You deserve to relax. Unfortunately, spa visits and regular massages probably aren’t a practical option on a daily basis.

But what if you could sneak luxurious elements of a spa visit, like massages, nice slippers for men and fancy silk boxers into your daily routine?

What Is a Handheld Shower Head

When you use a traditional, wall-mounted shower head, your shower is just a chore.

However, with the installation of a top-notch handheld shower head, your shower becomes a spa, a massage chair, a sanctuary of self-care.

With an adjustable hose, separate handheld head and multiple spray settings, these shower heads are a much more flexible alternative to fixed spouts.

From water-saving modes to massage settings, their features promote an easier, more enjoyable showering experience.

Benefits of Using a Handheld Shower Head

Benefits of Using a Handheld Shower Head

From the ease of cleaning to the flexibility of use, handheld units will have you spending less time scrubbing your tub and more time taking advantage of massaging features.

The reach and flexibility provided by handheld units make for the best showering experience. Where traditional, fixed heads fall short, a handheld head is sure to hit all the right spots.


Unless you have the luxury of being able to hire someone to do the job for you, it’s safe to say you have to scrub your own shower regularly.

A handheld shower head isn’t just practical for cleaning, it also makes it easier to keep your shower clean.

Especially if you use a back shaver or do your bodily landscaping with the best trimmer for pubic hair, there’s a good chance your rinsing hair and other gunk into hard-to-reach corners of your shower.

Thankfully, the extending hose makes it possible to reach more corners, making it possible to tackle lime buildup and grime from all angles.

While traditional shower heads have streams that only hit about 60% of the area of your shower, a handheld unit can usually clean almost any corner.


There’s only so much washing you can do when the water from your shower head is only hitting you at one angle.

With the added flexibility of a handheld head, you can easily reach any body part or angle that a standard unit might miss.

This makes it especially ideal for the elderly, who might struggle to move and position themselves underneath the stream of a fixed unit.

For those who struggle with mobility, handheld products aren’t just a convenient option, but also an incredibly safer one.

Adjustable angles

Towering basketball players and those who proclaim themselves fun-sized know that showers aren’t created with all heights in mind.

If you’re exceptionally tall or a little bit fun-sized, you’ve probably noticed that showers aren’t exactly designed with all heights in mind.

Chances are you’ve struggled to position yourself under fixed shower heads at some point in your life.

Stop making limbo moves to wash your hair because handheld shower heads are designed with people of all sizes in mind. Their adjustable angles make it easy for anyone to take a shower comfortably.

It also makes it easy to wash pets or specific body parts (like dirty feet) with no mess or drama.

For example, if you’re aware of the many beard soap benefits and you regularly sud up your chin in the shower, then you have the power to aim the shower head directly at your beard.

Jet settings

If you’re back is turned beet-red from too much time on the beach, chances are you won’t want to use the same jet settings like a pro athlete wanting to press the kinks out of his neck and shoulders.

Different shower needs require different water settings – after all, you wouldn’t want to blast your natural face wash off with a high-powered wash setting. You’d probably opt for something gentler.

Thankfully, there’s something for everyone with handheld shower heads.

From a gentle mist to a straight, solid jet stream and everything in between, there’s bound to be a water pressure and pattern setting that works for you.

How to Choose the Best Handheld Shower Head

How to Choose the Best Handheld Shower Head

The perfect shower head isn’t just a utility device, it’s a decorative statement.

On top of wanting a unit that’s going to meet the needs of your showering routine, you probably want one that’s going to blend with your bathroom decor and save you money on your water bill.

From head sizes and style to hose length and price, here are several important elements to consider before buying your brand new handheld shower head.

Style and finish

Units come in a wide array of materials from brass, bronze, chrome, nickel, stainless steel and plastic (to name a few).

Which you’ll select depends greatly on your needs and the decorative theme of your bathroom. Usually, you want to select a metal that matches the faucets and knobs of your bathroom.

However, you should also consider ease of cleaning when picking a style and finish.

If you want a shower head that’s not going to rust or collect grime, you might select high-quality ABS plastic.

These are often lighter than their metal competitors, though arguably less attractive.

Head size

Bigger isn’t always better, but if you’re after a more luxurious showering experience, a larger head might deliver what you’re looking for.

Units that have a bigger diameter tend to be a bit fancier – they have more ample streams, more settings and cover more area.

The downside is that they’re heavy and may also rinse a hole in your water bill budget. For lightweight options that conserve water, you might consider a smaller head size.

Hose length

Hose length should correspond directly to shower size. In a spacious shower, a lengthy hose will allow you to clean all corners and conveniently scrub anywhere on your own body.

In fact, some hoses can stretch to as long as over seven feet. However, if shower space is a hot commodity in your bathroom, you might opt for a shorter hose.

Not only do smaller showers don’t need the same magnitude of reach, but they also get cramped with the presence of a larger hose.


What if you were told that statistically speaking, your new shower will probably be in your life longer than your significant other?

When the average romantic relationship lasts a handful of years, many handheld shower heads have lifetime warranties.

Your new unit will be in your life for a long time, so it makes sense to invest in quality.

Higher-tier products don’t just look better, they usually fit better and work more efficiently, which cuts down on your water bill.

Because you’ll be saving money on your utilities after your purchase, you can definitely justify going ahead and splurging on a high-quality shower head.



Does the water pressure in your home trickle out or does it burst at the seams and explode?

When purchasing a product that’s going to fit well with your shower and needs, you have to consider your home’s overall water pressure.

If your water pipes already struggle to deliver sufficient water pressure, then a huge, jet-powered unit is going to turn your weak stream into a sad little drip.

Thankfully, there’s a quality shower head even for homes with low-pressure water systems and finding the right fit can even help minimize the problems caused by low pressure.

Wall mounting

So you’ve got your head lathered up in your brand new, fancy men’s hair shampoo but what good is it if your shower is mounted too low to rinse it out comfortably?

Handheld shower units almost always have a wall-mounted base which holds the shower head. When selecting a new product, be sure to consider how tall your shower is.

Will the new unit fit? Also, think about what material the wall is made of and if you’ll be able to successfully (and safely) attach the wall mount to the side of your shower.


Again, in the long run, a high-quality shower head can actually save you money. If that means having to spring for a more expensive unit, go for it.

Standard units start at around $30, but the sky’s the limit when it comes to a top price.

Some luxurious, state-of-the-art products boast price tags as high as $500 or more, but don’t worry!

If you’re looking for a quality shower head that fits your budget, there’s plenty of middle-ground options on the market.

13 Best Handheld Shower Heads on the Market

1. AquaDance

Well made and carefully tested for standard performance and excellent quality, AquaDance will upgrade your shower for a greater showering experience.

It has been created with efficient grip handle, effective click-on lever dial and high performing rub-clean jets so as to prevent accumulation of lime and allow flawless cleaning.

Crafted to provide the fantastic pressure and super comfortable to use, this shower head also features easy to adjust overhead angle bracket.

This feature allows you to point the shower in the direction of your choice, therefore enhancing flexibility and ease of cleaning. It’s also attached with a 5 feet stainless hose to offer more flexibility.

Once you get this product, there is no need to call a plumber because it fits any standard shower arm and is also very easy to connect without any tools.




  • Great pressure
  • Very flexible and allows easy showering
  • Easy to install and clean

  • Made of a very lightweight plastic

2. Hydroluxe

Perfectly designed with a luxurious five settings overhead shower head and a separate five settings hand shower, Hydrolux will provide you with great quality shower experience.

Unlike other similar products, it has an oversized, four inches big chrome face, three-zone click lever dial and rubs clean jets.

Its five settings are composed of massage, power rain, warm mist, water-saving rain and pause.

Very unique in design, it performs even better due to its patented three-way water diverter fitted with angle-adjustable overhead and anti-swivel lock.

To make showering more comfortable and flexible, it’s also created with 24 full and combined water flow patterns you can choose from.

Furthermore, it features a highly flexible stainless steel hose and conical brass hose nuts to enhance hand tightening.

Installing it is pretty simple since it requires no tools or a plumber. In addition, it’s compatible with any standard shower arm and it’ll take you just a few minutes to install it.




  • Angle-adjustable overhead and anti-swivel lock
  • Great range of water flow patterns
  • Easy to install without tools

  • Doesn’t work properly if water has low pressure

3. Delta Faucet 7-Spray

If you’re looking for a superior quality shower head product that’s ideal for bathing children or pets, for example, look no further because Delta Faucet 7-Spray is all you need.

You can be assured that this product will satisfy all your showering needs. It provides a very powerful, full body spray with amazing, forceful streams of water.

The powerful spray has a lot of options in the shower head settings which include drenching, massaging, wide full body, energy saving spray and pause.

In case your daily routines often leave you with tired muscles, this item is fitted with invigorating massaging shower jets to give you ultimate showering experience.

The massaging jets also help relieve sores. Designed to allow easy cleaning, it doesn’t require any soaking or using chemical cleaners.

It’s fitted with touch-clean spray holes that make it easy for you to wipe away accumulated lime with just a simple touch quickly.

Delta Faucet 7-Spray



  • Intense, full body spray
  • Helps relieve tension and muscle sores
  • Easy to maintain

  • Hose doesn’t hang straight


Nothing makes showering more memorable like YOO.MEE Handheld Shower Head. Most long term users are impressed by its reliable, powerful performance and ease of use.

It’s designed with a strong spray shooting against less-pressure water pipe. This means that once the water starts pouring on you, you’ll actually feel the pressure boosting.

The great strength water pause is ideal for providing relief to muscles and eliminating pain from them.

This item is incredibly easy to clean because it’s fitted with rubber based, silicon jet nozzles that block accumulation of minerals and allow simple cleaning.

Unlike other shower heads in the market, its body and bracket mount are designed with durable, high-quality plastic that’s resistant to heat.

Stainless steel hose is also used with solid brass connection fittings that don’t split and crack easily.




  • Aids in relieving muscle pain
  • Boosts water pressure
  • Resistant to heat

  • Stainless steel hose losses color after some time

5. DreamSpa

Thoughtfully designed, DreamSpa is a leading LED Shower Head that needs no batteries and is instead powered by the running water.

There’s a convenient, three color changing water temperature sensor. The color of LED lights is designed to follow the variation in water temperature and adjust accordingly.

The five settings include a pulsating massage, power rain, hydro-mist, water saving and economy rain.

This product is also fitted with an extremely powerful, three-zone dial and rub-clean jets. The stainless steel hose features dual conical brass hose nuts for more flexibility and hand tightening.

Installing this item is very simple and takes only a few minutes with no need for additional tools or a plumber.




  • Powered by the running water
  • Water temperature indicating sensor
  • LED light adjusts according to the water temperature

  • Buzzing sound may be too loud for some users

6. Ana Bath

Creatively designed with modern, large and wide spray face with efficient handles, Ana Bath Handheld Shower Head is all set to give you an amazing spa experience in your shower room.

It’s more comfortable and relaxing than most other similar items, enough to make you want to stay a little longer in the shower. The item is carefully manufactured to fit into your arms comfortably.

It has a large and wide water diverter fitted with a brass connector to help turn water easily to handheld shower and the stationary showerhead or both at the same time.

This item has five functions and is fitted with a durable brass ball joint. The features are a massage, rain, bubbling spray, bubbling and rain mix, massage and rain mix.

Unlike most other similar products, it has a metal hose that’s exceptionally durable. The stainless steel hose is very flexible with two brass nuts.

The installation lasts only a few minutes and is extremely easy, hence you can do it yourself.

Ana Bath



  • Comfortable grip allows it to fit into your hands easily
  • Durable, metal shower hose
  • Installation takes only a few minutes

  • May slip off the connector if not tightened well

7. ShowerMaxx

ShowerMaxx Handheld Shower Head is all you need to bring the luxurious spa experience to your home. It’s specially designed for hotels, but you can also get it for your home.

The long-lasting design and the amazing craftsmanship are very impressive and ideal if you need to upgrade the look of your bathroom.

Depending on your mood, this high-quality product gives six easy ways to adjust the spray.

The adjustable sprays include an eco-friendly water saver that’s ideal if you want to lather and shave, high-pressure power massage is great for rinsing and tension relieving power massages.

There is also the revitalizing spray and finally the light mist for easy rinsing. A long hose is very easy to stretch up to 80 inches.

Furthermore, this item has heat resistant properties, hence it’s more durable. It comes with everything you need for installation, including a free Teflon tape and simple step-by-step installation procedures.

It also has a great mesh filter that ensures clean water flows through.




  • Six adjustable spray settings
  • Heat resistant
  • Long, stretchable hose

  • Hose is relatively fragile and weak

8. Waterpik

Waterpik Shower Head is like no other similar product on the market because it turns your typical water pressure into a hurricane.

Most users love the fact that it has a 5 feet shower hose that doesn’t leak easily and is very convenient for washing kids, pets and even for assisted showering.

It comes with an easy to adjust angle bracket to provide you with the freedom of comfortably shifting the head position as you desire.

For efficiency and ease of cleaning, it’s also designed with rub-clean shower jets and anti-clog shower nozzles.

Assembling and installing this item is very easy and only takes a few minutes without the need for tools or a plumber.




  • Boosts water pressure
  • Doesn’t leak at all
  • Easy to assemble and install

  • No water control feature

9. Moen Magnetix

Well designed with a magnetic docking system and six different spray options, Moen Magnetix is the best product you can ask for in your bathroom.

Most people love it because it gives them control in modifying low pressure to high pressure.

Another amazing feature is the six settings system that provides customized spray just at the turn of a dial. You can only switch to the spray option that satisfies your mood.

This product is also eco-friendly. This means that it meets the set standards of WaterSense that ensure water conservation and great performance at the same time.

It also comes with a shower hose that’s 59 inches in length. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry if something goes wrong because it is fully backed by manufacturers lifetime warranty.

Moen Magnetix



  • Water pressure control feature
  • Six spray settings for customized spraying
  • Eco-friendly

  • Made of weak plastic

10. Delta Faucet 4-Spray

With a perfect dual shower head design, Delta Faucet 4-Spray gives you the choice of using separately the detachable shower head with a hose or use it docked.

In both cases, you’ll have a pleasant showering experience. This item is designed to offer an intensely powerful body spray with powerful streams of water.

Unlike most other similar products, it has massaging jets that perform well in providing ultimate shower experience including relieving muscle pains and sores.

It enables you to enjoy four different spray options including full body spray with massage, fast massaging spray, full body spray and pause.

Delta Faucet 4-Spray



  • Very powerful body spray
  • Great performing massaging jets
  • Provides four spray options

  • Tends to leak through the attachment

11. KES Bathroom

KES Bathroom Shower Head is designed to give you a comfortable rain shower type spray that you can easily manipulate to suit your showering needs.

Most users love it because it has a long stainless steel shower hose that’s extremely flexible and therefore you won’t struggle with it while showering.

The hose also has double lock exterior and strengthened inner tubing that provide water flow with high pressure allowing you to rinse shampoo out of your hair easily.

This product is lightweight and you can simply attach it to any standard and flexible showering hose connected to a water supply or your bathtub.

KES Bathroom



  • Superior water pressure
  • Removable flow restrictor for water saving
  • Flexible hose for comfortable showering

  • Spray may not be powerful enough for some

12. Sena Stick

With a metal body and great spray pattern, Sena Stick Hand Shower will not only add a great look to your bathroom but also provide you with high-quality showering experience.

It can easily be attached to a standard flexible hose in your shower room. Most users love it because it also feels comfortable and solid when you hold it in your hands.

It’s fitted with advanced shower engines to give you constant water distribution with an amazing pressure that enables you to get a customized showering experience.

It’s also created with high performing, a fast clean anti-lime system to help you clear off lime build ups with just a simple finger swipe.

Sena Stick



  • Advanced shower engines for great water pressure
  • Easy to hold and use
  • Anti-lime system enables very simple cleaning

  • Handheld use only

13. Fire Hydrant

Practical and thoughtfully designed, Fire Hydrant Shower Head is able to provide you with high pressure even when water is not turned all the way on.

It also has multi-setting features to allow you to choose the level of body spray pressure that suits your showering needs.

What makes this item unique is that it has a stainless steel hose that you can easily stretch for your showering comfort.

You only need a few minutes to easily install it on your own. Longer than standard hose does not leak or break easily which is also a plus.

Fire Hydrant



  • Great water pressure each time
  • Longer than a standard hose for more flexibility
  • Very simple to install

  • Not great at water saving

How to Install a Handheld Shower Head

Once you’ve selected your new shower head, it’s time to install it.

Installation is the key, as it doesn’t matter how nice of a unit you buy if you can’t get it installed correctly then it’s going to prove useless.

Besides the head itself, most products come with a mount, a hose and any washers and hardware necessary for installation.

Because the installation process for each unit is slightly different depending on style and design, be sure to specifically consult the product’s user manual for installation instructions.

Don’t get discouraged, though – if you read the directions and follow them, then installing your new shower head should be easy enough to do in your sleep (of course, fashionably clothed in a classy sleeping outfit for men).

Step 1 – Remove the old shower head

Always do this gently, and using the appropriate tools. If you’re not careful, removing the previous unit can easily cause damage to the shower which will be pricey to fix and make it more difficult to install the new handheld head.

The removal of any shower head usually involves the appropriately sized wrench and a counter-clockwise twist.

Step 2 – Clean

Wipe down the wall area around the removed shower head.

Often times, use of the previous head will leave mineral buildup and gunk that can prevent your new shower head from sitting flush with the wall.

Step 3 – Attach the hose

Next, you must attach the hose to the base. This will go differently depending on which movable shower head unit you’ve purchased, so be sure to closely follow the directions outlined in your product’s instruction manual.

Some good rules of thumb to remember, however, are never to tighten any bolts too firmly and always wipe away any residue or previous mineral buildup before fastening new parts.

Step 4 – Attaching to the wall

After hooking up the hose, most instruction manuals will then have you mount the base onto the wall.

The base is what holds the shower head so that you can use it as a traditional, stationary unit or remove it to take advantage of its handheld capabilities.

Again, the process for mounting your unit to the wall will vary slightly depending on the unit you’ve purchased.

Step 5 – Check for leaks

If you’ve done your homework and purchased a unit with appropriate measurements, if you’ve followed directions in the packaging and installed it carefully, then there shouldn’t be any issues here.

However, if it does leak, check the rubber washer located in the shower head.

Sometimes, if the washers are sitting crooked or if they have somehow been damaged during installation leaking will occur.

How to Clean and Maintain Your Shower Head

The cleaning and maintenance of your new handheld shower head is the same process as cleaning and maintenance for a traditional, fixed head, but perhaps a bit easier.

Even the best natural bar soap can leave residue on the shower floor when rinsed off your body.

To prevent rust and mineral buildup, regularly clean your unit with a designated shower cleaning product.

The buildup will also inevitably happen on the spray holes but can usually just be wiped off.

While soft rubber spray holes are the easiest type to clean, metal ones may require some type of soaking or chemical use.

In short, the cleaning of your new unit only needs to happen when you normally clean your shower and bathroom.

For the ultimate cleaning experience with the most ease, invest in bathroom-specific cleaning products and make the best pick for shower squeegee.


If the possibility of having as many as 40 water pattern and pressure settings in your shower has you looking at your wall-mounted, traditional shower head with contempt, that’s good news!

It’s easy and straightforward to select and install a dynamic handheld shower head and there’s bound to be one that suits all of your needs.

With some products having as many as 40 different water pressure settings, there’s definitely a product that hits all the right spots and suits your every need.

With all the trappings of a spa day, you might just want to grab some face masks, fancy lotion and think about buying a long robe for men.

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