Best Bass Headphones

Concert tickets are expensive, but there’s a huge difference between hearing your favorite song played live and blasting it through your earbuds.

When you really care about the music, it’s worth to pay extra for the opportunity to experience it the way the artist intended.

For the same reason, the true audiophile is always on the hunt for a quality pair of bass headphones that augments the listening experience, delivers crisp tones, vivid vocals and hard-hitting bass.

You might not be able to recreate that front-row rock show experience, but a solid pair of bass headphones can get the sound quality pretty close.

What are Bass Headphones

Not to be confused with the perch-like freshwater, marine species, in this guide, bass refers to tones of low frequency, pitch, tone and range. It’s a common musical trait in music such as EDM, hard rock and hip-hop.

While the bass is most associated with the heavier music genres, the truth is that it’s an essential component in almost all forms of music.

From pop to jazz, the bass plays an important role in the sound, rhythm and music quality. Unfortunately, the bass is a low sound.

Lower sounds require specific equipment to portray accurately. Otherwise, what should have been the bass beat becomes a muddy, distorted mess.

What are Bass Headphones

Many headphone and speaker brands lack the tools and features necessary to deliver bass sound the way it was intended to be heard.

If you’re a musical purist or simply enjoy a good jam, the thought of this should bother you.

Some headphones that boost the bass do so at the cost of the high, mid-range and vocal components of the sound. This causes the music to become distorted and muddied.

Bass headphones exist to maximize the quality of the music and deliver a full, vibrant bass sound without overwhelming the other important musical aspects or bleeding into the other tones.

Benefits of Bass Headphones

If you never purchase a pair of bass headphones, you may never have the pleasure of learning what you’re missing out on. A song isn’t the same without its bass elements.

Imagine, for example, hearing Adele’s Rolling in the Deep but with no rhythm-pacing drums or Michael Jackson’s Thriller without it’s funky, signature bass line.

The biggest benefit of bass headphones is undoubtedly increased enjoyment. With their help, you’re not just listening to music, you’re experiencing it.

Often times, the quality sound delivered by these headsets allows music fans to finally hear a song the way the artist intended it.

Most bass headphones can be enjoyed using any music playing device, computer or tablet. Some even find the increased sound quality amplifies their video gaming experience.

With one of the big and tall gaming chairs and a set of quality headphones, you’ll take your gaming to the next level.

Types of Bass Headphones

The one thing that all bass headphones have in common is that they prioritize delivering booming low tones without adulteration or diminishing the music’s other elements.

Outside of that focus, there’s a ton of variation.  Two of the biggest differentiating factors between bass headphone types are whether the pads sit over the ear or on the ear and whether the cups have an open or closed back design.

Which you select will depend entirely on your own needs, musical style and personal preference.

Over-ear vs On-ear

Over-ear vs On-ear Bass Headphones

There’s not a ton of mystery regarding what could be meant when discussing over-ear design vs on-ear design. In reality, this is exactly what it sounds like.

Over-ear bass headphone designs have a larger padding area which encircles the body of the ear, aiming to conceal it entirely.

These products often come with sound-canceling capabilities and allow for a more intense, focused listening experience.

Alternatively, on-ear headphones have a smaller ear cup area. They’re designed to rest on top, delivering sound directly into your ear.

These products are slightly less efficient in canceling noise but are sometimes found more comfortable than their over-ear competitors.

When it comes right down to it, whether you opt for over or on is going to come down to personal preference.

We can only recommend that you visit an electronics store and take both variations for a test drive in order to see which fits your style best.

Open Back vs Closed Back

Open Back vs. Closed Back Bass Headphones

Besides over-ear models versus on-ear design, the next biggest debate is open back versus closed back. The difference between these types has nothing to do with comfort.

Instead, it determines the type of sound the headphones produce. Open back designs leak aspects of sound.

This gives whatever type of music you listen to a light, airy and spacious feel. Reminiscent of how a soundstage sounds, it’s ideal for vocal performances and genres of music that prioritize overall sound clarity rather than bass power.

It also makes it possible for the people around you to hear what music you’re listening to, as it doesn’t seal in sound as well.

This means that the little old lady sitting next to you on the train can most definitely hear the loud, provocative music blasting out of your headphones. While most probably won’t care, it matters to some.

Alternatively, closed back headphones seal in sound more efficiently. They also create more efficient sound isolation and have a focus on mid to low range sound frequencies.

This makes them the ideal choice for anyone wanting to listen to bass-heavy music.

The closed design also permits the sound to come across a bit warmer and with a more impressive boom. They’re ideal especially for enthusiasts of EDM, hip-hop and any other bass-heavy genre.

Between open back models and their closed back variations, which you select will depend entirely on what kind of music you listen to most. For vocal-focused, classical music with crystal clarity, you’ll want to go with the splashier, open back design.

If you’re a committed basshead who prioritizes low frequency and boom over everything else, then a closed back design is the only way to go.

Wire vs Bluetooth Bass Headphones

Bluetooth headphones provide hands-free, convenient listening. With no cord, there’s no tangled mess or drama from trying to unknot wiring.

These products also allow for increased mobility, which makes them an ideal choice for those who like to walk, run or workout accompanied by their headphones.

On traditional, wired headphones, the speakers’ power source comes from the device you’re listening to. Cordless bluetooth products require an alternate power source, which usually comes in the form of a rechargeable battery.

For some, this added inconvenience is well worth it. Others will prefer sticking to the traditional, old-school wired products.

It should be noted that bluetooth headphones haven’t quite caught up to their wired competitors when it comes to sound quality.

While some wireless headphones can perform at the same audio quality of wired headphones, most of the products on the market don’t quite measure up.

If you’re torn between a bluetooth and wired headset, we’ve got good news.

In anticipation of those who are (understandably) on the line, some companies have started manufacturing wired headphones with bluetooth capabilities.

These hybrid models can be used using bluetooth capabilities or plugged in with a wire if the headset’s battery is low.

Material of Bass Headphones Cups

Cups come in all shapes, sizes and variations. Of course, the most popular design is a traditional oval or circle shape, but hexagons and other wilder designs do exist.

What matters most, however, when considering your headphone’s cups, is definitely not the shape. Comfort is key when it comes to cup material.

Especially if you’re planning to wear your headphones and listen to music regularly or for extended periods of time, you’ll want to be concerned with the cups overall feel.

The perfect ear cups are designed to fit. They provide enough soft padding to prevent ear fatigue or headaches, but are firm enough to lock in sound.

This balance is surprisingly hard to perfect and it can take some testing to sort out which model suits you best.

The most comfortable cup material is usually plush and comes accompanied with some type of soft padding.

These days, memory phone is an extremely popular choice for cup material, as it shifts shapes to snugly fit your ear, providing a customized fit at none of the cost.

Memory foam ear cups are also great at isolating noise and blocking out unwanted noise pollution.

Regardless of if you go with memory foam or another material, you’ll want to make sure the cups are aerated to minimize sweating.

Even if you’re not planning on rocking your bass headphones at the gym, the residual sweat from a summer day can quickly ruin the listening experience with poorly aerated products.

How to Choose the Best Bass Headphones

Which bass headphones suit you best will end up depending on your needs, listening scenarios and the genre of music you most enjoy.

Here are several of the most important factors to consider when shopping around for a new pair:

Driver Size Really Is Sound quality

When it comes to driver size, bigger really is always better. If you’re shopping around for quality headphones and you’re not sure what driver size means, it can be helpful to equate it directly to the product’s overall sound quality.

In short, the bigger the driver size, the better the headphones. As a good rule of thumb, the best bass headphones on the market have a driver size of at least 50mm.

The bigger the driver, the more capacity it has to produce the best sound.


Comfort of Bass Headphones

Just because headphones are bulky doesn’t mean they have to be uncomfortable. After all, if you’re enough of a music lover to invest in quality headphones, you probably plan on listening to music a lot.

You’ll want your headphones to be comfortable and allow for long term wear without any headaches, sweating or ear pain. For comfort’s sake, plush ear padding is usually added to ear cups.

Additionally, the best headphone designs will have cups that incorporate aerated foam in order to minimize sweating and grime buildup.


Chances are if you’re sinking the money into a good pair of headphones, you’re planning on having them last quite awhile. After all, you don’t want to find yourself purchasing a new pair in just a few months.

You’d think that all expensive headphones are built to be durable, but that’s unfortunately not the case.

To purchase a pair that’s going to last long term, look for something with a firm, sturdy outer structure and quality and tough material constructed on the ear cups.

Frequency Range

Frequency refers to the range of bass, mids and treble that a set of speakers (or in this case headphones) is able to reach. It’s measured in relation to Hertz, which is an international standard unit of frequency.

On the packages of speakers and headphones, this is abbreviated as Hz. Because it refers to a range, a speaker’s frequency of range is usually listed as two numbers.

For example, 20 to 20,000 Hz is the standard for most headphones. If you’re shopping around for high-end headphones, you might find the HZ range goes much higher.

For example, some products on the far end of the spectrum can have ranges as drastic as 4Hz to 100Hz. As you’ve probably assumed, a bigger range means better headphones.

However, the average listener may not notice an exponential difference between headphones of bigger frequency ranges and larger ranges don’t always mean better sound quality.

Noise Canceling

Noise Canceling of Bass Headphones

If you’ve ever been stuck on an overseas flight next to a colicky baby, you know the priceless value of noise canceling headphones.

Using specialized foam and a sealing design, headphones with noise canceling properties allow you to block out the sounds you don’t want to hear, so you can focus on the music you want to listen to.

While noise canceling isn’t necessarily a mandatory trait in any set of headphones, it’s helpful if you plan on using them to enjoy your music in noisy areas like train stations, while walking down the street, in buses or planes.


Their primary use is for listening, but headphones are made to be worn on your head and thus it’s an added bonus if their style matches your aesthetic.

Products come in just about any color and metal variation from matte black to gunmetal gray.

While the overall appearance of a set of headphones shouldn’t be what sells you on it, it can definitely end up being a great tie-breaker if you’re hung up on two separate products.

11 Best Bass Headphones Put to Test


Whether traveling, working or just walking along a noisy street, COWIN E7 are practical and designed to calm the noise and allow you to enjoy your favorite music or movie without interference.

The NFC technology and the high-quality inbuilt microphone are meant to give you the hands-free option so that you can free yourself from wires.

The NFC pairing system is facilitated by voice prompts and allows a faster and more reliable connection with any of your Bluetooth enabled devices.

With the protein earpad and the swiveling earcups in place, you’ll have a long-lasting listening comfort.

There’s no need to worry about power shortage while traveling because the inbuilt 600mAh gives you 30 hours of playtime for every charge while on Bluetooth mode.




  • Effective noise canceling
  • Allow faster and reliable connection with Bluetooth devices
  • Comfortable earcups and earpads for long listening comfort

  • Can break easily

2. Mpow Flame

If you enjoy jogging, running, hiking, gym or any other sports, Mpow Flame are the best choice you can make because they’re designed with nano-coating that makes them water and sweat resistant to promote durability.

The tuned driver, Bluetooth and CSR chip provide you with a super bass sound. Furthermore, the earbuds will give you a richer and crisp sound.

While using these headphones, you’ll notice that they have excellent noise cancellation, especially when the volume is high with a lot of basses.

When it comes to comfort and wearability, they never disappoint thanks to the memory foam at ear tips that provide a great seal and snug fit to hold your earbuds in place.

The lithium polymer battery allows you up to 7 to 9 hours of enjoyable music and takes only 1.5 hours to get fully charged. If you’re using an iOS phone, the remaining battery level will usually show on the screen.

Mpow Flame



  • Nano-coating enhances water and sweat resistance
  • Provides a superb bass sound
  • Memory foam at ear tips improves comfort

  • Ear hooks aren’t adjustable

3. Audio-Technica

Audio-Technica Headphones are unique and greater in performance compared to other brands. Their features include Propriety 45-millimeters big-aperture drivers and earth magnets with copper-covered aluminum wire voice coils.

The enjoyable listening experience is guaranteed by the bass response that’s deep and accurate with outstanding clarity throughout the frequency range.

The circumaural design enables earcups to contour around your ears for great sound isolation, especially in noisy surroundings.

Also, the 90 degrees swiveling earcups are meant to enable one ear monitoring while the pro-grade earpad and headband materials provide comfort and promote durability.




  • Provides deep and accurate bass response
  • Perfect sound isolation
  • Long lasting and comfortable materials on earpad and headband

  • Can be too heavy for some users

4. Sony ZX Serie

Designed with acoustic, bass boosting feature, Sony ZX Series have the best bass response and additional 30-millimeter drivers that offer wider frequency response.

The in-line microphone offers hands-free phone calling and you can use it with almost every Android smartphone and iPhone.

You can listen to your favorite music wherever you go since the headphones are lightweight in design to ease comfort and wearability.

The wire takes a Y-type cord design and hardly gets tangled. There’s a free smart key app meant for customizing in-line remote function while the swivel design improves portability.

Sony ZX Serie



  • Wide frequency and excellent bass response
  • In-line microphone for hands-free calling
  • Lightweight design for comfort and wearability

  • Sound quality is not good enough

5. Skullcandy Hesh 2

With supreme sound technology, Skullcandy Hesh 2 Bluetooth Headphones will provide you with powerful bass and natural, warm and precise highs.

You can rely on them to give you all day comfort while listening to your favorite music because they’re fitted with soft and synthetic leather ear cushions for endless comfort.

The headband is flexible with a metal understructure which can withstand the strain that comes with everyday use. With these headphones, you get up to 15 hours of music when charged fully.

The battery is rechargeable and has a LED indicator which blinks red when the battery is as low as 10%. Also, you only need 2 and a half hours to get it fully recharged.

The wireless and pairing control system enables you to stream music from any available Bluetooth enabled device.

You can easily adjust volume and select your favorite song using the on-board plus and minus features. There’s also AUX Cord with microphone and remote included.

Skullcandy Hesh 2



  • Provides powerful bass with precision highs
  • Soft, synthetic leather cushion for ear comfort
  • Has 15 hours of battery life

  • Don’t fold easily for travel or storage

6. TaoTronics

If you’re looking for noise canceling headphones, Taotronics have you covered. They’re designed to cancel noise perfectly and let you enjoy your audio wherever you go.

Their design features adjustable ear cups that are comfortable and you can easily swivel them up to an angle of 90°. The earpads are made of super soft protein for enhancing comfort.

Furthermore, the headband is designed to fit all shapes of head and sizes since it’s adjustable. The long-lasting power charge enables you to listen to your favorite songs for 30 hours after every charge.

Through the 40mm drivers, these headphones will enable you to stream via Bluetooth with ease. You can rely on this item to transmit your voice clearly for the high-quality call even in a noisy background.

Other than the built-in microphone the design also features an airplane adapter and comes with a case for easy portability.




  • Cancels any outer noise
  • Features built-in mic for enhanced calling experience
  • Long-lasting power charger of 30 hours runtime per charge

  • Bluetooth connection isn’t good enough

7. OneOdio

Designed to provide you with supreme comfort and a perfectly balanced sound, OneOdio Headphones are exactly what you need to enjoy favorite music wherever you go.

The 50mm speaker unit driver and the neodymium magnets give you a stereo HI-FI sound including clear vocal, powerful bass and great high tones.

In order to give maximum noise isolation and comfort monitoring, these headphones are fitted with high-quality ear cushions with pads.

You can set the headband to the desired fitting angle since it’s stretchable and adjustable. The long DJ-style cord can easily reach your chair from the stereo or television.

Standard-sized plugs are also included and they’re easy to detach. The headphones are compatible with several audio devices including iPad, iPhone, iPod and Androids.




  • Powerful bass and maximum noise isolation
  • Padded ear cushion for comfort
  • Adjustable and stretchable headband for perfect fit

  • Sound may not be as good as the beats

8. TaoTronics Active Noise Cancelling

TaoTronics Headphones are designed to offer you a quality sound and noise cancellation so you can enjoy your favorite music to the maximum. The noise canceling is also very effective in giving clear call quality even in a noisy surrounding.

While using them, you’ll notice the aggressive bass that has a balanced mid-levels and bright highs given the dual large-aperture drivers.

The runtime is long lasting because of the generous battery life that lasts for up to 30 hours. You can enjoy your favorite music for longer and you can have the included audio cable plugged in when the battery is low.

You’ll notice the adjustable headband that enables a perfect fit for maximum comfort and 90 degrees swiveling ear cups with very soft protein ear pads that enhance comfort. While traveling, you can easily carry this product with you since it’s foldable.

TaoTronics Active Noise Cancelling



  • Noise cancellation for clear calls quality and music listening
  • Adjustable headband for a fitting comfort
  • Long-lasting battery

  • Carrying case lacks a hook

9. Tribit XFree Tune

Tribit XFree ear-wireless headphones are designed to provide you with comfort as they come with an adjustable headband.

They’re ideal for use for long hours as they come with an inbuilt battery that provides you with 40 hours of playtime after a maximum of 4 hours charging time.

You’ll find them very functional thanks to their hi-fi stereo sound which provides rich bass and great sound.

The Bluetooth 4.1 technology will automatically give you more functionality that you can ever bargain for, while the inbuilt microphone ensures you can make calls anywhere anytime.

Tribit XFree Tune



  • In-built rechargeable battery with 40 hours of playtime
  • Adjustable headband
  • Great connection, hands-free usage and the inbuilt microphone

  • Can be a bit heavy

10. Skullcandy Crusher

Most of us want great wireless earphones that guarantee more hours of listening to our favorite music. That’s precisely what Skullcandy Crusher do while ensuring that you get 40 hours or rechargeable battery life.

They’re designed to help you lock out outside noise with their noise isolating design audio drivers.

They’re availed with Bluetooth wireless control and an inbuilt microphone allowing you to make calls and control the volume all from the ear cup.

The rapid charge functionality is very effective as with only 10 minutes of charge you get 3 hours of use. It also takes 2.5 hours to fully charge them which is very time-saving.

Skullcandy Crusher



  • Noise isolating memory foam for comfort
  • Charges very fast
  • Gives 40-hours battery life

  • Material used is not of the best quality

11. Sony XB950B1

Sony XB950B1 Headphones promise extra bass and great sound so you can enjoy your favorite music.

They also offer high-quality wireless audio along with the perfect Bluetooth function and NFC. You can optimize sound as the headphones are availed with connecting app.

With up to 18 hours of battery life and only 4 hours of charge time, you’re guaranteed to have more time listening to your favorite audios.

These headphones are also designed with an inbuilt microphone to help you in making clear calls with ease.

Sony XB950B1



  • Have an inbuilt microphone
  • Bluetooth enabled with NFC features
  • 18 hours of battery life

  • Four arms that connect each earpiece to the headband aren’t strong enough

How to Store Bass Headphones

Some products come with quality storage bags or hard shell cases. If you’re not so lucky, you’ll want to consider a safe, easy way to store your headphones.

While bags can serve to protect your headphones from the collection of dust and light elements such as rain, it’s ideal to have something a bit sturdier.

Because headphones can quickly become ruined by water, pressure and drops, a hard shell case with a padded interior is the safest option.

A few other storage accessories you might find useful include removable Kevlar wraps for cords, extra shell covers, extra shield screws, polishing cloth, stickers and a carabiner clip.

Cleaning and Maintaining of Bass Headphones

Remember that some select brands of bass headphones require a period of use to warm up and reach their premium sound. This period is called the burn-in period and makes the overall sound quality smoother and more impressive over time.

After you’ve purchased and burnt in your new pair, you’ll want to take good care of them. Outside of storing them safely, they shouldn’t require much maintenance.

While it isn’t usually necessary to regularly clean your headphones, if you have them for years on end, you might find them needing a bit of a spruce up.

Because the speaker elements of any set of headphones are extremely delicate, this should be done with absolute care.

Before beginning a cleaning process, you should consult the manual of your individual product, as there may be detailed instructions that are specific to your brand.

If there’s none, you’ll want to start by removing the ear pads and wiping the exterior of the headphones with a lightly damp cloth. Using a gently fabric, you can also wipe down the headphone’s exterior using alcohol or hand sanitizer.

Be sure to keep all liquids away from the mechanics of the speaker and allow the headphones to air dry properly before use.

FAQ about Bass Headphones

Are bass headphones bad for ears?

It’s commonly said that if those in the room around you can hear the music coming out of your headphones, then it’s far too loud and is actually damaging your hearing.

Considering the open back and closed back variations of headphones and the fact that some bass headphones are specifically designed to leak in order to create a more spacious sound, this rule is clearly mistaken.

The cold, hard truth is that any exposure to loud noises over extended periods of time can lead to hearing loss over time.

When it comes to using headphones (or any type of speaker) without causing damage to your ears, the power is in your hands.

To be sure you’re not damaging your ears, keep your headphone volume at a comfortable level. If you struggle to hear your music, invest in a pair of noise canceling headphones rather than listening to standard headphones on high volume.

If you notice a constant ringing in your ears, it could be a sign of hearing damage. Referred to as Tinnitus, this is a telltale, initial sign hearing loss.

Is there a way to adjust the bass setting on headphones?

In short, yes. Most high-quality bass headphones have additional settings which allow you to tweak the exactly levels of bass.

If you’re looking to alter or adapt the sound further, you’ll need to consult with the listening device you’re using. iPods, computers and most other devices all have their own EQ level settings.

These are the controls which allow for the adjustment of frequence levels. To find these settings on any device, you may need to consult the product’s manual or website.


Nothing compares to seeing your favorite band play live. For true audiophiles, a high-quality pair of bass headphones is the next best thing.

For the deepest lows and bass that comes through vividly and vibrantly, your puny little earbuds aren’t quite going to cut it.

To turn your jam sessions into maximized listening experiences, there’s no other way than an excellent pair of bass headphones.

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