Best Jeans for Men: A Complete Buyer’s Guide

For most men, jeans are a part of their everyday life. Any casual occasion is the best opportunity to wear these types of pants.

For a few jobs, such as construction, they’re also the clothing item to wear for comfort and practicality.

Top 5 Jeans For Men (Summary)

Image Product Details  
sample-table__image Most ComfortableCalvin Klein
  • Stretchy enough for easier movement
  • Don’t fade after washed
  • True to the size
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sample-table__image Most DurableZLZ
  • Pretty stretchy
  • Triple stitching inseam
  • Smooth, sturdy zipper
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sample-table__image Most FlexibleLEE Extreme Motion
  • High-end, stretchable fabric
  • Completely machine washable
  • Feel lightweight
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sample-table__image Silver Jeans Co.
  • Relaxed fit around the hip and thighs
  • Premium denim fabric
  • Reinforced stitching
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sample-table__image Levi’s 541 Athletic Taper
  • Versatile
  • Slightly stretchy
  • Don’t shrink too much on the wash
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For more detailed and complete product reviews on benefits and features, keep reading.

Finding the best jeans for men is a trickier process than one might think. It’s pretty similar to trying to find the best men’s pajamas or the best beard care products.

However, with the right knowledge and a breakdown of what to look for, you’ll be able to easily find the jeans of your dream.

9 Best Jeans for Men Reviewed

1. Levi’s 511 Slim Fit

Ideal for men who are taller and slimmer, Levi’s 511 Jeans are slim fit and have just about enough elastane to stretch without feeling too tight.

They don’t feel too skinny, nor too loose. You could tell that they actually fit just great and are pretty comfortable.

With five pockets, a slightly tapered leg and a zip fly that has a button closure, this product is a classic you can wear at all occasions and look very stylish and modern.

Note that the waist is a bit lower if that’s something that’s important to you. The cleaning part is easy and all you have to do is hand wash them with cold water and mild detergent.

Although these jeans are lengthy, the slim fit part goes from hips to ankles, so they might not be a good choice for men who have bulkier legs.

Levi's 511 Slim Fit



  • Has just the right amount of stretch for all-day comfort
  • Slim fit from hip to ankle
  • Somewhat tapered leg and zip fly with button closure
  • Sit perfectly below the waist

  • Run a little long
  • Too small for men who have big, bulkier legs

2. Calvin Klein

Featuring a zip fly with button closure, five pockets and a belt loop waistband, Calvin Klein Jeans look modern and feel very soft and comfortable.

Stretchy enough to allow smooth movement throughout the day, they’ll adjust to your body when you move around or squat down.

The line of the waist is positioned slightly lower, but truth to be told, they feel tighter on the calves if you have larger legs.

Unlike some other jeans, these are fully machine washable. No matter how much you wash them or for how long you wear them, the color won’t fade.

You might notice that the pockets are tiny and, but this is a small downside compared to the comfortability and quality you get.

Calvin Klein



  • Stretchy enough for easier movement and comfortability
  • Don’t fade after washed
  • Can be washed in the washing machine
  • True to the size

  • Feel a bit tight on the calves
  • Small pocket openings

3. OKilr Pjik

Softness, lightness and comfortability are the main characteristics of OKilr Pjik Jeans. Made of cotton blend and entirely machine washable, these pair of jeans go well with every style.

You can wear them at all occasions, formal and casual alike. With such versatility, you’ll be sure to attract all eyes on you when walking on the street.

What adds to their appeal are the ripped knee holes that make them look really stylish.

Five functional pockets are big enough to keep your wallet or ID, which also makes them pretty convenient and functional.

Flexible and stretchy denim material adjusts to your leg and waist shape making this item highly comfortable.

OKilr Pjik



  • Very soft, comfortable and lightweight
  • Complements both formal and casual style
  • Reasonable price
  • Five functional, large enough pockets

  • Quite small
  • Have a strange smell that can’t be washed out

4. ZLZ Slim Fit

Classic five-pocket design with zipper and button closure on ZLZ Slim Fit is stylish and looks amazing no matter which clothes you combine it with.

Premium quality, soft denim material they’re made of is extra stretchy, so they’re very comfortable and don’t feel too tight.

Thanks to their slim fit cut, your legs will look visually elongated. The color will remain just like the first day, no matter how much you wash them.

The item is fully machine washable, but you might notice that the jeans are slightly longer than you’re accustomed to.

This is something you can easily take care of, so it’s not really a downside. To double the product’s lifetime, the seller crafted it with a triple stitching inseam.

ZLZ Slim Fit



  • Pretty stretchy with soft and comfortable denim
  • Triple stitching inseam for durability
  • Retain color even after multiple washes
  • Smooth, sturdy zipper and five-pockets design

  • A little longer
  • Have a strong smell that doesn’t go away after washing

5. LEE Extreme Motion

For men who prefer straight leg opening design over others, LEE Extreme Motion are a perfect jeans option. They have a classic zipper closure and follow the contours of your body perfectly.

Because they’re made of smooth and soft, breathable fabric, they’re also stretchable and feel lightweight.

It’s important to note that if you have bulkier legs, these might feel too tight around your thighs.

Featuring an elastic waistband, this product allows you a great range of motions without discomfort. You can wash them in the washing machine and they won’t shrink at all.

As already stated, they have leg openings which are somewhat bigger than the ones you usually encounter on similar products.

LEE Extreme Motion



  • High-end, stretchable fabric
  • Flexible waistband
  • Completely machine washable
  • Feel lightweight and breathable

  • Too tight around the thighs for men with bulkier legs
  • Too big leg openings

6. Silver Jeans Co.

Sitting just below the waist and with a relaxed fit on thighs and hip, Silver Jeans Co. fit great and their length will be perfect for most guys, although some may find them too long.

Entirely made from cotton, this product features characteristic zipper closure with a zip fly and 5-pocket design.

To ensure that it lasts for longer, the manufacturer used reinforced stitching on the seams and belt loops, preventing them from ripping apart fast.

No matter how many times washed in a machine, these jeans will keep their softness and remain comfortable.

Their comfortability is further enhanced with just a hint of stretch. Finally, a classic straight leg form adds to their appeal allowing you to combine them with most of your clothes.

Silver Jeans Co.



  • Relaxed fit around the hip and thighs
  • Slightly stretchy for enhanced comfortability
  • Premium denim fabric that doesn’t bag out
  • Reinforced stitching to ensure that seams and belt loops don’t rip

  • More on the pricier side
  • Some may find them too large

7. Levi’s 559 Big & Tall

Comfortable and soft denim that works amazing for men with thicker thighs and waist is what defines Levi’s 559.

Wider waist and thighs are often the reasons why some men have difficulty finding a good pair of jeans for themselves.

That’s why this model is made with extra room, but without being too baggy precisely in these critical areas. The stretch fabric is exceptionally forgiving and accommodating in the waist.

Made entirely from cotton, with just the right amount of elastane and with a straight leg design, this product gives you a relaxed feeling and comfortability in the crotch area when squatting down.

The best way to wear this model is with your favorite sneakers. After all, zipper closure, zip fly with button closure and traditional 5-pocket design are the best when combined with casual styling.

Levi's 559 Big & Tall



  • Extra space on thighs because of the straight leg design
  • Just the right amount of stretch for comfortability
  • Great for men with thick thighs and bulkier legs
  • Decently priced for Levi’s

  • Thinner than you’re used to from this seller
  • Tend to tear apart easily after some time

8. Signature by Levi Strauss

Constructed from premium denim that’s soft, light, pleasant to wear and touch, Signature by Levi Strauss have a little stretch to them to allow you to move and bend without the clenching feeling.

Because they are regular fit, they sit right on the waist and thighs and are cut straight from the knees to ankles.

It’s important to mention that the model is neither too baggy nor too tight. You can say that it’s well proportioned and comfortable.

Inside the pockets, you can hold your keys, cell phone or wallet because they’re just large enough.

To clean the jeans, just put them in the washing machine. Although the material is a bit thin, they won’t fade or rip apart even after multiple washes.

Signature by Levi Strauss



  • High-quality, stretchy denim
  • Regular fit that doesn’t feel too tight or baggy
  • Acceptable price
  • Large enough pockets for keeping a cell phone, wallet and similar

  • The material isn’t very durable and wears out fairly quickly
  • A little thinner and the stitching stands out

9. Levi’s 541 Athletic Taper

Men that are athletically built often have a problem finding the jeans that won’t feel too tight, but fortunately, Levi’s 541 model is made with that in mind.

With more room around the thighs and seat areas, these jeans are ideal for a guy who doesn’t want to make a compromise between mobility and comfort.

Versatile enough to be combined with regular T-shirts or more elegant outfit, they’re right to the size, fit well and don’t shrink more than 5% when washed.

Denim material is durable and it’s not too thick or thin, with just enough stretch to allow you to move without limitations the whole day.

Some buyers state that the sizing could sometimes be inaccurate and inconsistent when they order more than one pair, but for the price, this product is a bargain deal.

Levi's 541 Athletic Taper



  • Just enough room in the seat and thighs areas
  • Slightly stretchy for more comfort
  • Don’t shrink too much on the wash
  • Good price

  • The sizing can be inaccurate and inconsistent sometimes
  • Fabric is raw and unwashed when you receive the product

What Features Should The Best Jeans For Men Have

Back in the day, looking for a pair of denim was so easy. This was mostly due to the lack of choices; the only major choice was the color (blue or black) and the cut (though most had a fairly standard cut).

Nowadays, you’ll see that there are jeans in a wide variety of cuts, colors, and finishes. The range makes it daunting to find the best pair in your size and your tastes.

To truly help you choose, you have to learn the different types of jeans. You must consider the fit, craftsmanship, stretch, price, and color.

Types of Jeans Fits

Types of Jean Fits


The latest fit that’s been added to the jeans family is the skinny jean. Skinny jeans have a tighter fit around the legs and a tapered leg opening.

They generally are sold low to mid-size and come with a zipper fly.


  • These jeans give you a slimmer silhouette, making you appear slimmer
  • When they’re the right fit, they’re really comfortable
  • These can be paired with a wide variety of jackets, sweaters, hoodies, and shirts
  • They’re super easy to find thanks to their popularity


  • These can be very uncomfortable if you don’t find the right fit
  • Skinny fits won’t have a flattering effect on those who are overweight
  • You can comfortably wear soft silk boxers with skinny jeans


The Slim fit is straight through the hip and then slim through the thigh and narrow for the leg opening. They’re not too loose, but not too tight.


  • They can make a variety of body types appear thinner
  • Offers a more modern look, while still appearing tailored and giving more comfort to your lower limbs


  • It can be harder to find a pair that fits comfortable than it is with other fits


Regular jeans are ones that have straight legs and are generally mid-rise. These types of pants are straight from knee to hem and have a pretty large leg opening


  • They’re the perfect compromise between too loose and too tight. Jeans are like beards. If you don’t like big beards (relaxed or loose jeans), then you trim your beard (find a better fit)
  • However, you don’t want to shave it too close (go with skinny or slim fit) if it’s not your style. Regular suits most men because it’s right in the middle, like average length facial hair
  • They’re easy to find
  • They fit a wide variety of body types


  • They aren’t necessarily flattering, but they’re also not unflattering


Relaxed jeans are a loose fit from your waist to the leg opening. It’s not going to be tight around any part of your body.


  • Much like when you have a good hair pomade for men in your hair, a relaxed pair of jeans give you the appearance of being laid back and not stiff as cardboard
  • It’s a nice in-between for regular jeans and loose jeans


  • These types of jeans can be unflattering in the seat area


Even looser than the relaxed fit, a loose fit is baggy. It gives your butt, legs, and thighs adequate room for those who need it.


  • These types of jeans are extra roomy. You can fit all types of wallets into the pockets without the worry that it’ll make the fabric tighter on your legs
  • If you find that you sweat easily, these jeans are more comfortable as the fabric won’t soak up your sweat
  • These jeans can work for any body type


  • If they don’t fit correctly around your waist, they can fall easily.

How to Choose The Right Measure or Fit

How to Choose The Right Measure or Fit

When choosing the right fit, you have to consider the length and the feeling around the thighs and waist. A lot of men believe their inseam is a lot longer than it actually is.

Your jeans should be long enough to have a half or full break, giving them a sharper look.

A break is a tailoring term that refers to the bend or folds above the cuff. A half break is noticeable, but not extreme folds. A full break, on the other hand, is a deep crease.

When you get jeans, they don’t have to have the perfect break. You can easily take a pair that you like and get them hemmed for just a couple of dollars.

Around the thighs, your pants shouldn’t be too tight. They should hug your thighs without pulling at the knees when you bend down or walk.

To really be sure if jeans fit you well, you should be able to pinch a little on each side.

The amount of fabric that you pinch should measure no more than 1 inch and no less than 0.5 inches.

When you’re trying on jeans, they should fit perfectly around your waist without the need for a belt. Jeans should sit on your waist a little lower than the pants of a suit, so anywhere from the mid to upper hip area.

The best way to tell if your pants are sitting correctly on your waist is whether or not the seat is droopy. The seat of your pants is the butt area. Your pair should lightly hug your butt.

They shouldn’t feel too tight and they shouldn’t be too loose. When you find the right pair of jeans, you’ll know. It’s like finding toothpaste to get rid of bad breath, you’ll feel more confident in them.

Best Skinny Jeans for Men

When looking for the best skinny jeans around, you want to look for some that have a little stretch.

The ideal skinny jean should be durable as well. When they’re made from quality denim, you won’t have to worry about them getting worn out around the crotch area.

Most importantly, they’re intended to sit comfortably above your hip rise and narrow out as they go down the leg. You should be able to find a pair of skinny jeans at a moderate price and come in a variety of sizes.

Levi’s 510 Skinny Fit

Skinny from the thighs to knees and slightly loosen up at the calves, Levi’s 510 don’t feel too tight on the skin, like some other skinny fit models.

Elastane gives them just enough stretch, without making them too baggy, but giving you plenty of room in the crotch. The denim material is perfectly stitched, very durable and quite thick.

Inside the front pocket, you can keep your wallet, cell phone or keys because there’s a plethora of space in them.

Most models tend to fade more and more with each wash, but that’s just not the case with these which stay true to their color after multiple washes.

With the classic and stylish five-pocket design, zipper closure, zip fly with button and wide belt loops, you can combine it with almost any clothes you want.

Levi's 510 Skinny Fit



  • Stretchable and durable denim
  • Ample of room in the crotch and calves
  • Don’t fade over time
  • Big pockets for your cell phone, keys and wallet

  • Slightly tight on the waist
  • Inconsistent sizing

Best Fitting Ones

The best fitting jeans for men are typically those that are the classic five pocket style. The fit that you’ll find that is easiest to work with is a regular fit.

The perfect pair of regular fit will work for workers in rough and tumble jobs. They’ll also work for those looking for something stylish.

A pair of straight fit jeans is the perfect wardrobe addition for men aiming for the lumbersexual style.

These pants will fit on your waist naturally, sitting perfectly around your mid-waist.

Carhartt 546

Assembled from 100% cotton ring-spun denim, Carhartt 546 model has relaxed-fitting seat and thighs, conventional five-pocket design, button closure and a straight leg opening.

At first, you might find the material to feel a little bit rough, but as the time passes, it’ll become softer and much more comfortable.

Because the material is thick, this model looks the best when combined with some casual clothes.

Although it’s not that versatile, the quality makes up for this as it’ll last you for a long while. Note that these jeans sit a bit lower on the waist when deciding if they’re the right fit for you.

You can wash them in the washing machine and they won’t look worn out or lose color. More on the expensive side, this product is an excellent value for the money.

Carhartt 546



  • Relaxed-fitting thighs and seat areas
  • Durable, long-lasting denim
  • Comfortable and with a good length
  • Fully washable in the washing machine

  • The finger holes may be small for some
  • Not for left handed people

Best Jeans for Overweight Men

Best Jeans for Overweight Men

Bigger guys deserve to easily find jeans too. Often bigger men buy skinny or slim pants in an attempt to appear slimmer, but these fits aren’t flattering.

For men who are bigger, it’s best to buy jeans that are straight or loose. If you’re on the search for large sizes of jeans, you can find specialty stores.

However, you can find common brands that have bigger waistlines. Some brands even have waist lengths that go up to 44”.

Wrangler Authentics

Something that bigger and taller men are going to highly appreciate are Wrangler Authentics Jeans.

Designed with a goal to provide overweight men with a comfortable model, this product features a comfortable flex waistband that bends and adjusts to your body when you move.

The waist stretches just enough and doesn’t feel to tight on the skin. This feeling is even more enhanced thanks to the durable flex denim that allows an easy range of movements.

Crafted with a regular fit, this model has a regular seat and thigh.

There’s also a heavy-duty zipper fly with button closure and five-pocket style for a secure closure. Durable denim ensures that you wear this versatile model for many years to come.

Wrangler Authentics



  • Flex waistband
  • Regular fit seat and thighs for comfortability
  • Durable, stretchy denim
  • Very affordable price

  • The finger holes may be small for some
  • Not for left handed people

Best Jeans for Men With Big Thighs

Men who love to work out, are “swole” or are powerlifters, have big and powerful thighs. While it seems like such a good problem to have, your thighs can make it hard for you to find jeans that fit properly.

Skinny jeans and slim jeans aren’t your best option, even though they’re some of the most popular styles. Your best bet for finding jeans that fit well is to go with a relaxed or loose fit.

When looking for a brand that carries pants with extra room in the thigh area, look for companies that have an athletic fit.

These kinds of jeans are designed to sit comfortably on the waist but give more space to the thigh and seat area.

Many of these types of pants are the slim fit, meaning that you’ll be comfortable while achieving that stylish, popular look. With this in mind, you’ll have no problem finding the perfect solution for your thick thighs.

Indigo Alpha

Ideal for guys with somewhat larger thighs, Indigo Alpha model is made from flexible fabric and lightweight cotton and has an ergonomic design.

This means it adjusts to your body’s natural curve, allowing you to move without restricting your motions.

In addition, there’s plenty of space in the seat and crotch for increased comfortability.

Sitting just under the waist and with a relaxed fit on the thigh and through the hip, this pair is very versatile, but mostly looks the best with casual clothes.

Of course, there’s also the inevitable, classic five-pocket style with timeless zipper and button closure, so you’ll look stylish no matter which combination you decide to go for.

Indigo Alpha

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  • Made of stretchy and lightweight material
  • Plenty of room in the seat and crotch
  • Three-dimensional cut that conforms to your body’s curves
  • Inexpensive

  • After a short time, they start tearing up in the crotch
  • Slightly small at the inseam

Best Jeans for Tall Men

When you’re taller than the average man, you know that it’s extremely hard to find jeans. Companies and stores either don’t have jeans for you at all or don’t have any in the style you like.

There is no single fit that’s best for tall dudes. If you’re tall, you should be able to wear any fit you choose.

When looking for the best jeans for tall men, you want to look for a long inseam.

Signature by Levi Strauss

Signature by Levi Strauss are definitely our jeans recommendation for tall men, so if you’re among them, make sure to try them out and see how they work for you.

You can find our review of this product with the pros and cons above, at number 8.

Signature by Levi Strauss

Best Jeans for Short Men

Short men also have their own personal needs. While some may advise shorter men to just buy regular size jeans and get them hemmed, it isn’t fair.

You should be able to go into a store or online and find a pair in your size. If you’re under 5’8” and are having a hard time finding jeans that properly fit you, it can be easier than you think.

Look for pants that have inseams on the shorter size. There are inseams that measure as short as 26”.

While they’re smaller than regular sized jeans, they shouldn’t lack in quality. They should be durable and stretchy.

Wrangler Authentics Regular Fit

Available as highly fashionable made of cotton or from high-end flex denim, Wrangler Authentics Regular Fit follow the natural waistline.

A regular seat and thigh and a straight leg fit make this model both highly fashionable and functional at the same time.

Made to last, this product is pretty comfortable and offers styling versatility. With a heavy-duty zipper fly and button closure, you can rest assured that you get a secure closure.

Depending on your body shape, you might find some areas to feel a little baggy.

However, these men’s jeans are one of the cheapest on the market and one downside shouldn’t prevent you from trying them and seeing if they fit your needs.

Wrangler Authentics Regular Fit



  • Available as premium flex denim and as 100% cotton
  • Sit at the natural waist and have a regular seat and thigh
  • Bargain deal price
  • Secure heavy-duty zipper fly with button closure

  • Feel a little baggy in some areas
  • Tear apart easily after multiple washes

How to Wash And Maintain Them

How to Wash And Maintain Your Jeans

When taking care of your jeans, there are a few rules you have to follow and some things you want to take into consideration. The first thing you need to realize is that not all jeans are going to be washed the same way.

Your old, trusty pair of Levi’s aren’t going to need the same care as the pair of jeans you splurged $250 on that one time.

You also handle raw denim completely differently than either, but let’s focus on simpler forms of denim for now.

When and Why to Wash

You may have heard at some point that jeans aren’t meant to be washed at all. If you believe that laundering your jeans will break down the denim and cause the color to fade then that’s fine.

However, you can’t ignore the buildup of dirt, dead skin, bodily oils, and other environment grime that causes damage to your pants. Plus, washing isn’t the only thing that causes the color to fade. Continuous wear has the same effect. Cleaning your jeans will cause minimum damage and can ensure they last longer.

How often you wash jeans is completely dependent on how much you’ve worn them, as well as what you’ve been doing in them.

If they’re visibly dirty, smell or are stretched out then your jeans are probably due for a good scrub. A good rule of thumb is to wash your denim about every 5 to 10 wearings.

The Best Way to Wash Jeans

While washing your jeans won’t ruin them, there are some practices you should do that are best for your jeans.

Before putting your denim in your washing machine, turn the inside out. Doing this will preserve the color of the pants and will clean the inside, which is the dirtiest part.

For jeans that are darker, use a detergent that’s specifically designed to deal with dark clothes to further prevent the chance of fading.

If you’re worried about what the washer will do to your fabric, hand-wash your jeans. This will cut down on the chances of wear and tear and is overall a much gentler experience.

The best place to wash your jeans is probably your bathtub or a utility sink, if available.

The Best Way to Wash Jeans

When hand-washing your jeans use only a small amount of detergent and use lukewarm to cold water. Submerge the denim in the water fully, soak them for about 15 to 30 minutes, and then rinse.

The easiest way to rinse your sink is to drain the sink or tub, fill it with water, and repeat until the water runs clear.

Once they’re completely rinsed, roll your jeans up and press on them firmly. Don’t wring them out. Doing so can twist and break down the fibers.

Lay them down flat or hang them to air dry. If you use too much detergent, it may result in product buildup which can result in odd smells.

While you may think more detergent or softener will result in cleaner or softer fabric, don’t be fooled. If you’re worried that you may be using too much softener and/or detergent, you can do one simple thing to fix it.

You want to run your jeans through the wash with no detergent, but a half cup of white vinegar. Vinegar is able to eliminate odors that linger.

It also works as a natural fabric softener. Without the detergent, the wash cycle uses the buildup to produce suds and removes it from the crevices of the denim.

In the future, be careful of the amount of cleaning product you use while washing.

Electric Dryers – The Real Enemy

If you decide to wash your jeans in the washing machine, that’s completely fine. However, you want to avoid tossing them in the dryer. If you have a sturdy pair that you use for housework then it doesn’t matter much.

If they’re a more expensive pair, especially if they’re very dark, the high heat isn’t going to be good for them. If you do use the dryer for your everyday jeans, use a medium heat setting.

This setting is also good to shrink the denim, counteracting any stretching that has happened from previous wear. Use the low heat setting or just air dry if you want to prevent fading and avoid shrinking.

Denim takes some time to dry, so air drying isn’t always the best choice for everyone. If you really don’t trust yourself with cleaning your denim and have some extra money, opt for dry cleaning.

A Note on Freezing Jeans

Another crazy myth dealing with denim care is freezing jeans. Some people believe freezing will eliminate the bacteria. This has been proven to be a myth.

Sticking your pair in your freezer will not clean them in any way. If you choose to chill your jeans then they will be odorless and cold but equally as dirty.

If you enjoy stepping into a pair of cold pants, go right ahead. However, once your body heat warms the fabric the bacteria will activate and the odor will return.

How To Keep Jeans Fresh Between Wearings

If you want to keep your jeans fresh there are a few things you can do.

First of all, you can purchase a commercial fabric refresher. If you want to save some money then you can create a DIY version.

Method 1 – Create a Fabric Refresher

You can dilute a tablespoon of baking soda into two cups of water and add a few drops of essential oils.

Method 2 – Create a Fabric Deodorizer

Another method you can use is decanted vodka or white vinegar in a spray bottle. You can use that to deodorize the fabric with a light mist.


You can also hang a pair that you intend to wear again on a sturdy pants hanger. The environment should have good circulation.

You can place them next to an open window or a fan so that they air out between wearings.

Pants and Jeans: What’s the Difference?

Pants and Jeans: What’s the Difference?

When people use the words pants, they usually refer to all types of garments for your legs. Across cultures lower body garments are called khakis, chinos, pantaloons, trousers, and even jeans.

The interchangeability of these terms can be confusing. When you think of jeans, you probably think of denim.

However, when you hear the word pants, you may think of a number of garments. What’s the difference?


Jeans are considered casual wear that’s tough and rugged. They are garments that are stylish, which appeals to young people.

They’re also practical, which is perfect for people who do heavy-duty work. They’re worn by men and women alike and are extremely popular.

They’re acceptable in every setting except the office or a formal event.


Pants, pantaloons, and trousers are some of the names given to garments that aren’t made of denim.

They’re traditionally worn by men. They are not to be confused with the British term for undergarments.

Pants vs Jeans

• You could consider jeans as a type of pants.
• Pants are made from a lighter material than jeans, which is made from denim.
• Pants are considered more formal than jeans, which are considered rugged and casual.
• Jeans are typically some shade of blue, whereas pants come in a wide variety of colors.
• Jeans have what is known as a basic 5 pocket design. Pants, on the other hand, have two side pockets and two back pockets.
• Pants are worn at the workplace or upscale events, whereas jeans are worn casually.

How to Choose The Best Ones

How to Choose The Best Jeans for Men

Jeans have been around for so many years and can be found everywhere. There are so many options for consumers to choose from and plenty of buying options.

This wide range of selections can make it hard to find the best fit for you. Besides fit, you also want to consider the finish and colors you want.

Like you would do if you were looking for the best chukka boots, you want to be sure to do additional research on jeans that you’re interested in.

Remember to always consider comfort and style to ensure that you get the jeans that are best for you.

Hopefully, with these tips, you’ll have a better idea to look for in denim and how to choose the right fit for your body type.