Most men will gladly accept a challenge within reason. That being said, a recent quest to grow every beard style was undertaken, and you might be surprised at exactly how many different beard styles there really are.

Whether you are new to the beard game or you just want a to mix things up with a new cool look, the following list of beard styles is in alphabetical order, and will give you plenty of unique facial styles that will keep you busy for many years to come.

Don’t get discouraged if you can not get one of the beard styles perfect, there are plenty of different beard style variations that you can choose from until you find a perfect match (modern, full beard, short beard, cool, long, goatees, etc.).

A La Souvarov1. The A La Souvarov

This beard style is a mustache and sideburns combination where the end of the sideburns curve towards where the corner of the mouth and the mustache meet.

The sideburns take an upward curve and connect directly to the short straight vertical line of the mustaches as it drops around the outer edge of the mouth.


Anchor2. The Anchor

This not a look that sailors popularized by no means. The anchor is a very unique looking beard style, where there are no sideburns, yet the beard itself extends straight along the jawline and then styled to a nice point at the neck.

The beard is combined with the pencil thin mustache so the look straight on resembles that of a boat anchor.


Balbo3. The Balbo

To complete the Balboa look, the mustache is grown only to the edge of the mouth, but the beard itself is an overgrown goatee that extends from the edge of the mouth down to the Adam’s apple, but very thick and long.


Chin Curtain Lincolnic4. The Chin Curtain (Lincolnic)

The chin curtain is also known as the Lincolic because it resembles that of the popular President by the same name.

This beard does not need a mustache to stand proud, you simply grow the beard from the sideburns down and all along the jaw line. The beard grows thick and completely covers the chin area.


 handlebar with Chin Puff5. The Chin Puff

The chin puff is a modern day goatee, and simply covers the round area of the chin, resembling a small cotton ball.


Duck Tail6. The Duck Tail

The duck tail beard style is similar to the hairstyle from the 50’s and 60’s of the same name.

The beard grows full from the sides to the jaw, but it is trimmed along the bottom so that it resembles that of a duck’s tail.

Using a beard balm will hold the longer hair in place better and give more structure to the duck tail.


French Fork7. The French Fork

The Frenchfork beard style is a full beard that comes down from the sideburns to the chin and hangs below.

The beard is trimmed in the center of the chin to resemble two different segments, each coming down to their own point.



Mutton Chops8. The Mutton Chops

Of all the beard styles to make the list, the mutton chops are today as popular as they were decades ago.

The sideburns run thick here to only the edge of the mouth. The mustache then grows down to connect to the beard to complete the mutton chop look.

A soul patch is not mandatory as the chin area can be left hairless for this look either way.


Fu Manchu9. The Fu Manchu

Popularized from many of the martial arts movies of the 70’s, the Fu Manchu is just a mustache that extends long past the chin by several inches. many versions of the Fu Manchu have grown on several inches to a foot long, depending how your hair responds to the style.


Goatee10. The Goatee

The goatee resembles the hair on the face of a billy goat, smallish type beard that covers just the chin and is not connected to a mustache. This is a popular beard style for every working class man.


Hollywoodian11. The Hollywoodian

This beard style gained popularity in of all places Hollywood, as more celebrities began sporting this look.

Basically, it is just a mustache that is connected to a beard, but then the sideburns are shaved off leaving the beard level on the sides with the mustache.


Old Dutch12. The Old Dutch

The beard styles not for the weak, it takes some time to grow and it really commands attention.

The Old Dutch is grown long on the sides and under the chin, but then even though the cheeks are covered, the hair from the bottom lip to the chin is shaved.


Petite Goatee13. The Petite Goatee

A tinier version of a goatee where a small straight vertical line goes from the bottom lip to the chin.

This goatee takes daily maintenance in order to keep that narrow line from falling out of place.


Rap Standard14. The Rap Standard

Popular among rap culture, this beard goes from the sideburns and extends along the jawline to the other sideburn.

It is connected to a pencil thin mustache. The entire beard appears to be one continuous thin line that runs along the chin and up and around the lip area.


Soul Patch15. The Soul Patch

Not really a beard in the true sense of the word, merely a very tiny patch of hair between the chin and lower lip that was popularized back in the 1960’s by the beatniks.


While each of these beard styles all have unique names, they are merely variations of one or two of different combinations.

Some men have difficulty growing facial hair in certain parts of the face, so experiment with these different styles until you find one that looks perfect.

Once you do find a style that works, the longer the facial hair grows, the more it can cover up areas where hair growth is not performing to its maximum ability.

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