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Have you ever thought about the difference between beard hair vs. head hair? Even though these are hairs that grow on our heads, the two are entirely different.

You might be shocked to realize this, but the two types of hair are completely different compared to each other and come with their characteristics. Just think about it, we use different products for our heads and beard.

Using the same ones for both does not give good results. The difference in hair types is why we have to have a standalone shampoo for puffy hair and a different one for a scraggly beard.

 Today, we provide you with all the answers and determine the main differences between beard and head hair.

Is There a Difference

Beard and head hair feel very different to the touch because each has its shape and thickness. The main discrepancies come with the structural shape of follicles, where beard hair is much more susceptible to tangle and dryness.

Facial hair is also androgenic and starts sprouting up in puberty. The hair on our heads is affected by genetics, while the ones on our chin are controlled by testosterone.

The hair on our head is much oilier and the products we use for it are meant to remove excess oils, making it dry. On the other hand, the oils our body produces for our beard are necessary to have a softer and glossier beard.

So the two types of products should never be mixed. So, Yes, there is a difference and specific products that we use are not going to be able to affect beard growth the same as hair growth.

Main Differences

The same factors are not going to affect beard hair loss and head hair loss the same. There are intangible differences that significantly distinguish the two apart.

  • Facial hair is androgenic: Beard hair is terminal hair that develops in puberty or after it. The growth of this type of hair depends on the level of Androgen and the density of androgen receptors.
  • Facial hair is coarse compared to head hair: Facial hair has a thicker circumference than any other type. Beard hair is also a lot lighter and finer than head hair and can break much more quickly than head hair.
  • Beard hair is sensitive: Facial hair can provide tactile sensory input thanks to vibrations that go through the sensory nerves in our skin.
  • Beard hair reflects physical characteristics: Facial hair gives us a greater sense of identity as people of different ethnicities have androgenic hair. Black men’s beard styles differ vastly from other ethnic types, such as Sikh hair.

Half Bearded Half Shaved Guy

Under the Microscope

We can put everything under a microscope to better understand the difference between beard hair vs. head hair. So, for instance, the cross-section of a beard hair lets us see some irregular shapes, which include ellipses, triangles, and ovals.

On the other hand, the same view on head hair shows us rounder and more uniform shapes. Using a microscope, we can quickly determine whether the hair is male, female, or animal and its location.

Every set of hair has its shape and characteristics, which is why shaggy hairstyles occur at some point.

Quick Grooming Tips

We can say that both beard hair and head hair are essential because they all need a lot of grooming. If you want to preserve them and keep them looking nice, you better start following some of the tips we have for you. This goes the same for older men’s hairstyles as well.

  • Nourish your head hair with conditioner and shampoo. The hair on our scalp is drier and finer than on our face. You will need to use a conditioner or shampoo to hydrate your hair and add volume.
  • Use face-friendly products for your beard. Never use the same products for your beard meant for your head. Always apply those specifically to help your beard grow and consider beard oil vs. wax vs. balm.
  • Establish a regular beard grooming routine. You can soften your beard by using the necessary products in a specific manner. Establishing and following a routine daily will help you get a softer beard.
  • Brush your beard regularly. If you want a straight beard, you must include brushing within your daily routine. Be sure to get a good beard brush made out of boar bristle.


Is beard hair stronger than head hair?

Actually, no, it is not. Beard hair is much more coarse than head hair. It is lighter and can break off much easier than head hair.

Illustration of Hair

Does beard hair grow as fast as head hair?

Beard hair grows slightly faster compared to head hair. When comparing the two, beard hair grows 0.38mm per day while head hair develops between 0.6cm and 3.36cm per month.

Does beard hair fall out like head hair?

Yes, it does. Beards and head hair are shed as part of their natural growth cycle. After growing to a certain extent, our hairs will break off from the follicles, ultimately making room for a new strand of hair to develop in its stead.

Is beard hair the same color as head hair?

They usually are, but there are many cases where guys have a completely different beard color than the one on their head. This is because the texture of the head hair and the hair on the rest of our body is different, where some follicles on our body will produce a different color.


Next time you decide to shave or cut your hair, take a good long look at your hair. You will notice that the two are highly different and, as such, deserve an entirely diverse treatment.

The stuff you use on your beard will not work for your hair and vice versa. Never mix the products and avoid using a shampoo meant for your head on your beard, as you will ruin your entire beard routine that way.