Best Face Cream for Men

Grooming has come a long way and what used to be a reserve of women is now being done by men. It is no longer considered unmanly for a man to include face cream, for instance, to their daily grooming routine.

It is recommended that you do so if you are to have smooth and youthful-looking skin. Additionally, such products can help moisturize your skin and provide SPF protection from the sun.

When you start taking care of your skin as early on as possible, you prevent issues like crow’s feet as well as other aging signs that may start appearing early in life. 

However, with so many products on the market, you may have a hard time figuring out where to start or what kind of cream to buy hence the reason for his comprehensive guide.  

What Is a Face Cream for Men

As we age, certain changes are inevitable. Additionally, the sun doesn’t also do any good for your skin. 

Skin issues like eczema affect millions today, yet; some men still don’t understand the importance of adding a premium face moisturizer to their daily grooming routine.  

Such products play a role in not only your skin health but overall appearance. Protection from the harmful UV radiation, airborne chemicals that you are likely to encounter every day and general maintenance of the skin are enough reasons to invest in a face cream. 

Face cream for men is a cream that is used cosmetically by both men and women to clean the skin and soften it as well. Face creams for men also contain ingredients that help moisturize the skin while at the same time protecting you from UV radiation that can lead to skin damage. 

Just like a good exfoliator for men will penetrate deep into the skin or toner will shrink your pores and nourish the skin, since men and women skins are different, men’s face creams are designed to work on the tough skin that men have. 

At the end of the day, however, ensure that the cream you are buying suits your skin type and doesn’t contain ingredients that may do more harm than good. 

Benefits of Using a Face Cream for Men

The market has always been saturated with skincare products designed for women, but the shift has changed today to include skincare products that provide all-round care for men. 

Here are the benefits of using face cream that most men don’t even know about but should. 

Slows Down the Loss of Collagen

Collagen is usually a protein that is part of the connective tissues in the body that helps skin maintain its elasticity.

As we grow older, certain changes take place in our body and one of those changes is the production of less collagen. 

When this happens, skin becomes prone to damage, wrinkles develop and the skin tends to sag. There are certain measures you can take to correct the situation, like adopting a healthy lifestyle. 

Additionally, you could add skincare products like face cream to your daily routine. These wrinkles and fine lines can be eliminated with an anti-aging cream while making your skin tone even. 

Reduced Adult Acne

Adult acne is very common and one way you can reduce it is by using a face cream. Such creams are designed to reduce the excessive production of natural oils by the skin since too much oil is what causes acne in the first place.

When it comes to moisturizers as well, use a moisturizer that doesn’t produce too much oil like a high-quality, 100% natural beard oil so as not to trigger acne development. 

Management of Skin Issues

Benefits of Using a Face Cream for Men - Management of Skin Issues

Certain skin issues like psoriasis and eczema can occur in some people and can end up lowering your self-esteem.

Certain ingredients in face creams are meant to help correct such situations while providing protection against future issues.

Keeps Skin Soft in Between Shaves

If you have sensitive skin and shave daily, then your skin is bound to get irritated. If this is the case, ensure that you shave with a razor for sensitive skin and moisturize your skin with an aftershave balm.

A face cream will also help keep the skin nice and soft in between shaves while reducing irritation and helping improve the closeness of the cut. 

Retaining Moisture

During cold weather like during winter, the skin tends to lose moisture, which can leave you feeling dry. Face creams help the skin maintain healthy moisture levels to prevent it from drying up. 

How Does a Face Cream for Men Work

The way a face cream for men works will depend on the ingredients as well as their focus. Some face creams are designed to help counter the effects of aging by boosting collagen production to increase skin elasticity.

There are face creams that are also designed to help retain moisture while at the same time hydrating dry skin with a body lotion, for instance. 

Still, there are face creams for men that have sunscreen built into their formulas hence providing SPF protection to counteract the skin damage that may be caused by too much exposure to the sun. Additionally, some face creams work by reducing acne by inhibiting the skin from producing too many natural oils. 

What kind of face cream you buy will depend on your needs at that time, although there is no harm in getting one with a combination of ingredients.

For instance, you can get a face cream that helps hydrate your skin while at the same time offering protection from the sun. 

Pros and Cons of Face Creams for Men

Just like with any other skincare product you may find on the market, face creams for men have their pros and cons that you need to be aware of before you make a purchase. 


  • Most of the face creams for men are versatile, meaning that they can double up as sunscreen as well. 
  • Most of the face creams can easily be found in your local drug store or supermarket. 
  • A majority of the face creams for men are affordable. 
  • Some face creams have other effective ingredients that make them work better and way more effectively. 


  • Using the wrong face cream can increase dryness.
  • You have to be very careful with the ingredients in the face cream since some like alcohol may make your skin more susceptible to irritation. 
  • Some collagen creams don’t work as they should mainly because the collagen molecules tend to be too big to penetrate through the skin. 

Most Common Ingredients in a Face Cream for Men

Most Common Ingredients in a Face Cream for Men

When it comes to any beauty product like the best face mask for men, the ingredients are the most important factor that you need to consider. 

This is because some ingredients will either work for or against you, especially if you have sensitive skin. 

Hyaluronic Acid

Face creams that have hyaluronic acid are designed to help retain moisture in your skin and work well to fight skin dryness. 

If you have dry skin, this is one of the major ingredients that you should ensure is in the face cream you are about to buy.

While most face creams will help moisturize the skin by definition, certain ingredients focus mainly on moisturizing.  

Green Tea

Green tea is another ingredient that is found in some face creams. The ingredient is rich in antioxidants as well as nutrients that have been proven to have therapeutic benefits to the skin. 

For one, the EGCG found in green tea has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antioxidant properties. Acne in adults occurs when excess sebum produced by the skin clogs the pores stimulating bacterial growth. 

The EGCG in green tea helps lower lipid levels, which reduces sebum production hence slowing down acne development. 

Additionally, green tea has also been linked to the prevention of UVB light-induced skin damages, which includes some form of skin cancers like melanoma. 

Omega Fatty Acids

Omega fatty acids are added to face creams for men and have incredible benefits. They normally act as building blocks in skin cells, strengthening the skin for healthier, smoother and younger-looking skin. 

They also help in repairing the skin barrier to improve moisture and elasticity while at the same time soothing irritated skin. 


Another ingredient to look for in a face cream is antioxidants. These may come from different plants and fruits and are represented by individual vitamin groups, mostly A and C. 

Antioxidants help repair damaged skin by neutralizing unstable oxygen molecules. These unstable molecules are what causes wrinkles due to reduced collagen production. 


Retinol is a key ingredient found in a variety of skincare products as well as skin repair products. It helps primarily in exfoliating dead skin cells, which ensures that your skin doesn’t dry out or become too oily. 

Retinol also boosts collagen and elastin production, which help repair cells at the bottom layers of the skin. If you have cracked or dry skin, then put your main focus on retinol when buying a face cream. 


Different face creams make use of a variety of alcohol subtypes like astringents and ethyl alcohol.

These alcohols can irritate the skin if they are applied roughly or in high amounts. However, such face creams can also help to moisturize and strengthen the skin, hence are ideal for men who have dry skin and who aren’t susceptible to skin damage that may result from using certain skincare products. 

Some face creams can include alcohol that may even work on sensitive skin, but this is highly dependent on the exact formula when the ingredients are combined. 

Alpha Hydroxy Acids

Alpha hydroxy acids are usually acidic byproducts of different fruits, which means that face creams that have fruits as key ingredients will usually have AHAs. 

Such ingredients, when included in face creams for men, helps in clearing away dead skin cells while exfoliating the skin. They are ideal for all skin types, including those who have sensitive skin. 


Peptides, when included in skincare products, are meant to help rebuild and repair any damaged cells. They also signal the skin to produce collagen to slow down the aging process. 

Such face creams are ideal for all men, including those who have sensitive and acne-prone skin. 

How to Choose the Best Face Cream for Men

How to Choose the Best Face Cream for Men

If you have decided that you would like to start using face cream to hydrate and protect your skin, then you need to choose your cream carefully.

It’s not all about picking any face cream from the shelf and applying it to your face. Here are a few factors that you need to consider so that you can buy face cream that works and helps you see results.  

Skin Type

When you are buying face cream, the most important thing to consider is your skin type because this determines whether the product will work or not. 


If you always experience irritation, especially when you are shaving, then the chances are that you have sensitive skin. 

If that is the case, when you are buying face cream, look for one that doesn’t cause prolonged irritation and avoid harsh chemicals that are found in certain alcohols. 


Oily skin is a real nuisance since it means that you are prone to acne breakouts now and then. If that is so, avoid face creams that have natural oils as their base.

Such products will make your skin look shiny. Rather go for lightweight, water-based creams that contain essential oils instead. 


If you have dry or flaky skin, then go for face creams that contain antioxidants like grape seed oil. If your skin is exceptionally dry and tends to crack easily, a cream that has petroleum jelly as the base will work perfectly for you. 


Normal skin is usually a middle between oily and dry skin. If you have such a skin, then go for face creams that have moderate ingredients. 

In such a case, water-based face creams are always the best for men who have normal skin. 


I cannot emphasize enough just how important ingredients are in skin care products. When you are buying any face cream, look for those that contain antioxidants like vitamin A, C, pomegranate and green tea to help repair damaged skin.

Retinol is also another ingredient that you need to look for in a face cream. Retinol acts as an exfoliating agent that reduces dead skin cells while boosting collagen and elastin production to stimulate cell repair.  

You will also find a variety of alcohols in skin care products like ethyl alcohol and astringents. Be very careful since some alcohols may be too harsh and may cause irritation, but some fatty alcohols like lanolin help moisturize and strengthen the skin.  

Alpha Hydroxy Acids are ingredients found in skincare products and they come from fruits and tend to be mildly acidic. 

This helps them clear away dead skin cells while smoothening the skin and are mild enough to be used regularly without causing any irritations. 


How to Choose the Best Face Cream for Men - Amount

Face creams for men come in different amounts depending on the product. A majority of the time, you will need to balance out the number of ounces in a container with how much the cream costs.  

High-end creams are expensive and will contain fewer ounces, while cheaper ones have more ounces but form a bulky purchase. 

How many ounces you go for is a matter of personal preference. You will need to decide beforehand how much face cream you will need, but in most cases, you would rather choose a product that has fewer ounces but contains the right ingredients. 

Areas of Use

Some face creams can be used in other areas other than the face. 

A face cream that you can effectively use in these other areas as well as an excellent choice, especially for men who don’t like splitting their attention between so many different products and would rather stick to one that can handle all their needs. 

Additionally, it’s the best way to get value for your money since it means not spending more money on products for the neck or hands. 


Retaining moisture matters even more as you age. If you start moisturizing when you are younger, you are likely to have better long term results that include fewer wrinkles. 


Where you live will affect your skin. When you are buying face cream, go for a product that holds up well, regardless of the weather. 

Sun Protection

Also, to maintain smooth, wrinkle-free skin, skincare products should be able to prevent skin damage that results from exposure to the sun.

A face cream that contains SPF of at least 15 is ideal since it means that your skin is always protected from the harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun. 


The mistake that most men make when buying face cream is getting stuck on the brand name. While there is no problem going with a well-known brand, at the end of the day, what matters are the ingredients.

A majority of well-known and trusted brands have established products as well as years of testing and research behind their products. 

However, cream from a lesser-known brand that contains the right ingredients may also work perfectly for you without spending too much. 


Prices of face creams for men vary from one brand to another. Just as with every other product that you may buy, some products are worthy of their price tag and some aren’t. 

Regardless of how cheap or expensive the product is, what matters is whether it works for you and your skin type. 

How to Properly Apply a Face Cream for Men

How to Properly Apply a Face Cream for Men

Step 1 – Start with a face wash

Applying face cream on a dirty face will not help you. As such, ensure that you have cleaned your face to remove dirt, sweat, and oils in the pores. A face wash can clean the skin thoroughly when used right. 

Step 2 – Dry the face

Once you are sure that your face is clean, dry it completely since applying face cream on damp skin will prevent the skin from absorbing it. 

Step 3 – Apply the cream in the morning and before bed

The ideal times to apply face cream are after you have cleaned your face in the morning and bedtime. 

Step 4 – Use just the right amount

Contrary to popular belief, you only need a small amount of face cream, usually about half a teaspoon to get the job done. Applying too much of the cream will cause a shiny and greasy appearance. 

Step 5 – Begin with the cheeks

One of the main mistakes that most men make is applying face cream in the wrong order. Start with the cheeks since they are the driest and apply the cream in gently and circular motions. 

Step 6 – Apply the cream on the forehead and then rest of the face

After you have applied on your cheeks, move on to your forehead and then from there, you can apply in other areas like the nose, neck, chin, and ears. 

Step 7 – Don’t forget the T-zone

This is the T-shaped area that is defined by the nose, forehead, and chin. This area is oilier than the rest hence ensure that you don’t apply too much cream. 


Does More Spending Mean More Quality

When it comes to face creams, sometimes more spending does mean more quality and sometimes it does not.

Creams from well-known brands tend to cost more because such brands have years of testing and research behind their products and therefore are of the best quality. 

On the other hand, you might buy a product from a lesser-known brand that will cost you way less but still work for you.

At the end of the day, regardless of how much you are going to spend, what matters are the ingredients contained in the product and whether or not they will work for your skin type. 

Do’s and Don’ts With a Face Cream for Men

  • Do store your cream in a cool place away from direct sunlight. 
  • Do consider your skin type when you are buying face cream since this determines whether the cream will work for you or not. 
  • Do apply face cream in the right order starting with the cheeks since they are the driest, followed by the forehead and rest of the face and finally, the T-zone that is oilier than the rest of the face. 
  • Do go for a face cream that has a Sun Protection Factor of at least 15 to ensure that your skin is always protected from both UVA and UVB rays of the sun. 
  • Don’t apply face cream on a dirty face since this may end up causing more harm than good.
  • Don’t apply too much face cream since this will give you an overly shiny appearance. 

FAQ About Face Creams for Men

How often should I use face cream?

Face cream can be a part of your daily grooming routine. However, you can limit it to once per day, mostly in the morning when you have cleaned the face or before bed. While daily use of face cream is great, at the end of the day, it is important to understand your skin type and whether you need to use it daily. 

When should I apply face cream?

You need to apply face cream based on the instructions of the manufacturer, but some creams are intended to be applied only at night and others in the morning and before bed. Just follow the instructions on the bottle and you are good to go. 


Face creams have come a long way and are no longer skincare products meant for women only. More and more men are today turning to face creams to maintain healthy, smooth and youthful-looking skin.

There are, however, many products on the market that you might feel overwhelmed when trying to decide what will work for you. When that happens, the important things to consider include the list of ingredients, your skin type, age, climate, Sun Protection Factor (SPF) and area of use.

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