There is going to come a point where you have your doubts on whether or not you should go ahead and grow that beard.

Never fear, we have broken down the reasons to grow that manly beard versus what happens if you decide to give in and shave it off.

The beard separates males into two categories, one that is going to grab the attention of every female within eye-shot of the beard, and the other who simply disappears in the crowd.

The bearded man is obviously the envy of every guy and girl in the room, the other guys not so much. A bearded man takes charge, while those who decide they would rather shave simply fall in line.

Whether you want to believe it or not, bearded men portray wisdom and high status, the clean-shaven male is simply a baby face.

Would you rather spend a fortune this year on razors, or have a free pass to getting the juices flowing of any female that can get their hands on your beard?

Even stroking your beard tells the room you are deep in thought and have something incredible to say, versus the beardless man who is basically invisible to the crowd.

The reason the clean-shaven guy is disappearing into obscurity is because he basically looks like a woman, while the bearded man is commanding the attention of guys who want to be him, and those females that want to be with him.

These are just a few of the reasons having a beard is the obvious choice here, but rest assured we could easily come up with a few dozen more.

Make the right choice, become that alpha-male you know is screaming inside you to break free, put down that razor and punch your card at the front door of the manliest club in all the land.

Beard vs Non-Beard Infographic
beard infographic

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