Best Lip Balm for Men

The problem of chapped lips isn’t exactly anything new. In fact, it’s said that the pioneers used earwax to ease their dry lips.

It wasn’t until the 1880’s that the first, official lip balm entered the picture.

These days, it has unfortunately come to be regarded as a women’s product, leaving men out in the cold, wishing for a solution to their painfully dehydrated skin.

Top 5 Lip Balms for Men (Summary)

Image Product Details  
sample-table__image 100% OrganicBeauty by Earth
  • Gives essential protection
  • Contains vitamin E and Shea butter
  • Gluten free
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sample-table__image Most NaturalSun Bum
  • Protective from UV rays
  • Hals and moisturizes chapped lips
  • Nonallergenic ingredients
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sample-table__image Best MoisturizerEmu Joy
  • Highly protective from sun and wind
  • It has the ability to soften hard or dry skin
  • 100% natural ingredients
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sample-table__image Neutrogena Moisture Shine
  • Soothes, hydrates and relieves your lips
  • Portable and pocket-friendly design
  • Protects lips from harsh weather
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sample-table__image Nivea
  • Unscented and tasteless
  • Cover fits over the whole stick, keeping it from opening unintentionally
  • Easy to apply even when cold
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For more detailed and complete product reviews on benefits and features, keep reading.

Dry lips don’t discriminate, and neither should chapsticks and lip balms.

With all their swagger and straightforward brunt here’s a guide to the lip balms that have been created to fix that problem.

What is Lip Balm

Made to protect your lips from the elements and guard it against dryness and cracks, lip balm is a topical product that’s applied frequently to lock in moisture, often called as “chapstick”.

Often similar in consistency to top beard balms, it usually contains hydrating elements, SPF for sun protection, essential oils and vitamins.

Benefits of Using Lip Balm

At the end of the day, even the manliest of men probably want lips that are soft and kissable.

Besides leaving your skin hydrated and healthy, there’s a whole slew of benefits to owning a quality lip balm product.

Here are a couple advantages that will have you adding lip products to your skincare itinerary.

Younger Skin

Let’s face it: cracked, aging skin is never going to be in style. Whether you’re a woman or a man, younger is always sexier.

On top of using the best eye cream to reduce wrinkles as well as applying top anti-aging cream for men, incorporating a hydrating lip balm into your regimen helps keep skin moisturized, plump and healthy.

Along with using high-quality products for washing your face and a top-notch face moisturizer, keeping your lips protected is an essential way to stay looking young and healthy.


Your lips are the most painful place for a sunburn.

Often used by professional skiers, surfers, and Antarctic explorers, lip balm is essential for anyone wishing to protect the delicate skin of their lips from severe conditions.

If your lips have already suffered cracks and breakage, you’ll want the help of a styptic pencil to keep the skin from getting infected.

Ideally, you’ll guard your lips against ever needing one by protecting it from the sun and cold with a quality SPF lip balm.

Benefits of Using Lip Balm


The benefits of moisturization are endless. A proper hydration regimen can leave your skin healthier, more attractive, softer to touch, and more youthful.

While a lip balm alone can’t deliver all the moisture your face needs, you do need it to achieve an overall, hydrated and healthy look.

Applying facial lotion can do a lot to fight of dryness, but the skin on your lips is uniquely delicate.

It requires the specialized formula of a balm or chapstick to stay in top-notch shape.


For such a small area of the body, it’s surprising how much pain and irritation can stem from just the lips.

For already damaged, dry and cracked lips, lip balm can provide immediate relief.

Because many products also include essential oils and vitamins, they also help boost your body’s natural repair process, so your skin can quickly recover back to being healthy and hydrated.

Types of Lip Balm

Types of Lip Balm

While some of the biggest determining factors of each product are consistency, appearance, and ingredients, the shape of the container is ultimately what defines one type of lip balm from the next.

While they can come in all shapes and sizes, these are the three main types on the market today.


The stick is the classic, go-to applicator for lip balm.

Since the creation of the traditional brand, Chapstick, sticks have been considered the iconic, a most recognizable and most popular option for lip moisturization.

The downfall? Many men find that their tubular appearance looks too much like lipstick.

Appearances set aside, the balms that come in stick form are usually easy to conceal and carry and are great for protecting against cold, dry conditions.


Much like toothpaste, tube containers for lip balm work by applying pressure to the end, which allows the product to squeeze out of a hole in the tip.

A little bit more “medical” in their appearance compared to stick applicators, they are a moderately discreet solution.

Lip balm - squeeze

These products usually capitalize on hydration and immediate relief for irritated lips.

However, they frequently come accompanied with a light sheen or wetness that ends up bothering some men, as it can look a bit like lip gloss.


Tins are compact, often attractive alternatives for containing lip balm.

These products are generally waxier in thickness and are applied by swiping a finger over the surface area of the product and massaging it lightly into the lips’ skin.

For those macho men who are self-conscious of using lip balms in the stick or squeeze form because they’re too reminiscent of women’s lipstick, this is a great alternative.

How To Choose the Best Lip Balm


Generally, it’s what’s inside that counts the most, but when it comes to lip products, many men really prioritize the container type.

Why? Some product containers come in fashionable tins or practical tubes, but others come too close for comfort in appearance to lipstick.

If you’re concerned about looking girly, go with a tin-contained product. If you’re unconcerned, any of the three container types should suit your needs.

Sun Protection

Nothing sucks more than sunburnt lips. For that reason, all lip balms should include a decent sun protection factor (popularly referred to as SPF).

Ideally, it will include both UVB and UVA protection.

However, selecting a product that’s going to shield you from the sun doesn’t necessarily mean picking one with the highest SPF. In the case of lip balms and sun protection, a little goes a long way.

Because lip balms are applied more frequently than the average sunscreen, you should be safe buying a product with a lower SPF.


If you’re looking for a manly, neutral lip balm, you’re probably after something with little or no scent.

This is just as well, as many products which contain artificially scented elements also have strange and sometimes harmful chemicals as a consequence.

For men who do want a little bit of aroma for their lip care products, there are balms that come in manlier scents such as mojito or even peppermint–just be sure the product’s smell is coming from all-natural, harmless ingredients.

Best Lip Balm Ingredients

Best Lip Balm Ingredients

When it comes to lip balms, the wrong ingredients aren’t just ineffective, they can actually actively make your lip situation worse.

Some products provide initial relief but strip your skin of its long-term hydrating capabilities.

This makes low-quality lip products addictive and helps companies perpetuate use by increasing need.

If you think this sounds just about as deceiving and back-handed as it gets, you’re right.

To avoid these addictive lip balms and ensure you’re purchasing a quality product, make sure you stick to quality ingredients.

Ingredients To Avoid


As a common base ingredient in petrol in diesel oil, it’s a wonder that anyone thinks putting petroleum in a skincare product is a good idea.

Because of its thick, gooey substance, lip balms containing petroleum prevent your skin from breathing.

They might provide temporary relief but can cause long-term damage to the balance of your skin’s oils.


If you’ve done any research on quality skin care products, you already they’re the bad guys of the world of skin care ingredients.

These are processed preservatives that disrupt the endocrine system. If that’s not enough, they’ve also been directly linked to cancer.

Needless to say, avoid them at all costs in all products from bar soaps for men to any body moisturizer.

Ingredients To Look For


Lanolin is a common star ingredient of many of the best skin care products for men.

Sourced naturally from sheep’s wool, it works wonders to prevent dry, itchy skin and reduce irritation.


Because of its natural exfoliating properties, sugar is a great ingredient to look for in lip balms.

It gently scrubs off dead skin that can otherwise clean to lips, especially in winter months.

This helps to renew and rejuvenate your skin to keep it hydrated and healthy.

Natural Oils

For a little added bonus in any skin care product, natural oils add protection and nourishment.

Some of the most effective and popular oils to keep your eyes peeled for may include coconut, avocado, hemp, almond, or sunflower oil.

Vitamin E

Known for repairing and hydrating, vitamin E is a great, natural addition to any lip balm ingredients list.

However, be warned: if dryness or irritation persists or worsens after using a product rich in Vitamin E, you may be one of the many who are allergic to it.

Green Tea

Your grandma always swore on the health benefits of green tea. It turns out she was right.

While it may not be the piping fountain of youth, green tea in skin products can help reduce inflammation and gently reinvigorate by removing dead skin.

19 Best Lip Balms for Men Reviews

1. Beauty by Earth

You don’t need a lip balm filled with soy, petroleum and chemicals. Your path to the supple, smooth and well hydrated lips is Beauty by Earth Lip Balm.

This organic balm is the perfect solution to free yourself from unattractive flaky lips. By just applying it once or twice daily, you will nourish your lips. Crafted from 100% certified organic ingredients, the luxurious all-natural peppermint lip balm is packed with organic shea butter, sunflower oil and beeswax.

Unlike other beauty brands that have a long list of unrecognizable ingredients that may be harmful to your health, this balm is filled with moisturizing ingredients, capable of naturally nourishing your lips without disrupting their natural state.

Also, it is flavored with a dash of indulgent natural peppermint. Applying it will not only nourish your lips, but also allow you to enjoy the sweet taste of peppermint and keep your breath smelling fresh. Finally, it comes in sustainable wrap in four tubes packaging.

Beauty by Earth



  • Gluten free and 100% organic, free of all toxic substances
  • Gives essential protection no matter the weather condition
  • Contains vitamin E and Shea butter for intensive moisture

  • Peppermint essential oil may irritate sensitive skin

2. Sky Organics

USDA Organic Lip Balm by Sky Organics is not your everyday type of lip balm. It nourishes, moisturizes, hydrates and protects your lips from the harsh environment.

To start with, it prides itself on its trademark, multi-pack of 6 rich flavors all with tempting smells. The flavors include luscious Tahitian vanilla, eucalyptus mint, tropical coconut, tangy citrus, cherry bomb and strawberry bliss. These flavors not only provide a day-long freshness but also come with utmost safety even for the most sensitive lips.

This incredible pack is safe for your lips thanks to the natural ingredients used in the formula. Some of the ingredients include organic rosemary extract, organic beeswax, vitamin E, organic calendula, organic coconut oil, organic sunflower oil and natural, organic flavors.

The natural ingredients make this product ideal for everyone, including men with some kind of lip infections resulting in chapped, cracked or dry lips.

Sky Organics



  • 6 flavors give you a wide variety to choose from
  • Smooth and safe for everyone
  • Long-lasting hydration and freshness

  • Some flavors are relatively strong

3. Natural Ice

If you’re in need of a fragrance, colorant and preservatives free product and a more natural approach to express your smile, Natural Ice Balm is the way to go. It is enriched with the freshness of royal jelly, shea butter, almond oil, olive oil, beeswax and Manuka honey, all popular for nourishing and moisturizing the skin.

This lip balm comes with a natural cooling sensation with no shimmer particles to help heal your dry, chapped lips and offer long-lasting protection, thanks to its SPF 15 smooth glide on formula. It is specially created for harsh weather conditions to offer you protection.

This item has a great, smooth and creamy texture to glide easily across your lips with no drag at all and a soft sheen with tons of hydration for your dry lips.

Although its presence can be felt on the lips, it’s a lightweight formula, comfortable, non-sticky and doesn’t feel heavy nor waxy. It provides great moisturization to your lips and keeps them hydrated for pretty long time of about 5-6 hours.

Natural Ice



  • Has a natural cooling sensation
  • Moisturizes and hydrates lips for 5-6 hours with one application
  • Very suitable for sensitive lips

  • Requires reapplication after each meal

4. Sun Bum

If you spend most of your days in the sun by choice or circumstances, then the Sun Bum Lip Balm is a sunscreen lip balm that you must carry along with you.

The SPF 30 lip balm is smooth and comfortable on your lips without being sticky. It contains vitamin E and aloe in its formula. These are highly effective and reliable antioxidants.

f you are susceptible to cracking lips, then this balm will heal and protect you. Whichever the flavor you opt to purchase, these lip balms are very natural.

They are completely vegan and hypoallergenic, which make them an ideal product for nearly everyone. More importantly, then don’t contain any chemicals hence will not irritate your lips.

Sun Bum



  • Protective from UV rays
  • Heals and moisturizes chapped lips
  • Nonallergenic ingredients don’t irritate your lips

  • Quite thin on your lips

5. Blistex

Blistex Men’s Lip Balm helps you to take care of your lips when you need it most given that millions of people are battling chapped or severely cracked lips.

It’s clinically approved to provide the ultimate relief and long-lasting protection from such conditions and infections.

It comes in a package of 12 to give you enough relief for a long time. In fact, a pack of 12 will serve the entire family for several weeks before you make a new order.

It is developed by a certified pharmacist after extensive research. Therefore, this product is non-irritative on your lips. Instead, it soothes and hydrates them every time.




  • Heals most lip infections
  • Comes in a pack of 6
  • Doesn’t irritate your lips

  • A pleasant strong flavor, but doesn’t last long

6. Neutrogena Norwegian Formula

Neutrogena Lip Balm softens, moisturizes and repairs dry, cracked or chapped lips. Moreover, this is a lip moisturizer you would prefer during sunny days because of its amazing effects.

This product is enriched with sufficient moisture to keep your lips healthy-looking and soft throughout any season. This is because it has sunblocks that will protect your lips from UVA and UVB rays.

The product has no color or unnecessary additives and glides smoothly on your lips to provide a moisturizing and hydrating effect.

It contains a few chemicals but has a number of natural, organic ingredients added to its formula.




  • Portable packaging
  • Instant hydrating effect on your lips
  • Repairs cracks

  • Has some chemicals in the formula

7. Emu Joy

Emu Joy Lip Balm performs better than it promises by effectively nourishing and protecting your lips the entire year irrespective of what the weather is like.

The gluten-free formula is a perfect alternative to petroleum-based lip products. Some of the ingredients contained here include emu oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter, jojoba oil, Montana beeswax, aloe oil and vitamin E.

It is important to state categorically that this lip balm has no gluten, petroleum, artificial preservatives, parabens, alcohol, dairy products, wheat products and perfumes.

Applied correctly, it has the ability to moisten and soften hard or dry skin, protect the skin from sun and wind, lubricate it and create a barrier against external irritants.

Emu Joy



  • Highly protective from sun and wind
  • A proven moisturizer
  • 100% natural ingredients

  • No color or taste though this is an advantage for some users

8. SPF Rx

If you are an outdoor type of person, then you need to consider purchasing the protective and practical SPF Rx Lip Balm. It has the ability to protect your lips from sun, wind and cold.

It is an advanced lip therapy formula that contains only natural, organic ingredients. Some of the ingredients in the formula include beeswax, organic olive oil, organic sunflower oil, vitamin E and organic hemp seed oil. This product also has an additional SPF 30 protection.

Based on the list of ingredients above and the unique formula, this product will reliably protect your skin from UVA rays and boost your UVB protection as well. Since it has anti-inflammatory elements in the ingredients, it’ll also help soothe the dry and cracked parts of your lips.

Apply it daily and enjoy the unmatched freshness, hydration and moisture as you enjoy sunbathing, golf, cricket, running and other outdoor activities.




  • Repairs damaged skin
  • Protects lips from UVA and UVB rays
  • Unmatched antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect

  • Doesn’t last long

9. Eos Active Sphere

Eos Active is made from stable hypoallergenic ingredients that will last on your lips for well over one hour.

It not only heals all irritative lips conditions but goes beyond the ordinary lip balms to protect your lips from external irritants.

It also protects and nourishes your skin. More excitingly, it doesn’t contain parabens, petroleum or gluten, making it 100% natural and safe.

In fact, this is one of the most effective natural lip balms. It is recommended that you apply it daily for long-lasting results.




  • Protects lips from external irritants
  • Nourishes skin and is 100% natural and organic
  • Affordable

  • Quite heavy on the lips

10. Bourbon

If you have friends who love whiskey, then you know that Bourbon Lip Balm is a perfect gift for them.

It is not only a well-packaged gift but also a very effective moisturizing and healing lip balm.

It is formulated from natural ingredients which include aloe butter, vitamin E, hemp oil, beeswax, cocoa butter, Shea butter and zinc oxide providing a natural sunblock.

Immensely hydrating, this balm has a scent that’s not overpowering, yet it moisturizes and soothes your lips since the first day.




  • Has a natural sunblock hence can be used anytime
  • Extremely hydrating
  • Natural and safe on skin and mouth

  • Not for men allergic to any of the ingredients

11. Polished by Dr. Lancer

If you don’t like the feminine taste of most lip balms then Polished by Dr. Lancer Lip Balm is what you need. It gives you an outstanding masculine feel while still providing the required hydration and lip protection.

To start with, it doesn’t shine too much and guarantees comfort. The formula contains jojoba oil, aloe extracts, sunflower seed oil, vitamin E and oat extracts.

This, therefore, means that it combines antioxidants, moisturizing and protective aspects of your ideal lip balm, making it ideal for dry and cracked lips.

In addition, it contains SPF component, which makes it great in protecting you from harmful UV rays.




  • Great for dry lips
  • SPF component makes it really protective from UV rays
  • Acts as a great moisturizer and antioxidant

  • Not very big stick

12. Neutrogena Moisture Shine

Instantly soothing and relieving, Neutrogena Moisture Shine is a phenomenal lip balm that will keep your lips hydrated and shiny. More importantly, it is packed in a pocket-friendly stick to ensure your lips are protected anywhere, any time.

The hydra-gel formula contains chamomile, glycerin and cucumber which ensure that your lips are hydrated and moisturized. This formulation presents you with more natural ingredients hence, it has fewer negative effects.

With this item, you’re guaranteed to have a product that soothes, softens and moisturizes your lips.

For best results, it is advisable that you apply it daily. This way, it helps not only to nourish and moisturize your lips but also to protect them from harsh weather conditions.

Neutrogena MoistureShine



  • Soothes, hydrates and relieves your lips
  • Portable and pocket-friendly design
  • Protects lips from harsh weather

  • Slightly sticky


Coming as a pack of four sticks, Rugged & Dapper Balm is crafted without any parabens, petroleum or gluten, so it’s entirely natural.

Beeswax, sunflower, jojoba, rosemary oil and vitamin E work together in nourishing, hydrating and moisturizing your lips, while protecting them from harsh weather conditions at the same time.

Especially effective in healing chapped and cracked lips, this item is entirely shine-free and infused with eucalyptus and peppermint, so it has a nice smell.

You can count on this product to absorb quickly and soothe your lips, so they feel soft and smooth the whole day.




  • Moisturizes and nourishes dry and sensitive lips
  • Absorbs easy and quickly
  • Doesn’t have a shiny finish

  • Doesn’t last very long

14. Salt & Stone

Rich in antioxidants, Salt & Stone is a balm that uses only organic ingredients to moisturize your lips and give them the necessary protection.

It makes your lips soft and gives them a matte finish that looks really natural. Given that it doesn’t contain any artificial ingredients, it’s entirely safe for anyone.

Crafted to withstand even the most extreme temperatures and harsh weather, this product lasts for a very long time and protects your skin from cracking.

You can apply it with ease thanks to the convenient applicator without worrying that you’ll overapply it.




  • Nourishes and protects sensitive lips
  • Easy to use applicator
  • 100% natural and organic ingredients and matte finish

  • Some men might not like its scent

15. Hawaiian Tropic

With Hawaiian Tropical Lip Balm, you don’t need to worry about chapped lips anymore. Specially formulated for use in hot weather, you can count on it to keep your lips moisturized where other similar product would not.

With the proper protection against broad-spectrum of UV rays, your lips will remain nourished.

It is made with antioxidants which slow down aging and help in the repair of old and damaged tissues, keeping your skin healthy and young. With the balm’s long-lasting effects, you won’t need to keep reapplying it.

This balm is water-resistant, so you don’t have to be extra careful when applying it before the shower. It has a high SPF number, which means it’ll protect you from the sun as well.

Hawaiian Tropic



  • Water-resistant so won’t wash off
  • Provides UVA and UVB protection
  • Comes in a pack of 6

  • Can get a little sticky in hot weather

16. NFL LA Rams

With every application of NFL LA Rams Balm, you’ll discover what it feels like to have smooth, nourished, hydrated and moisturized lips.

Designed to protect you from harmful sun rays, this product is easy to apply and glides smoothly across your lips.

It can withstand being in the water for up to 80 minutes without taking off. The subtle mint smell makes it easy to combine it with your favorite cologne.

If this isn’t enough, it’s worthwhile mentioning that it also has an SPF 15, so your lips will be safe and protected at all times.



  • Water-resistant for up to 80 minutes
  • Leaves lips feel moisturized, smooth and protected
  • Pleasant mint scent

  • A little pricey


The first thing you’ll notice about Treat JUMBO is the fact that it is more than three times as large as other lip balms.

Made in the USA and certified by USDA to be all organic, this product will nourish your lips in the best way. The all-natural ingredients such as beeswax and vitamin E are able to soothe even the worst chapped lips and restore them to a good state.

Containing Shea butter and virgin coconut oil, this balm will hydrate your lips, reducing any irritation and keeping them moisturized and protected throughout the day, making for a long-lasting effect.

The balm won’t leave your lips greasy or feeling awkward. It comes in a variety of different flavors and scents to choose from.




  • Comes at three times the size for no extra cost
  • Lips stay moisturized even after it wears off
  • All organic ingredients certified to be cruel-free by USDA

  • Allergic reactions may occur in users allergic to Stevia

18. Miracle

Miracle Emu Oil Lip Balm is a great solution for sensitive skin and lips. Not only does it prevent cracking and damage to the lips, but it also heals them whether they are sunburnt, cracked or blistered.

Thanks to the organic ingredients it contains, this balm provides your lips with protection, whether it is cold, sunny, windy or dry, ensuring that they stay soft.

This product is specially formulated to hydrate your skin and keep it in good condition and looking healthy throughout the day. It also lasts longer because only a small amount is needed to seal in the moisture and prevent your lips from drying out through the day.

This balm doesn’t have an overwhelming smell and instead of being completely plain, it is lightly fragranced with a mango scent. It is also tasteless so it won’t disturb you as you go through the day.




  • With everyday use, a single tube can last for months
  • Great for sensitive skin and dry lips
  • Only lightly fragranced and tasteless

  • Doesn’t come sealed

19. Nivea

One of the first things you will notice when using Nivea A Kiss of Smoothness is that it is silky smooth and doesn’t leave your lips greasy or feeling like there is a thick layer on them.

It actually feels like lotion for your lips as it absorbs into the skin, not staying on top and hardening. It moisturizes lips and absorbs into the skin within 15 minutes of application.

This balm doesn’t have any scent, so you don’t need to worry about a disturbing smell right under your nose all day. It is also tasteless, which is impressive for a product with an SPF of 10.

It is great for sensitive skin because it keeps your skin moisturized and doesn’t cause itching or inflammation to all skin types. It not only hydrates your lips but also keeps them looking shiny without leaving the residue on cups or bottles you drink from.




  • Unscented and tasteless, so it is not disturbing
  • Cover fits over the whole stick, keeping it from opening unintentionally
  • Easy to apply even when cold

  • Might cause allergic reactions in some users

How To Use and Apply Best Lip Balm

Most lip balms have a straightforward, single-step application process.

Afterall, they are meant to provide quick relief and protection in a moment’s notice.

While all products have easy application processes, the exact method you’ll need to use will depend entirely on what type of product you’ve purchased.


For stick lip balms, you’ll want to uncap the product and glide it over your lips, pressing lightly.

Depending on the thickness of your product and your desired level of protection, you can either apply it to the bottom lip alone, or to both the top and the bottom.

After application, rub your lips together, allowing the product to be gently massaged into your skin.


The application of tube lip balm is very similar to that of its stick competitors.

By squeezing gently at the bottom of the casing, you’ll want to ease the product out of the tube and glide it across your lips.

Alternatively, instead of applying the balm directly to the lip, you can squeeze some onto your finger and transfer it to your lips.

Because tube lip balm is generally softer and creamier in nature, do this slowly. You’ll probably also want to apply it primarily to the bottom lip, as over-application is a frequent problem for inexperienced users.

Then, rub the lips together, doing your best not to smudge or smear the product too far past your lip line.


Meanwhile, tin lip balms have a slightly different application process.

After unscrewing or uncapping the lid, run your finger lightly over the surface of the wax, being careful not to get too much.

Then, glide your finger over the lips as desired. As with the other balm types, proceed to rub your lips together, allowing the product to penetrate your skin for deeper hydration.

How Often Should You Apply It

Lip balm can be used as-needed. There’s no general limit on how often you can apply it but be warned: the goal of these products is ultimately to hydrate and moisturize skin.

If you find yourself tempted to apply and reapply product on an increasingly frequent basis, you might want to consider the brand you’re using.

As stated previously, low-quality lip balms with questionable ingredients often provide immediate relief.

However, they ultimately rob your skin of its ability to hydrate at all. If you find yourself “addicted” to any lip product, switch it up and go for a more natural, organic option.


Like a lip balm, many products such as hairspray, lotion and face masks, are traditionally marketed to women, but just as useful for men.

We’ve all needed, at some point in life, the relieving aid of a good lip balm or chapstick.

It’s possible that most of your experiences with similar products have been merely sneaky pinches from the purses of the women in your life.

Thankfully, you no longer need to dodge bubblegum-scented products or deceivingly red-tinted shades that women’s lip products often have.

You don’t have to play lip-product roulette anymore when it comes to lip hydration.

Now, you can buy lip balms and chapsticks made specifically for men.

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