Best Beard Curler

What Is a Beard Curler

A beard curler refers to a tool or instrument that you can use to curl your straight facial hair or beard. It will be an essential item in your beard grooming kit if you prefer curling your beard now and then instead of sporting a straight one all the time.

Why Are Beards Curly

There are also instances when the beard becomes curly without you doing something to make it happen. One possible reason is the pattern through which your hair follicles grow around your beard area. An asymmetrical growth can lead to a curly beard, while a symmetrical one can cause your beard to grow straight and flat.

In addition to growth patterns, you will also eventually have a curly beard because of dryness and stiffness, dehydration, and poor hygiene. If you want to straighten out a curly beard, you may need to apply premium beard oil or a highly effective beard balm.

Benefits of Using a Beard Curler

Similar to when the world’s best beard comb can benefit you, a beard curler can also provide you with several advantages – among which are the following:

Gives You Perfect Beard Curls

The regular use of a beard curler can make you feel confident with the beard curl you will achieve. It assures you that the curls will not look unkempt and tacky.

Can Give Your Beard Different Curl Effects

A beard curler is also beneficial because it lets you get the specific beard curl effect you genuinely want. With the help of this curler, you will gain access to specific controls and settings that will help you create perfectly loose waves or tight curls or any other curl effect you prefer.

Provides Additional Beard Thickness

This device can also help you attain a curly beard that can create a visual effect that your beard has additional thickness. You can expect this benefit to be even more noticeable if you have a short beard. Imagine a curly and thick beard style that’s frizzy but in a good way. You will have the same feeling as when using a quality stubble trimmer that provides a comfortable shave.

How Does a Beard Curler Work

As the name suggests, a beard curler works by giving your beard or facial hair the curl effect you genuinely desire. It makes for a great investment, just like a professional hairdryer, as it can bring out your confidence, knowing that you are sporting the kind of curl that is not unique but also looks good on you. You will find this helpful tool every time you transition from having a straight beard into a curly or wavy one.

Pros and Cons of Using a Beard Curler


  • Allows easy transition from straight into curly beard.
  • Easy to use and control.
  • Allows you to sport curly hair without it looking unkempt or disorganized.
  • Gives you several choices on curl effects.
  • Helps make your beard look thicker.

Pros and Cons of Using a Beard Curler


  • Some models are a bit heavy, making them quite challenging to control.

Types of Beard Curlers

Buying an electric shaver requires you to research your options to ensure that your selected electric head shaver is perfect for you. The same premise is applicable once it is time for you to shop for a beard curler. You need to know its different types to make an informed choice.


The ionic beard curler has the advantage of distributing heat barrels evenly. It is also more protective compared to traditional curlers. It can protect your beard or facial hair and even cure any damage caused by traditional curlers. Another advantage of the ionic beard curler is that it is easier and healthier to use as it does not tug nor pull the hair.


This specific beard curler features tourmaline material that helps keep your facial hair protected. The presence of tourmaline in this device can help produce negative ions designed to prevent hair frizz. It can also lock in moisture to your facial hair and make it as healthy as possible.


Another amazing choice is the ceramic beard curler. The fact that it uses ceramic makes it capable of styling your facial hair directly from the roots. Moreover, it can eliminate the usual tangles or kinks often caused by other curlers. The fact that it has a ceramic material also results in less damage to your facial hair.


The porcelain beard curler also has the advantage of distributing heat evenly and quickly. With the porcelain material integrated into the device, you have the assurance that it can help in creating various curled facial hair or beard styles.


You can also find a beard curler that uses infrared technology. This is a big advantage as this technology helps create tight curls and waves that look good on you easily. It can shape your beard the way you want while ensuring that it does not result in damage and breakage.

How to Use a Beard Curler

Step 1 – Prepare your beard

Follow your usual beard wash routine. This means that you have to wash and clean up your beard before using the beard curler.

Step 2 – Put on a beard curler cream

Consider getting a shaving cream warmer dispenser to simplify the process of applying the beard curler cream. What’s great about using and applying this cream is that it can make the process of curling your beard faster.

Step 3 – Plug in the device

Look for a good light source where you can plug in your beard curler.

Step 4 – Set your desired heat

Use the beard curler gently in curling the hair surrounding your beard. You can also use beard wax to achieve a more prominent curl if you want.

How to Take Care of Your Beard Curler

How to Take Care of Your Beard Curler

Step 1 – Unplug after each use

Make sure that you remove it from the heat source once you are done using it. Wait for the heat to subside before storing the device.

Step 2 – Store it in the right place

Just like when you need to look for the perfect storage place for an innovative pubic hair trimmer, you also have to provide the same for your beard curler. Store it in an area that makes it away from anything that might damage it, like water and heat.

Curly Beard vs Straight Beard

Many men prefer sporting curly beards as it can naturally make them look younger and more attractive. Some also consider the curls helpful in signifying a healthy and youthful lifestyle.

A curly beard also provides more versatility when compared to a straight beard. The reason is that having a curly beard gives you the freedom to make the hair grow in that specific way or straighten it anytime you want with the help of your beard straightener.

If you have naturally straight hair, you will not experience that kind of versatility and freedom since you will have no choice but to continue grooming it in that particular way. One more thing that makes curly beards more beneficial to having straight facial hair is that they can increase the fullness and thickness of your beard.

However, a curly beard also has a few downsides that are not that prominent in straight hair, including tangles.

Does More Spending Mean More Quality

The good thing about beard curlers is that most of the high-quality ones you can find in the market are not that expensive. This means that to enjoy the quality performance of a beard curler, you are not required to spend that much.

Do’s and Don’ts With a Beard Curler


  • Apply a wax. Though not that necessary, applying beard wax is a major help in making your curly beard more prominent.
  • Select the right temperature. Most beard curlers give you the freedom to choose the temperature or the heat. Start using it only after you have chosen your desired temperature for beard curling.
  • Keep your curly beard moisturized. After curling your beard with the device, do not forget to moisturize it to prevent dryness, frizz, and dehydration. A well-moisturized curly beard can also make it look smarter and more defined.


  • Do not use your beard curler on a wet beard. Ensure that your beard is completely dry before using the curler to keep you safe and prevent electrocution.
  • Do not forget to unplug the beard curler after every use.

FAQ About Beard Curlers

FAQ About Beard Curlers

How can I curl my beard?

Of course, the best method for curling your beard is to use a beard curler. All you have to do to curl your beard this way is to wash it first, dry it thoroughly, plug in the device, and choose your desired heat. Once it is set, you can make it run on your facial hair to give it the kind of curl you prefer.

Do beard curlers work?

Yes. Beard curlers are created using materials and equipped with features designed to promote ease in transitioning from straight to curly facial hair or beard. Several of these curlers even feature an electric head and comb that you can use not only for curling but also for thickening, shortening, straightening, and thinning your beard.

Is a curly beard attractive?

Yes, most people find curly beards attractive. The curly locks of facial hair can make you look more masculine and unique. Moreover, the curls can leave an impression of being youthful and healthy. They also appear thicker, which is an excellent advantage as they add up to your appeal.

Can you use a curling iron on a beard?

Yes, you can. With the heat produced by your curling or flat iron, you can achieve your desired beard curl. Other alternative methods for curling your facial hair or beard include using a roller after showering and braiding or twisting it up to maximize its curl.

Do beard curlers damage your beard?

No. Beard curlers won’t damage your beard, provided you use it correctly. Before using the curler, make sure that you fully understand the instructions on its use. Set it at the correct heat or temperature, too. This is the key to properly handling your beard and supporting healthy growth and curls.

Should I use beard oil before curling?

It is not that necessary to use beard oil. However, if your beard requires some moisture, it would be best to apply beard oil. A well-moisturized beard promotes ease in managing and curling it. The curler will also have an easier time gliding through your hair when it is well-moisturized.


A beard curler is probably your wisest investment if you are interested in sporting a curly beard. With the help of this device, you can choose to style your beard in any way. You can grab your curler anytime you want to change your straight beard into a curly and thick one.