You only need see Lex Griffin one time to realize quickly he is dead serious about fitness and everything weightlifting. His sculpted physique looks like he was literally carved from stone, but he does have one unique feature that really sets him apart from his competition. Lex has a man-beard, not just any beard, this bearded warrior has a style and personality almost as wild as Lex himself. Getting to understand what makes Lex tick gives you insight as to why this beard is simply a part of the man that can not be separated.

About Lex Griffin

lexpicTake one look at Lex from a distance and you can smell that intimidation from a room away. Every part of his body, from his sculpted arms, legs, abdomen, to his sculpted beard, all scream perfection. Lex is a fitness model and a champion competitive bodybuilder. He is a nutrition specialist and personally trains hundreds of clients. He has appeared on the cover of Men’s Health, he is a GymShark athlete, and is a featured bodybuilder on SimplyShredded website. When it comes to proof Lex is more than just a vision of awesomeness, he finished 3rd in the MuscleMania Scottish Regional Middleweight and was the Fitness Britain National and Commonwealth Lightweight Champion in 2012.

Working With Lex Griffin

Don’t let this bearded warrior scare you, he is quite welcoming about working one-on-one with clients, actually, he prefers it. Lex likes to work with his clients in the gym setting and in addition to vigorous training regimes, he also helps with tailored food plans as well. Lex likes to work with clients who are serious about taking their health and training to the next level. He currently holds two degrees, one in medical biology and the other in physiology. Lex has participated professionally in mixed martial arts, and has been involved competitively in bodybuilding for 5 years. He stands alone in his ability to motivate others to understand more about their body, nutrition, and effective exercise routines.

The Bearded Warrior

lex2picLex Griffin is sponsored by Rise Gym Gear, and proudly talks about his mission in life to live the most active lifestyle possible. This bearded warrior takes his vision of a dominant warrior, and incorporate his massive sculpted beard, to project an image of a man who first envisions, then undertakes, and finally conquers every challenge in front of him. In addition to all the nutritional and exercise videos and packages he promotes, if you want to grow a thick, strong, and stunning man-beard like the man, he even has a video for that. His video tutorial, Beard Care – Trimming & Viking Style, will help men follically challenged to finally have that thick beard that scares the competition into submission.

Lex can help you to achieve all your fitness goals, he believes that your diet is the key because you live with it each day and it will determine how you look and how you feel. He can help you adjust your lifestyle and forever change your look and give you back total control.