. While it is true that you need to check the functionality and durability of the scrubs first, it does not mean that you have to neglect how it looks. Find out which one among the scrubs introduced to you looks good while still showcasing important features and benefits, like being durable and functional.


Those who are still new in the healthcare and medical industry may think that the scrub’s color does not matter a lot. However, note that the color actually has a say on how functional and good the scrub is on certain occasions. Also, remember that even if you are working in a place without a certain uniform, it does not necessarily and instantly mean that you will not be required to wear a scrub of a specific color.

Another thing to remember is if you are working in a hospital or clinic that focuses on kid’s health, then it would be ideal for your scrubs to have some patterns or colors. It is because such will be more appealing to the young patients, instead of the blue and black colors that are frequently seen in clinics and hospitals.


As mentioned earlier, pockets are among the most vital components of the scrub. These pockets even have a say on the garment’s overall functionality. With that in mind, you have to scrutinize whether the one you intend to buy has the number of pockets and space you want.

One thing you have to remember about being in a healthcare setting is that it is easy for your hands to fill up. Having accessible pockets to ensure that you can store all non-sterile items you need can greatly benefit you since you would not have to worry about going back and forth, finding something you need.


Before buying scrubs, find out how much you intend to spend on these garments. In most cases, you will need to pay around $20 per set. There are also scrubs offered at higher prices. These prices are often for those made with more customized and tailored cuts as well as higher-grade fabrics.

When shopping, find out which one is comfortable and functional enough without requiring you to spend more than what you have initially set aside. It should also be durable that it will not give up on you, especially if you use it on strenuous and long shifts.

Under scrubs

Under scrubs are ideal for those who want to receive more coverage than the one provided by the standard scrub. It could be because of the extremely cold temperature or the self-consciousness you might feel since you are worried about your chest hair coming out. You can also use undershirts specifically meant for scrubs. In most cases, these are more form-fitting compared to standard undershirts. With that, expect this to be less prone to being in direct contact with harmful fluids.

How to Properly Wear Scrubs

How to Properly Wear Scrubs

Step 1 – Choose the right type

The first step in wearing scrubs for men appropriately is to pick the correct type as much as possible. Make sure that you make your choice on the correct type of scrubs based on your body type. For instance, if you have narrow hips and a heavy top, then go for scrub tops with open collar neck or deep V-necks. This is helpful in narrowing the upper part of your body.

Step 2 – Ensure that it is the right size

Avoid wearing scrubs with a size that does not fit you correctly. In most cases, males need to wear scrubs that are either too fit or too wide. As a rule of thumb, though, it is advisable to find one that provides you with a comfortable and nice fit.

Step 3 – Decide whether to wear shirts or pants beneath your scrubs

You can also choose to wear something beneath your scrubs. It could be a pair of pants or an undershirt. While some medical and healthcare professionals prefer not to wear pants under their scrubs because doing such might only cause them to feel too warm, it is still you who will decide if you want to do it.

If you plan to wear shirts or pants, then make sure that your scrubs are highly breathable. You can also choose to wear thermal pants, especially during the cold season. Furthermore, a simple t-shirt will suffice if you prefer wearing one. One thing to take note of, though, is the importance of hiding any additional clothes that you decide to wear beneath the scrubs.

How to Clean and Maintain Scrubs

While some scrubs are made to be disposable, there are also those that you can use multiple times. However, to ensure that this scrub will last within the promised duration, you also have to exert an effort to clean and maintain it. Here’s how.

Step 1 – Wash it regularly

Make sure to wash scrubs that have similar colors. Group them based on their colors or shades and wash them based on that group. With that, you have the assurance that their color will not fade within just multiple washes. You also have to make sure that you adhere to the advice provided by the manufacturer of the scrub in terms of the dryer and washer settings.

Step 2 – Remove stains

No matter how careful you are, stains are still inevitable. This is the main reason why you also have to learn something about removing the stains from the scrubs. In this case, you need a stain stick. You can use this stick to blot the stained area a few minutes prior to washing it.

It is also necessary to let the scrubs dry naturally after washing. Avoid or limit the use of a machine when drying these garments.

Scrubs vs Everyday Wear

Of course, for healthcare professionals, scrubs will always be better than their everyday, normal wear. There are so many positive things about scrubs – among which are convenience and comfort. Furthermore, you can find various prints and colors for them. With that, you can always find one that will work perfectly when worn every day at work. As much as possible, go for single-piece scrubs. Avoid a full set if you intend to wear it casually.

Medical Scrubs vs Surgical Scrubs vs All the Other Scrubs

Just like when we discussed the different types of scrubs earlier, you will notice some differences between medical scrubs and surgical scrubs. Both also differ when compared to other scrub categories. Medical scrubs are usually non-disposable. They are non-surgical, which makes it safe to wear by different kinds of healthcare and medical workers. It is suitable for any setting.

This versatility is one reason why you can see this category is used by most workers in the healthcare industry now. Note, though, that the medical scrubs are available in different colors. These are the ones used in differentiating between different departments. The colors can also identify the kind of healthcare professional you are and to what demographics you are offering your service.

On the other hand, surgical scrubs, as the name suggests, are only worn during surgical procedures. This is the primary reason why these are usually disposable. It is important for surgical scrubs to be disposable to prevent any harmful fluids and chemicals from penetrating the one wearing it. Among the distinguishable features of the surgical scrubs are lightweight and sterile construction and being comfortably loose.

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Buy scrubs for men that are of the appropriate fit and size. This will prevent you from complaining about discomfort later on.
  • Wear regular clothes beneath the scrub only if the situation allows. Note that you are not required to wear regular clothes beneath in case your work involves being in the operating room most of the time. It is to ensure that you will not be contaminated by something and prevent pathogens from spreading.
  • Make sure that the fit is correct. Note that there is a common misconception when it comes to wearing the scrub and that is the best choices are the baggy ones. This is often untrue as an extremely large size might lead to some issues, like discomfort and inability to move freely. However, this does not mean going for an extremely tight scrub, as this might also be restrictive. Just find the right fit that makes you feel comfortable, especially when you are working.
  • Personalize the scrub. Try to personalize the scrub in such a way that it reflects you and your personality. The good thing about scrubs is that they provide several opportunities to showcase your sense of style. You can even choose to get scrubs in various shades of blue. This can help bring out a unique appearance. Another way to personalize it is through accessorizing. You can do so by adding a pin somewhere. Just make sure that it perfectly blends with your chosen style and color.
  • Do not over-accessorize. While you can put on some accessories or items in your scrub to ensure that it becomes yours personally, make sure that you do not overdo it. Put just enough to personalize or customize the scrub. It should be just enough to make you look and feel good at work and make your scrub unique and reflective of your character.

Does More Spending Mean More Quality

Just like when you are shopping for other products, the expensiveness of the scrub does not necessarily point to its overall quality. Note that some scrubs are priced lower than usual while still having the quality and look you want. All you have to do to find the best men’s scrub is to research reviews, so you will know which one strikes a balance between price and other remarkable features and benefits, like being durable, easy to maintain, and comfortable.

Rules for Wearing Scrubs the Right Way

Rules for Wearing Scrubs the Right Way

  • Find the right fit and style – This rule has always been indicated in many buying guides for men’s scrub, so make sure to follow it. This is the key to your comfort when working.
  • Match tops and pants – Another important rule is to ensure that the scrub’s pants and tops match. Most scrubs are available in pairs, but you can always choose to buy sets that have bold colors and prints. Just make sure that they match creatively. Men should wear solid colors. One choice is to match light tops with a darker pair of pants.
  • Wear it with proper attitude – Note that regardless of how good and pleasant your chosen scrub is, if you do not wear it with the appropriate attitude, then your investment will be put to waste. Your goal should be to embrace a positive attitude. This positivity can help you in coping with stress easily, especially that caused by your demanding job.


What brands of scrubs are the best?

Several brands of scrubs for men are now accessible in the market today. If you want to make sure that you invest from trusted and reputable brands, then among your choices should be FIGS, Cherokee, Carhartt, and Dickies. These brands are worth checking out because they continue to earn positive feedback and ratings from users, which somehow proves the reliability of their products.

How should men’s scrubs fit?

As mentioned earlier, there should be a proper balance between tightness and looseness. It should be tight enough in the sense that contaminants will not easily spread, especially in environments wherein there are infectious diseases that might penetrate your scrub or spread to another patient. It should also be loose enough that bending, walking around, stooping, or doing other movements will not be hard for you.

Are scrubs supposed to be tight?

In most cases, yes. However, this does not immediately mean that you have to go for extremely tight ones – those that can already cause discomfort and restrict your movement. Again, it should just be tight that it can lower the risk of you and other people or a patient being contaminated by any contaminant that gets attached to your scrubs.

Are GREY’s Anatomy scrubs good?

Yes. In fact, they are one of the medical scrubs today known for having the highest quality. Among the things, you can enjoy from the Grey’s Anatomy scrubs is their high level of comfort, lightness, and breathability. Many also love the fact that these scrubs look good. They are available in various colors, prints, and patterns. Furthermore, they have wrinkle-resistant properties, plus they have plenty of pockets that can hold several tools and gadgets.


Finding the best scrubs for men should be on top of your priorities from now on, especially if you are in the healthcare and medical industry. With a set of scrubs, you do not have to worry too much about your safety and that of your patients and other people you come across to when you are doing your job. It is also helpful in making you feel comfortable in the workplace.