Best Body Lotion for Men

The skin is the biggest organ of the human body. That’s why it is crucial for both men and women to take care of it. Yes, men also have to improve the health of their skin. Just like when choosing the best beard oil or shaving cream, it is also advisable to find and use the best body lotion for men available in the market today.

The good news is that more and more skincare products are now made available for men. For instance, since lip balm moisturizes your skin during winter, you can also find these products being made for men. One of the most famous skincare products for men nowadays, though, is the body lotion.

What Is a Body Lotion for Men

Just like those amazing products that take care of your skin, good body lotion for men is created in a way that it can retain your skin’s youthful glow. It is formulated in a way that it can retain the good health of your skin by ensuring that it receives the right nutrients. It can help soften your exterior no matter how much beating it takes every day.

Benefits of Using Body Lotions for Men

The use of body lotions specifically made for men can let you enjoy plenty of amazing benefits – among which are the following:

Hydrates Dry Skin

If you are one of those men whose work involves exposure to harsh environments and climates, then you can benefit from applying not only a facial moisturizer but also a body lotion. Facial moisturizer cleans skin effectively – that’s a fact. It can also moisturize and soften your skin.

You can pair up this product with a good body lotion, which can hydrate dried or chapped skin because of heat, cold and wind. Applying it after taking a bath or shower with a body wash that smells incredible is the key to sealing moisture much deeper into your skin. This results in supple and well-hydrated skin.

Repairs Rough Spots

Regardless of your skin type, it is still possible for rough spots to appear. These usually appear around your knees and elbows. You can soften and repair these rough spots by applying a body lotion after taking each bath or before bedtime.

A replenishing lotion designed for men works effectively in easing rough skin, making it smooth and youthful. Just make sure that you also use the best bar soap, if that’s what you are using when bathing, to maximize the effects of the lotion and your other skincare products.

Serves as an Anti-Aging Treatment

Another great benefit is that it works as an anti-aging solution/treatment. Note that as you age, your skin’s elasticity might also decrease.

The good news is that there are now products designed to plump up your skin with the help of their safe and natural ingredients. You can even find some of them being capable of reducing wrinkles and fine lines.

Apart from that, many also agree that lotions are relaxing. This is especially true if you go for those with a nice scent. Just the act of applying the lotion can help you relax after a tiring day. You may even use the lotion for massage.

How Does a Body Lotion for Men Work

How Does a Body Lotion for Men Work

You can expect men’s lotion for the body to work depending on the ingredients added to it. Let’s tackle the most common ingredients and what each one can do in the next section of this article. But first, let’s talk about the basic functions of these products.

As mentioned earlier, it works by locking in moisture to your skin. It is a big help in attracting, holding, and distributing moisture. You can also expect it to work in offering long-lasting hydration, thereby leading to the replenishment and repair of your skin. All these functions are achievable through the major ingredients used in creating your chosen lotion.

Ingredients to Look for in Body Lotions for Men

So what are the different ingredients that should be present to make them even more effective? Here are some of them:

Alpha Hydroxy Acids or AHAs

Also present in some kinds of fruit, AHAs refer to mild acids that can benefit the skin. What this acid does is it clears your skin by removing dead cells. Body lotions with AHA traces can, therefore, help your skin become smoother.


Another vital ingredient in the majority of lotions is ceramide. This actually refers to the lipid molecule that plays a major role in creating a barrier for your skin. It blocks harmful substances from getting into your skin. It also prevents the loss of moisture.

Fatty Alcohols

One example of fatty alcohol is lanolin. Look for an item containing this ingredient as it can benefit your skin by strengthening it and keeping it moisturized.


These also serve as fantastic ingredients. Antioxidants are beneficial for the skin because of their ability to neutralize oxygen molecules. This is important as the instability of these molecules might damage or destroy your skin’s collagen, especially when it gets exposed to the UV rays.


Some lotions also have sunscreen as part of their ingredients. This is beneficial because sunscreen acts as additional protection from the harmful sun’s rays.


Some examples of emollients that should form part of any lotion for men are glyceryl stearate and jojoba oil. What they do is smoothen your skin.


It is also advisable to shop for a product with humectants. Some examples of these ingredients are hyaluronic acid and glycerin. They are essential in hydrating the outer layer of your skin.


These refer to compounds, like mineral oil, lanolin, and waxes designed to develop a kind of barrier on your skin. This barrier does not only work in protecting your skin from possible damage but also in locking in moisture.

Jojoba Oil

This ingredient is one of those ingredients that aim to keep your skin as smooth as possible.

Body Lotion for Men Ingredients - Jojoba Oil


It is also advisable to find glyceryl in the list of ingredients. It is because, just like jojoba oil and other ingredients already mentioned, it plays a huge role in softening and smoothing your skin.


The best body lotion for men is also that which contains moisturizing ingredients or agents. Some examples of these agents are butters, like cocoa butter and Shea butter, as well as carrier oils.

What’s good about these moisturizers is that they are safe and mild on the skin. Just like a premium hand cream for men or any other skincare products for him, a body lotion known for its moisturizing properties can definitely hydrate, moisturize, and nourish your skin.

Ingredients to Avoid in Body Lotions for Men

While there are specific ingredients that serve as vital components, there are also those you have to avoid. Make sure that your chosen product or quality face wash to keep skin clean at all times do not contain any of these ingredients that are not that good for your skin:


Alcohol should be avoided as much as possible as it might cause excessive dryness.


Parabens are also among those ingredients that you have to stay away from. It is because this might trigger skin irritation and inflammation.

DMDM Hydantoin

Make sure that this ingredient is not present, too. It is even more important to stay away from it, especially if you have sensitive skin. It is because this can also cause irritation and allergic reactions.

Retinyl Palmitate

The presence of this ingredient might also cause negative side effects on your skin. It might result in the usual effects of contact with any retinoid, like itchiness, peeling, and burning sensation.


Just like the previous ingredients, triethanolamine should also be avoided because of its tendency to cause allergic reactions and irritation.

Butylated Hydroxyanisole (BHA)

This ingredient also triggers allergies, so it should not come as a component of body lotions for men.

Make sure that your chosen item does not contain any of the mentioned ingredients. As much as possible, look for skincare products composed of natural ingredients only.

How to Choose the Best Body Lotion for Men

How to Choose the Best Body Lotion for Men

You have to be extra careful in selecting the best men’s body lotion that you will use. Note that your skin will be in direct contact with this skincare product. This makes it extremely necessary to be extra cautious during the selection process.

Consider these vital factors when you are still shopping for this product:

Skin Type

Choosing the right skin care product requires a thorough evaluation of your skin type so you can find the one that is compatible with it. For instance, hair cream for men gives you high volume and shine, but it is crucial to pick the right one for your skin type to get such a result. The same is true for body lotions. Here are the different types of skin and the appropriate product for each one.

Dry Skin

If your skin is dry, then you can benefit more from investing in and using a creamy and thick lotion. This is especially helpful during the winter when the temperature is cold and dry. Find a lotion with lanolin and AHA as these ingredients perfectly suit your skin type. Pick a lighter lotion and moisturizer once the summer season comes, though.

Normal Skin

People with normal skin are lucky as they do not have to exert much effort when it comes to maintaining their skin. In terms of body lotion, the best one you can use is the lighter one, which is not greasy. Despite having normal skin, you still need to make it a habit to combine the use of lotion with a moisturizer, too.

Oily Skin

Having oily skin does not immediately mean that moisturizing it or using a lotion is already unnecessary. It is because not applying the appropriate skincare products for your oily skin might lead to premature signs of aging and other possible skin damage. Look for an oil-free lotion. Make sure that its texture is light, too.

Sensitive Skin

Having sensitive skin requires you to exercise more caution when it comes to selecting a men’s body lotion. It is because the wrong product might irritate your skin. A wise tip is to go for lotions with mineral sunscreens. Also, avoid lotions with any scent or perfume as well as those containing sodium lauryl sulfate, as this might further irritate your sensitive skin. Stay away from products that contain oils, like lemongrass, too.


Check the list of ingredients used in creating the product, too. It should contain most, if not all, of the ingredients mentioned earlier. Stay away from any ingredient that might further irritate your skin or cause damage. Go for gentle and natural ones. Apart from the mentioned ingredients, choose items with natural moisturizers. Some examples of these moisturizers are nut or coconut oils, mineral oil, Aloe Vera, and Shea butter.


Another thing you have to consider is the fragrance. If you plan to go for scented, then you can rest assured that it is now available in great abundance. With that, you can pick a lotion with the scent you love. If your skin is sensitive, though, make sure that the included and used scent does not harm your skin even further. You may also want to go for the unscented type just to be safe.

Absorption Capabilities

Body Lotion for Men Absorption Capabilities

Check the absorption capability of the lotion before buying, too. Note that there are lotions that have filler ingredients that your skin can’t absorb. In case your chosen lotion is not absorbed by your skin enough, there is a chance that it does not bind your cells and protect your skin. Go for a lotion, which your skin can easily absorb.


Another factor that should be a major contributor to your final decision is the capacity or volume of the lotion. The capacity should balance the quality and price. Assess the quality of the product, its price, and its capacity to determine if it can indeed satisfy you.


Of course, the price greatly matters to your buying decision. The good thing about many body lotions for men is that they are reasonably priced. Just make sure that what you get is your desired quality and capacity from the price you are willing to spend.

How to Apply Body Lotion for Men

Once you bought your chosen body lotion, make sure to apply it correctly. Note that the right application of this skincare product plays a major role in letting you enjoy its complete benefits. Just like when eye cream reduces redness in the skin surrounding the area effectively, you can also expect a good product to work wonders if you apply it correctly through these steps:

Step 1 – Take a dollop of the body lotion then rub it on your skin

Rub it gently in an anticlockwise or clockwise motion.

Step 2 – Continue rubbing it until your skin completely absorbs it

Ensure that nothing is left in your hands after the application. It’s that simple. You may also want to have a warm bath prior to the application of the lotion. This is so all the grime and dirt accumulated by your skin will be removed.

Body Lotion vs Similar Products

You should make your choice of beauty and skincare products not based on luck and chance but through thorough research. Note that just like when some people choose the right hair products (ex. hairspray adds great volume to your hair, so most people who need it carefully study their options), it is also crucial to find out which skin care products can work more favorably for you.

In that case, it helps to compare body lotions to other similar skin care products. That way, you will know whether investing in a lotion is indeed the most suitable choice for you.

Body Lotion vs Cream

The cream contains more oil compared to body lotions. This makes them thicker to lotions. The thickness of the cream is one reason why you can see it being stored often in jars. It is too thick that it will not be suitable for storage on pumps and bottles.

The good thing about creams is that they can offer additional skin protection, making it appropriate for those with dry skin. However, the lightness of lotions is also commended by many because it makes it easy to spread evenly, even in large areas.

Body Lotion vs Oil

One thing that the oil can do for the skin is it protects its lipid barrier. It also helps retain and lock in moisture. It is made in a way that it does not clog pores that easily. Despite that, many still prefer body lotions because of the more favorable ingredients it contains. These include Vitamins E and D as well as Shea butter and Aloe Vera – all of which work in repairing and replenishing the skin.

Body Lotion vs Body Butter

You may also choose to use body butter. What it does is it offers a strong barrier capable of locking in moisture. It is perfect for you if you have sensitive, delicate, and dry skin. It is also the best choice for those who are constantly exposed to dry climates and environments that cause moisture to escape from their skin rapidly.

Do’s and Don’ts With Body Lotions for Men

  • Pick the right product for your skin type. If you don’t, then you can’t expect to get the results you desire.
  • Apply the lotion gently 1-2 times every day. Make sure that this is already a part of your routine.
  • If you have sensitive skin, do not choose those with scents or harsh ingredients. Choose all-natural skincare products to prevent your sensitive skin from reacting negatively.
  • Let your skin absorb the lotion. If possible, use only those lotions that your skin can easily absorb. That way, you can maximize its benefits.
  • Do not apply the lotion without cleaning or bathing yourself first. You can further maximize the effects by applying it after taking a warm bath or shower.

FAQ About Body Lotions for Men

FAQ About Body Lotions for Men

Why is it important to use body lotion?

One of the most viable reasons why you should use a body lotion as regularly as possible is that it serves as protection, especially when it comes to aging. Note that as you age, your skin’s elasticity will get affected, too. The regular use can help keep your skin stay moisturized for a long time. It can retain its glow, plus it also protects you from all forms of harm, like the ones caused by UV rays exposure.

What is the difference between hydration and moisture?

Hydration and moisture actually differ in certain aspects. If your goal is to moisturize, then you may want to pick the right moisturizer for that purpose. If you want to give your skin proper hydration, then a body lotion will most likely do a much better job. The use of a moisturizer can lessen the dryness of your skin as it performs its primary job of moisturizing it.

The lotion, on the other hand, hydrates your skin, which tends to go a lot deeper. It is because the hydration process binds skin molecules toward each other. This can help develop a highly effective barrier so your skin’s moisture will be protected.

How often should you apply body lotion?

The number of times you have to apply lotion varies on a case-to-case basis. Generally, though, it is advisable to apply it one to two times daily – once every morning and at night. However, you may need to apply it more often in case you have certain skin conditions, like excessively dry skin and eczema. Those who are constantly outdoors, exposing them to the harsh weather and conditions also need to apply it more than twice a day.

Are body lotions for men any different from women’s lotions?

Body lotions for men slightly differ when compared to the ones used by women. It is because the skin of men is thicker by 25 percent compared to the skin of women. The fact that men have thicker skin makes it necessary for them to use body lotions capable of accommodating such an important difference.

Men also have more collagen compared to women, making it necessary for their skincare products to have some sort of a collagen booster designed to lessen their risk of developing wrinkles.


For men to be able to sport healthy skin regardless of their age, the use of body lotion specifically designed for men is a must. Fortunately, this skincare product is in great abundance at present. Just make sure that your choice is appropriate enough for your requirements, specific skin condition, and your skin type.

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