6 Questions About the Beard Growth Spray Answered

The bottom line when it comes to a beard is that it makes most guys feel more handsome and masculine, that is if they can get it to grow properly.

The trouble many guys have is they simply can’t make it to the four-week mark and the itching becomes so painful that they either shave off the beard, trim it or begin sculpting it to alleviate some of that discomfort.

One of the products on the market that will make growing that beard easier is the beard growth spray.

If you haven’t already heard about this product, we’ll consider some of the commonly asked questions to help you make the right choice for caring for your beard.

Is the Beard Growth Spray 100% Natural

The best growth sprays are all natural, helping to maximize hair growth and reducing painful redness and swelling that can occur during beard growth.

The all-natural ingredients help to strengthen and soften the facial hair and skin at the same time. By providing the skin and hair follicles with essential nutrients, your beard will begin to grow more rapidly.

Is the Beard Growth Spray Safe to Use

Compared to other hair growth products on the market, a beard spray is actually safe to use on your hair and your skin.

The reason this product is so effective is because it doesn’t contain those harsh chemicals that the majority of hair growth products contain.

When the products you use on the sensitive skin under the beard are made with dangerous toxins, they can irritate your skin and impede the growth of the beard.

When the beard spray is 100% natural, you have nothing to be concerned about when using it on the face.

What If You Have a Sensitive Skin

If you have sensitive skin, any product you put on your face that has chemicals in it will cause some degree of a reaction.

You will either suffer from redness, itchiness, severe flaking of dry skin.

All natural beard sprays contain no harmful ingredients to promote healthy hair growth. You won’t suffer from any itchiness, irritation or redness even after the prolonged use.

Now you have the ability to apply the spray to even the most sensitive areas of the face where the beard may be having trouble growing without concern of aggravating the skin surface.

How Soon Will You See the Results

How Soon Will You See the Results

The opinions are divided. Some men reported that they’ve begun to see serious results after only 30 days.

For others, it took more time and patience to see sustainable effects, but over time there was the enhance in beard growth.

However, there are those that didn’t notice much difference even after using the whole bottle. In addition to this, few guys experienced irritation.

Darrell says:

“It irritates my skin and makes my ears, nose and throat burn. I was careful the second time I used it to cover my nose and mouth, but just having the spray close to my nose and mouth made me cough.”

Many things can negatively affect the growth rate. Hereditary plays a role in the speed at which the hair will begin to sprout.

This being said, the thing that is more efficient in the beard growth process is definitely leading a healthier lifestyle. If you want your beard to grow faster and thicker, do it the natural way.

Eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly will put you in the optimal position to experience the fastest hair growth.

You’ll find that getting 8 hours of sleep also helps. Other things you can do is to limit alcohol intake, drink lots of water every day, reduce stress, and keep your beard clean and moisturized.

If the natural ways don’t help and you still insist on using a beard growth spray, have in mind the mixed reviews and the fact that it may not work for you because it doesn’t have the same effect for every man.

How Long Will the Results Last

Experience of a few guys who used the spray showed that after stopping, all of a sudden the results diminished.

That’s because the beard growth spray works by giving the hair follicles all the nutrients it needs to enhance your beard growth, so if you stop using the product, you stop feeding the facial hair and the cycle will return to normal again.

Will Shaving Make My Beard Grow Faster

This is a myth that continues to fool men into thinking shaving is the answer. If this was actually true, guys would be shaving and grow richer beards all the time.

Shaving only exposes the hair follicle where the color is darker, giving the perception it is growing faster.