The Best Men’s Loafers Guide You’ll Ever Read

You know what? The type of shoes that you wear says a lot about your personality, rather than just your taste for fashion.

However, some types of footwear do not give away a single hint about your character. A good example is men’s loafers.

Here is what you need to know about the best loafers for men.

So What Are Loafers for Men?

Loafers are classic shoes that do not use any form of lacing or fasteners. In essence, they do not require lacing or tying.

You just have to slide your feet into the shoes to wear them and that’s why they are normally referred to as slip-ons.

They are normally designed for men, but women loafers are also becoming common in the market.

Previously known as Aurland Moccasins, loafers have been a fashion staple since time immemorial.

Ever since their emergence, men’s loafers have evolved to become more unique and innovative.

What is more amazing is that they offer a splendid bridge between casual and formal footwear, as you can wear them for most occasions without becoming a fashion disaster.

Benefits of Wearing Loafers

Benefits of Wearing Loafers

Before delving on the different types of loafers, let’s have a quick look into some of the benefits of wearing these distinct shoes.

Easy to wear

Loafers are extremely easy to wear just like home slippers for men. The shoes are not fitted on the heel subsequently making them easy to get on and off.

Furthermore, they do not require lacing, which eliminates the need for bending when tying shoes. This is a big advantage for seniors and other people who lack dexterity.


If there is a type of footwear that offers optimum versatility, then it must be men’s loafers.

These shoes are ideal for men of all ages, and they can be worn with different pants and >all types of suspenders without watering down your sense of fashion.

Furthermore, they go well with both casual and semi-formal clothing such as khakis, blazers and slacks.


Just like chukka boots, men’s loafers are not only versatile but also stylish as well.

Nowadays, shoemakers and designers have pushed their boundaries a notch higher by manufacturing highly stylish and innovative loafers.

What is more amazing is that you can wear them with socks for men while remaining stylish.


The fact that loafers are not overly fitted on the heel makes them comfortable and ideal for people with foot problems.

People with conditions such as plantar fasciitis and heel spurs can wear these shoes comfortably without harming their feet.

Loafers Material – Leather or Suede?

Loafers Material - Leather or Suede

Loafers are made using either leather or suede, or a combination of the two. Each of these materials has their own advantages and downsides.


Loafers made using leather are more durable than their suede counterparts. They are tougher and more resilient to different terrains and weather conditions.

Furthermore, leather loafers come with a sleek, shiny finish that is sure to grab your attention. They can be worn with a full suit or casual outfits depending on your preferences.

For a more relaxed look, you may consider wearing your leather loafers with smart casual tailored separates and the finest x and y suspenders.

Be sure to clean and polish your leather loafers regularly before wearing them, and they will serve you well for years to come.


Suede loafers are exceptionally elegant and luxurious than leather shoes. They are normally reserved for special occasions due to their delicate nature.

In essence, you cannot wear suede loafer in a wet winter morning simply because they tend to absorb water and moisture. This can be damaging to your expensive investment.

If you have any respect for footwear, you should wear your suede loafers during summer or spring seasons when the conditions are relatively drier.

Notably, suede loafers are best worn with casual outfits due to their laid-back feel.

They look great with khaki pants or shorts and the best men’s jeans for the ultimate fashion statement.

They can also be worn with formal clothing, but it will always be hard to knick the perfect look with these kinds of clothes.

Different Types of Loafers

Different Types of Loafers

Men’s loafers are trendy and they come in different styles and designs. The most popular styles include:

Penny Loafers

Types of loafers - penny loafers

Penny loafers are arguably the most popular and most common type of men’s footwear available on the market today.

They have been around for close to a century and they still rock with their classic look.

Penny loafers consist of a leather strap positioned strategically across the saddle with a diamond-shaped slot that students of the 30s used to insert coins hence the name “Penny loafers.”

The shoes are impressively smart and they work best with most outfits, especially summer attires.

You can also match these men’s loafers with jackets, blazers, tailored shorts and chinos along with high-quality men’s belts.

Snaffle/Horsebit/Gucci Loafers

The Gucci brand does not need any introduction. However, many people often associate this brand with outfits rather than footwear.

Well, Gucci introduced their first loafer into the market way back in 1953.

The shoe is characterized by a distinctive style that includes a golden brass strap that comes in the shape of a snaffle, hence the name Snaffle loafers.

The Gucci loafer design has evolved to become iconic, gaining recognition among the fashion industry’s elite.

What is more amazing is that unlike other types of loafers the Gucci works best with both formal and casual outfits.

Tassel Loafers

Tassel loafers, also known as Kiltie loafers are slip-on style shoes manufactured by the Alden Shoe Company.

The design of the shoe was a brainchild of Paul Lukas who was a Hungarian-born actor. He wanted to mimic the tasseled Oxford style dress shoes that he once bought on a trip to Europe.

However, the initial attempt did not deliver desirable results until the Alden Shoe Company took up the project.

The Tassel loafers consist of a decorative, attractive lace that comes with tassels on the top.

Furthermore, it is made from calfskin unlike other leather shoes that are mostly made from cow’s hide. They are extremely durable and the least porous of all types of loafers.

For these reasons, they are somehow expensive but worth every dime. Furthermore, they can be worn with most outfits.

Moc Loafers

Moc Loafers

Moc loafers are the traditional Aurland Moccasins that were the first type of men’s loafers.

They come with overcast stitching that makes them elegant and attractive.

The availability of these shoes might be scarce, but wearing moc loafers still sends a strong statement to the fashion world.

How to Choose the Best Loafers for Men

Choosing the best loafers for men might seem to be an individual decision, as it all depends on your personal tastes and preferences.

In any case, the wearer of the shoe knows where it pinches.

However, whether you are looking for the best chelsea boots or the best men’s loafers, there are various factors that you must consider when buying any type of shoes.

Here’s how to choose the perfect loafers to suit your needs.


Loafers come in different types and styles. The type of shoes that you choose should match your personal tastes and preferences.

You should also consider the function or occasion to which you will be wearing the shoes.

For instance, Gucci loafers go well with all types of formal and informal functions while penny loafers are considered ideal for casual functions.


The quality of the shoes says a lot about how much you value your wardrobe.

It also determines how long the loafers will last. It all boils down to the materials used and the sole type.

You should go for a high-quality loafer that is not only durable but also resistant to water or moisture. If the shoes have anti-skid soles, the better.


In terms of size, it is always a wise idea to acquire the perfect fit. Buying loafers larger than the size of your feet is not a good plan, as it will only make it harder for you to walk comfortably as you cannot tie your shoes.

However, some experts recommend that you should take one size bigger or go for shoes that have good expansion as the feet always tend to expand during the day.

Make sure you try out the shoes before buying them even if you know your shoe size to avoid any disappointments later.


In terms of design, you should look at aspects such as color, shape, weight and general aesthetics.

These aspects will determine the kind of clothes you will wear with your shoes.

Fortunately, modern men’s loafers are exceptionally sleek and elegant, and they come in different colors, shapes and designs.

Some have decorative straps and laces that make them more attractive.


Never compromise on comfort when buying men’s loafers. Fortunately, loafer shoes are exceptionally comfortable as most of them do not have heels while some have very low heels.

The cushioning and padding should also be sufficient to guard your feet from strain and offer ample protection when walking or running.


Price is not a major issue, but it remains among the many factors that you ought to consider.

The best loafers for men do not come cheaply considering the fact that they are durable, versatile and of high quality.

However, you are encouraged to stick to your budget whenever you are out in the market.

Interestingly, you can take advantage of sales discounts and monthly offers to buy high-end shoes at a huge bargain.

How to Wear and Style Them

Wearing loafers is simple and easy. However, if you need to make crucial decisions when styling in order to make a strong fashion statement.

For instance, you have to decide whether to wear your loafers with or without socks.

You also have to look at factors such as the trouser length and type of attire especially when deciding between casual and formal outfits.

For obvious reasons, you cannot wear loafers with men’s pajamas even if you want to make the greatest fashion statement.

Loafers are worn with either casual outfits or tailored formal clothing.

If you prefer wearing a suit with loafers, always factor in the length of your trousers.

The pants should have a slight break so that you can see the detail of the loafers. Also, trim your beard if you have one and apply the appropriate aftershave for men for the ultimate full suit look.

For the mod-inspired look, wear a cropped or tampered trouser with your loafers. The trousers should be slim to deliver a contemporary look.

Remember to wear men’s silk boxers for extra comfort especially when wearing slim, tight trousers.

Should I Wear Socks?

Loafers without socks simply look austere and comfortable. However, no-show socks or ankle socks would be ideal to avoid perspiring excessively especially during summer.

Nevertheless, if you decide to stick to staying sockless, then consider applying powder to your feet to avoid sweating and smelly feet in dry weather.

How To Clean and Maintain Loafers Shoes

A pair of men’s loafers is not a cheap investment. For this reason, you must take care of them by cleaning and polishing your loafers regularly.

This is crucial to enhancing their lifespan. It will also maintain their shine while keeping the leather or suede looking fresh at all times.

You also need to invest in polish or cream depending on the type of material your shoe is made from.

Buy the exact color to your shoes to avoid discoloring them. Here’s how to take care of your leather or suede loafers.

Step 1

Wipe off excess dirt using a soft cloth. For suede, use a suede brush to remove excess dirt

Step 2

Clean the surface of the shoe using a damp cloth and mild soap or saddle soap

Step 3

Use wax-based polish for polishing your leather loafers then apply a protector or conditioner

Step 4

For suede loafers, use a suede cleaner solution to give the shoes a great gleam

Step 5

Store the shoes in a shoe bag until you are ready to wear them

Alternatively, you may just take them to a professional shoe-shiner for cleaning and polishing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Will loafers stretch over time?

Like all types of leather shoes, loafers do stretch over time due to tear and wear.

However, this does not mean that you buy small, tight shoes hoping that they will stretch later.

Loafers Vs boat shoes – which are better?

Loafers are far much better than boat shoes since they can be worn with all types of outfits, including formal and casual attire.

In contrast, boat shoes are sportier and they are worn best with casual outfits only.


Men’s loafers continue to rock the fashion world, and from the look of things, they will continue to rise in fame.

These special and unique shoes are not only elegant but also extremely practical. Moreover, they have survived for close to a century-defining every step of the fashion industry.

With this in mind, there is no reason why men’s loafers should miss in your permanent shoe collection.

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