Best DHT Blocker

What Is a DHT Blocker

A DHT blocker refers to every product, method, or solution that you can use to lessen the effects of high DHT levels in the body. The main goal of the DHT blocker, just like the hair loss shampoo with natural substances, is to ensure that high levels of DHT do not miniaturize nor damage hair follicles.

DHT blockers come in various forms, from foods and supplements you consume or the products you use every day that are useful for those with shorter beard hair and those who suffer from sudden hair loss and thinning.

Benefits of Using DHT Blockers

Helps in Preventing Hair Loss

One reason men, and even women, suffer from hair loss and thinning is excessive DHT production. It can even lead to complete baldness. With the help of a DHT blocker, you can prevent such problems with hair loss and restore the beauty of your hair.

Thickens and Strengthens Strands

Another incredible advantage of DHT blockers is that they can stop too much DHT production that may cause your hair follicles to shrink. What these products do instead, especially the quality conditioner for men with a DHT blocker, is that they will support thicker and stronger hair growth. Expect your hair strands to become firmer with all the nourishing ingredients integrated into these kinds of products.

Improves Your Confidence

It is mainly because of the usefulness of the best DHT blocker to make your hair look great again. It can thicken and strengthen each strand and make your entire hair more beautiful. With that, expect to feel more confident about yourself.

For men, the hair on their scalp is not the only benefit from the DHT blocker. It also works for their facial hair or beard, which is why you can find a DHT blocker in many professional beard grooming kits.

How Do DHT Blockers Work

The primary function of most DHT blockers is to address the primary cause of hair loss. What these products do is a block or obstruct the 5-AR or 5-alpha-reductase enzyme, which is the one that triggers the hair miniaturization process.

If you have an increasing 5-AR enzyme level, it may lead to a higher amount of testosterone into DHT.  The result is more significant hair loss. You can prevent and limit such DHT production with the aid of DHT blockers.

Pros and Cons of Using DHT Blockers

Pros and Cons of Using DHT Blockers


  • Prevents hair loss and thinning by stopping DHT production.
  • Strengthens and thickens each hair strand.
  • Boosts your confidence with its ability to regrow hair.
  • Beneficial not only for scalp hair but also for a beard or facial hair.
  • Comes in different types, giving you the chance to pick the most convenient solution.


  • Possible side effects, especially in libido and sexual function.

Types of DHT Blockers

DHT Blocker Food

Several foods act as effective DHT blockers as they can negate the adverse effects of excessive DHT on your body, especially on your hair. The foods, together with the vitamins in them, are so effective in that purpose that you can see them being used in several DHT blockers in the market today.

If your goal is slowing down hair loss and preventing adverse DHT effects, eat certain foods. The good thing about them is that they can also boost your whole immune system, making them perfect for fighting even those effects not associated with hair loss.

Among these foods are:

  • Pumpkin seeds with Detta 7 Stearine steroid designed to block the buildup of DHT in your hair follicles
  • Foods rich in lycopene, like tomatoes, mangoes, carrots, and watermelon, inhibit or control the 5-alpha-reductase enzyme
  • Foods high in zinc, like kale, wheat germ, cashew, and spinach since they also serve as DHT inhibitors
  • Foods with biotin, like berries, bananas, wheat germ, cooked eggs, legumes, salmon, and spinach, work in conditioning the scalp and getting rid of DHT – Biotin is also responsible for making your hair grow strong and thick.

DHT Blocker Supplements

DHT blocker supplements also contain the world’s best beard vitamins, as most of them are specifically designed to improve the health and strength of your hair. Here are just some of the vitamin supplements you have to consider taking if you want one that supports the blocking of DHT:

Vitamin A

You can take Vitamin A in supplement form if you want to take advantage of its DHT-blocking and hair growing capabilities. Note that your hair needs Vitamin A for it to grow well. It also aids in sebum production, which helps moisturize your scalp while improving the health of your hair.

Niacin or Vitamin B3

With the ability of this nutrient to improve the scalp’s blood circulation, it is undoubtedly effective in hair growth. You can take niacin in supplement form or ingest this nutrient naturally through foods rich in it, like mushrooms, sunflower seeds, avocado, green peas, and fish.


If you are deficient in biotin, it is highly likely for you to suffer from weight loss. In that case, you can seek the help of a biotin supplement to restore its healthy level. With that, your body will receive aid in transporting oxygen and nutrients to your scalp, thereby encouraging healthy hair growth. You can also get biotin from various foods, like meat, whole grains, seafood, and leafy greens.

Vitamin C

DHT Blocker Supplements

This vitamin also serves as a powerful antioxidant designed to support effective collagen production. It also promotes efficient iron absorption, which is necessary for the growth of your hair. You can take supplements based on Vitamin C to get such hair benefits while blocking excessive DHT production.


Zinc also acts as an effective and powerful DHT blocker and a solution for hair loss as it allows your hair follicles and oil glands to work properly while supporting the growth and repair of your tissues. Take it in supplement form and eat foods rich in it, like wheat germ, oysters, lentils, spinach, pumpkin seeds, and beef.

DHT Blocker Shampoos

You may also want to give DHT blocker shampoos a try. Like premium bar soap that serves its purpose in making your skin healthy, these DHT blocker shampoos also work in slowing down hair loss or hair fall. This product often contains many active ingredients, including biotin, saw palmetto, and ketoconazole – all of which can significantly reduce and inhibit DHT and Alpha-5-reductase production.

This shampoo can reduce excess DHT can help build an environment conducive to healthy hair growth. It can cleanse your scalp, improve blood flow, unclog blocked pores, and make your hair look as healthy as possible.

DHT Blocker Serums

Another excellent choice for a DHT blocker comes in serum form. It is often a hair growth serum containing ingredients capable of blocking DHT production. With this hair growth serum, your scalp can absorb active ingredients that target your hair follicles directly.

One advantage of using DHT blocker serums is that they are not like hair shampoos and conditioners that you have to rinse off. This means that the serums will stay on your hair, making them work for a prolonged period.

Therefore, to make the most out of this hair growth serum, use it after washing your hair with your regular shampoo and conditioner. Doing so will prevent you from washing off its active ingredients.

Also, note that when searching for a cream that makes hair soft and natural-looking, you must be extra careful when choosing a serum. Spend time checking its ingredients. Stay away from those hair growth serums with parabens that may disrupt your hormones or alcohol that may irritate you.

DHT Blocker Natural Exercises

There are also natural exercises that serve as powerful DHT blockers. This means that you have to stick to a healthy lifestyle, do physical activities, and perform things that can help in the natural reduction of your DHT level. Among them are regular exercises, stress reduction techniques, and proper rest.

You also have to do relaxation activities that can help you let go of your vices, like smoking and excessive drinking. Moreover, there are scalp exercises that you can do that can block more DHT production. These include a few scalp massages designed to increase blood flow in the area and lessen tension.

Types of Natural DHT Blockers

Types of Natural DHT Blockers

Internal DHT Blockers

An internal DHT blocker is one that you can take in oral form. Your options include those that are in capsule or pill versions. What’s great about these internal DHT blockers is that they have active ingredients that can get into your bloodstream and start interrupting the DHT production process. Some standard interior DHT blockers are:

Green Tea

You can take advantage of green tea extract’s ability to block DHT and treat the exact source of hair loss or male pattern baldness. Green tea also contains epigallocatechin or EGCC, catechin or plant phenol with plenty of beneficial properties.

A rewarding benefit that you can get from green tea would be inhibiting 5-alpha-reductase. When trying to ingest the benefits of green tea, you have a couple of options – increase intake of green tea or take it as a supplement that can either be in powder or capsule form.


Flaxseed is also another effective internal DHT blocker. It contains lignans and Omega fatty acids, which can help produce positive results as far as healthy hair growth is concerned. Moreover, flaxseed can provide other benefits, including lower levels of testosterone and prostate weight.

Sesame Seeds 

You can also choose sesame seeds as your ultimate DHT blocking solution. The reason is that it is an excellent source of lignan while inhibiting or stopping 5-alpha-reductase.

The good thing about sesame seeds is that you can easily make them a part of your diet, so it is easy and convenient to ingest them naturally. Just add several drops of the sesame oil version into salads, soups, and smoothies. You may also use the oil in cooking.

Moreover, you can add sesame seeds to the dishes you love, like pork, fish, and chicken. This will give your dishes a bit of a nutty taste.


This refers to the bark derived from the tree of Pygeum Africanum. Many believe that it can significantly relieve the benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) symptoms experienced by many men. BPH refers to a condition characterized by an enlarged prostate, further aggravated by increased DHT production.

With the help of pygeum, which is also a good DHT blocker, you can stop BPH symptoms. You can take advantage of pygeum by consuming a high-quality supplement based on it daily. The recommended dosage is 100 mg daily.

Pumpkin Seed Oil 

This refers to the extracted oil from hulled pumpkin seeds. With its high levels of antioxidants, minerals, and fatty acids, this oil, just like the fact that facial exfoliator makes your pores look smaller, also has its function in making your hair thrive again. This makes it a valuable addition to your hair care routines.

One way to use this oil is to apply it topically, giving you a gentle and safe cleansing while keeping your scalp as healthy as possible. It would be a lot better to ingest the pumpkin seed oil, though. The reason is that ingestion can inhibit 5-alpha-reductase activity. Taking the oil orally can stop the enzyme, which can produce favorable results for your hair.

External (Topical) DHT Blockers

Use the external or topical varieties if you want to use a DHT blocker with minimal side effects. These DHT blockers are those you can apply externally, specifically in the parts of your body you intend to treat.

Your skin will be able to absorb them, allowing the ingredients and properties of these products to penetrate your bloodstream. The result is that they will interfere with the activity of the DHT, especially the ones affecting the hair follicles.

External (Topical) DHT Blockers

Saw Palmetto

The saw palmetto extract is one of the external or topical DHT blockers you can use right now. It is a popular herb designed to block DHT production. Similar to the catechins present in green tea, the saw palmetto extract also works effectively as a DHT blocker as it targets 5-alpha-reductase. It is also believed to promote hair growth.

Stinging Nettle

This plant extract, also known to have a painful effect on bare hands, is a powerful DHT blocker once you apply it to your scalp. It could be due to the ability of the nettle root extract to lessen symptoms of prostate enlargement or prostate hyperplasia.

Reishi Mushroom

Even if it is still new in the DHT blocker industry, Reishi mushroom still received the positive recognition as a treatment for hair loss. It would be a great idea to make it a part of your topical hair care routine, like when the ultimate beard shaping tool is an incredible addition to any men’s beard grooming kit.

This mushroom is proven effective in inhibiting 5-alpha-reductase production as well as more than 70% of DHT. With that, it can contribute to the reduced amount of DHT that forms part of your follicle.

Rosemary Oil and Extract 

Rosemary oil refers to an analgesic oil that has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antifungal properties. With those beneficial properties, expect such oil and extract to be a great addition to your hair care routines, especially if you are dealing with hair loss.

Applying it topically contributes to inhibiting 5-alpha-reductase activity. It can also block DHT from getting connected to the androgen receptors of your scalp. This makes it effective in preventing hair loss and miniaturization.

Ecklonia Cava 

This alga also shows a lot of promise to stop hair loss and promote new growth. It is rich in polyphenols while being packed with antioxidants and inflammatory properties. The topical application of this alga is an effective way of inhibiting 5-alpha-reductase and DHT.

How to Choose the Best DHT Blockers

Similar to when a woodsy cologne could be a great option to make you feel good about yourself with its nice scent, finding the best DHT blockers in the market can also boost your confidence as these products can make you look good. They can restore the health of your hair, bringing back its beauty.

However, you have to ensure that you pick the right product, and you can do that by considering these key factors:

DHT Level

Make sure that you are aware of the level of DHT you have to choose the most appropriate DHT blocker for you. It could be that the problem is triggered by the overproduction of or sensitivity of DHT. Also, note that there could also be other problems causing your hair loss, not just DHT.

Some men, for instance, experience hair loss and baldness because of poor diet and or unhealthy scalp. If those are the causes, you can’t expect the DHT blocker to lessen or eliminate the problem. Find out first if your DHT levels are indeed what’s causing your hair thinning or male pattern baldness issues.

Blocker Type

DHT Blocker Type

It is also crucial to decide on the type of blocker that you are sure will work for you. Fortunately, you have plenty of options, including shampoos, creams, lotions, and supplements or pills. Determine which among them is the most hassle-free and convenient for you to use. Ensure that your choice of blocker type is also suitable for the condition you wish to deal with.


Ensure to check and analyze all the ingredients that the DHT blocker you are interested in buying contains. Ensure that the ingredients included are safe and gentle for you. Like the ones mentioned in the external and internal DHT blockers, the ingredients should also be proven to stop DHT while promoting and supporting your hair’s solid and healthy growth.

DHT Sensitivity

It is also advisable to assess DHT sensitivity. Your goal here is to find a product that will treat your hair with care. It should be based on a quality formula that’s safe and non-irritating. Keep in mind that harsh chemicals can only trigger further hair loss. It may also cause your scalp to get deprived of nutrients while making your hair lifeless and flat.

Also, ensure that the products are free of parabens that may mimic estrogen. This can further result in hormonal imbalance or dysfunction. Choose to use DHT blockers that contain clean, healthy, and all-natural ingredients. That way, it will not harm your sensitive skin and hair.

DHT Blocker Side Effects

The side effects of a specific DHT blocker should also influence your final decision. Generally, DHT blockers are safe and gentle, but there are still those who deal with adverse side effects.

In several cases, the effects are worse when using prescription DHT blockers. Some can even lead to reduced libido and problems with ejaculation. If possible, use all-natural DHT blockers as they only have minimal side effects plus, they have ingredients that are not so harsh for you.


Of course, you need to check and compare prices. Find out which DHT blockers in your list have the quality and properties you love and if they are indeed reasonably priced. Go for one that you can afford and with the quality and performance you are pretty sure it can deliver.

How to Use DHT Blockers

Step 1 – Pick from the two methods 

Topical applications are safer compared to those that you can administer orally.

 If you choose the topical application, you can choose from various options, including oil, serums, and shampoo. Choose a product or two that you can conveniently use.

Step 2 – Combine with internal applications

However, you have to choose dieting and a healthy lifestyle first. This means eating foods that are naturally rich in vitamins and minerals that can inhibit DHT.

For DHT blocker supplements, note that they are proven effective in curing androgenic alopecia. The reason is that they directly enter your bloodstream.

DHT Blockers Side Effects

Most of the side effects of DHT blockers are more on your sexual life and activity. The reason is that DHT is classified as an androgen sex steroid, which contributes to sexual development in men. That said, blocking DHT production may negatively hamper your sexual function. It may cause the following:

  • Loss of or reduced libido
  • Difficulty ejaculating
  • Inability to maintain or attain an erection
  • Reduced sperm count
  • Loss of ejaculatory volume

Does More Spending Mean More Quality

When buying DHT blockers, note that expensive ones do not necessarily mean that they are of top-notch quality and are the most effective. You can still find affordable DHT blockers, like those in shampoo form that are reasonably priced. Pricier products are often because of the brand labels and hype. That said, it would be best to look for an affordable blocker guaranteed to work for almost everyone.

Do’s and Don’ts With DHT Blockers


  • Spend time reading the label of the DHT blocker before buying. This is important in finding out if all the ingredients included in there are safe for you.
  • Make sure that the DHT blocker is what you truly need. Check your DHT level first to determine if it is indeed what’s causing your hair loss. The reason is that the blocker may be ineffective if the cause of your hair loss and thinning issues is not DHT


  • Do not use DHT blockers with sulfates. The reason is that sulfates tend to act as detergents that can strip your scalp and hair of essential oils and moisture. Sulfates may also irritate your scalp and skin, leading to dandruff.
  • Do not buy or use a DHT blocker if you are still unsure of the exact reason for your hair loss. For professional confirmation and consultation, visit a dermatologist who will examine your hair and scalp using a microscope. It will help figure out the exact cause and how you can treat it.

FAQ About DHT Blockers

FAQ About DHT Blockers

Does the DHT blocker work?

Yes, most DHT blockers work, provided the actual cause of your hair loss problem is DHT. Note, though, that you can’t expect these products to erase very adverse effects of hair loss and male or female pattern baldness magically. They are more effective in slowing down or preventing further hair loss once you make them part of your everyday routine.

Why does DHT affect people differently?

DHT has different effects on different people. The reason is that each one also has a different response to DHT. It could be because of the DHT receptor increase in hair follicles, higher sensitivity to the androgen receptor, and more local production of DHT. It could also be because of higher testosterone production, which serves as a DHT catalyst.

What is the best way to block DHT?

You may want to start using DHT blockers containing only natural ingredients. Go for a product that is guaranteed safe for you to use. The DHT blocker you pick should effectively reduce excessive amounts of DHT, thereby making an environment designed for healthy hair growth, effective scalp cleansing, and improved blood flow to your scalp. You can also block DHT even further by eating those foods with vitamins and minerals designed for that purpose.

What vitamins help stop DHT?

You can stop DHT production by using products rich in vitamins that serve the purpose of blocking it. These include Vitamin A, niacin or Vitamin B3, biotin, Vitamin C, and zinc.

Can DHT damage be reversed?

One negative and probably damaging effect of DHT is hair loss. If that is what you are experiencing, then it is possible to reverse it using DHT blockers. It can work as a hair loss treatment capable of changing the miniaturization process.

Does zinc reduce DHT?

Yes, it can. It does so by stopping, reducing, or inhibiting 5-alpha-reductase, an enzyme that contributes to testosterone conversion.

Does coffee increase DHT?

Coffee works incredibly well when it comes to reducing the adverse effects of DHT. It even blocks DHT. It contains a vast amount of caffeine also makes it a successful rinse that can reduce hair loss.

The caffeine here can slow down the loss of hair. However, be extra careful not to consume so much coffee. The reason is that excessive oral caffeine substance consumption may only lead to an increase in DHT instead of a decrease.


Finding the best DHT blockers may be the solution you are looking for to solve your problems with your hair. However, ensure that you use the most appropriate product – one that is safe for you. Go for an all-natural one with the safest and most natural ingredients, those that can work on a deeper level while keeping you completely safe from side effects or minimizing them as much as possible.