Best Beard Growth Kits

Maintaining a good-looking beardis possible if you do some things that promote its proper growth. The problem is that not everyone is lucky enough to have the genes that let them grow natural-looking and thick beard fast with the least effort. If you are one of those not fortunate enough, or you plan to speed up the process of growing your beard, then investing in a beard growth kit can help you.

This kit contains all the beard growth tools and products you would possibly need – including beard shampoo or wash, derma rollers, conditioners, vitamins, and supplements. It also usually contains grooming tools, like the best mustache comb and high-quality beard brush, to help during the whole beard growing cycle.

Investing in a good quality beard growth oil separately may also be unnecessary because the kit usually has it. Basically, the beard growth kit is what you need to get a hold of all the products and tools you need to grow your beard based on your desired speed and state.

Benefits of Beard Growth Kits

Promotes Speed of Beard Growth

You will enjoy a speedier growth of your beard with this kit around as it contains most, if not all, tools and products that can stimulate and support it. Some even have a premium beard relaxer and castor oil in them, which is a big advantage. Castor oil can encourage hair growth and thickness, so having this product in the kit can surely help you.

You can even easily detangle your beard using a brush, as some kits have high-quality beard brush in them. The good thing about this brush is that it is also useful in encouraging your beard’s rapid growth.

Comes With Beard Growth Vitamins and Supplements

Another benefit of a beard growth kit is that it has vitamins and supplements to support the growing process. This means it does not just contain beard grooming products and tools that can encourage beard growth. You can also take advantage of the beard growth vitamins and supplements often included in the kit.

All these vitamins and supplements are formulated to supply you with essential nutrients that encourage the healthy growth of your beard. It is even possible for some of them to stimulate those dormant hair follicles to produce new beard strands.

Easy and Safe to Carry Around

Another amazing benefit of the kit is that you can easily carry it around. This means that even if you travel or fly, you will not have to worry too much about how you can bring your beard grooming products and tools with you. The kit is usually not that bulky. It somewhat resembles the toiletries you intend to bring when you are on a trip, which means it offers great convenience anytime you decide to travel.

How Does Beard Growth Kit Work

How Does Beard Growth Kit Work

A good beard growth kit works with its contents – the products, tools, and supplements included in them. You can expect all of the kit’s inclusions to be made in a way that they can transform a patchy and thin beard into a manly and rugged one. They work effectively in giving your facial hair or beard the boost it needs. This results in a thick, well-groomed, and attractive beard.

Pros and Cons 


  • Provides an all-in-one kit solution for beard grooming. The reason is that it has all the things you possibly need to speed up and thicken beard growth.
  • Travel-friendly. The kit is usually compact, making it a great choice for men who travel a lot.
  • Safe to use as most of the kit’s products, like beard oils and balms, are made using natural ingredients.
  • Can deal with a thin and patchy beard.
  • Can help improve the fullness and thickness of your beard.


  • Some kits, especially the really complete ones, can be quite expensive.

Types of Beard Growth Products

Beard Growth Pills

One beard growth product that you can use is that which comes in pill form. This beard growth pill can usually be found in the kit. It combines various vitamins and minerals necessary for the healthy growth of hair, especially after experiencing a severe case of hair loss. It can, therefore, contribute to improving the length, thickness, and fullness of your beard.

Biotin stimulates beard growth, which is why you can see it being used as the primary ingredient in the pill. Aside from making your facial hair or beard strong and healthy, it can also strengthen your nails. Moreover, it is good for your skin as well as the hair strands growing on your head.

Beard Growth Creams and Lotions

Some beard growth kits also have creams and lotions designed to help in encouraging growth. These types of products somewhat resemble beard balms. Most of them also use natural ingredients and oils that nourish your hair and your skin.

Other versions of beard growth creams and lotions have some thickening ingredients that supply your hair follicles and skin with several essential nutrients that promote hair growth. Applying it can, therefore, help in growing thick-looking and healthy facial hair.

Beard Growth Oils

Types of Beard Growth Products - Beard Growth Oils

Another usual inclusion in the kit is the beard growth oil. This oil is made in a way that you can rub it to your beard to promote growth. Massaging beard oil into the skin underneath your beard can also lock in moisture, which is a big advantage. Some versions of this product use just one type of oil, like castor or argan. Others, on the other hand, use a mixture of different ingredients and oils.

Beard Growth Sprays and Liquids

You can also use beard growth sprays and liquids for your facial hair. One major advantage of these products is that you can easily apply them. Compared to oils and creams, the sprays and liquids are also less messy. The reason is that they are made in a way that your skin can quickly absorb them, maybe within just a few seconds. Some of these sprays and liquids also contain ingredients that can stimulate even those dormant hair follicles. With that, they can eventually fill up any patchy spot.

Beard Growth Balms

There is also what we call the beard growth balm. While this product is not as famous as the beard growth vitamin and oil, some of them are guaranteed effective when it comes to speeding up your beard’s growth and guaranteeing its fullness and thickness. Ensure that you go for a kit with a beard balm that uses top essential oils for its formulation. The reason is that these ingredients can maximize the volume and growth of your facial hair.

Minoxidil (Rogaine)

Minoxidil, otherwise referred to as Rogaine, is also another product that promotes beard growth. This product is one that you usually apply to your head once you begin to experience hair loss. It can encourage the flow of blood to your hair follicles and boost their size. It may help you grow a beard, although it is not as popular as other beard growth products.

Beard Transplants

You may also want to go for beard transplants. It may be an unpopular product for dealing with a thin and patchy beard, but you can truly find doctors who perform transplant procedures for men who want to grow their beard in the thickness, fullness, and length they want.

The transplant takes place by taking out hair strands from your head then grafting them to your face. It is a good way to grow a beard fast, but it is quite painful, not costly. A session can cost you around $5,000 to $20,000.

Beard Growth Vitamins and Supplements

You can also grow your beard fast by taking vitamins and supplements that support that purpose. The vitamin in this category comes in a capsule form with all the vitamins necessary for growth. Each capsule contains the recommended daily dosage for every included vitamin to achieve your purpose.

How to Choose the Best Beard Growth Kit

How to Choose the Best Beard Growth Kit


Ensure that you spend time thoroughly checking the contents of the kit before buying. You also have to be aware of the specific products that you need. If your sole purpose is to achieve rapid beard growth, then minimalist kits that have balms and oils in them will already suffice.

However, if you want to attain beard growth together with beard grooming and care for the long term, then be willing to spend more for a kit containing other items, like scissors, massagers, and combs. Beard trimmers are necessary for grooming, so it would also be best to have them in the kit. Remember that tin of beard balm can last up to a month, so rest assured that you could benefit from this purchase.


The contents of the kit also need to be examined thoroughly for scents. You can find kits with scented oils and balms. They often have distinctive fragrances – some of which are peppermint and rose, among other esoteric fragrances. Go for a kit with contents that have a nice scent or smell.

By doing that, you can make your beard infused with a distinctive smell. Some find these scents annoying and uncomfortable, though, so ask yourself first if you want the products included there to be scented or neutral.


Most beard growth kit products are not just ideal in promoting a healthy and good beard. They are also formulated in a way that they can keep the skin beneath the beard safe and healthy. When choosing a kit, remember how important it is to observe your facial skin. You should never ignore it as your skin forms the crucial foundation of a healthy beard.

If possible, look for a kit with a moisturizer. A beard moisturizer soothes the skin beneath your beard, so the kit needs to have it. With this product, you have an assurance that the skin beneath remains happy and moisturized while preventing painful irritation, flaky skin, and itchiness.

Does More Spending Mean More Quality

When it comes to beard growth kits, those sold at high prices are usually worth it as they are the ones that seem to be full of useful and beneficial products for the beard. However, you should keep in mind that it would be unnecessary for you to invest in the most expensive kit if some of the products included here are not what you need.

With that in mind, create a list of all the beard growth products you will most likely need. It should only contain the ones you need specifically. For instance, if you also have plans of trimming tapered beard well, apart from promoting healthy growth, ensure that the kit has the tool you specifically need for it, like shears or scissors. This means choosing a reasonably priced beard growth kit with everything you need.

Do’s and Don’ts 

Do’s and Don’ts With Beard Growth Kits


  • Do use the contents of the kit regularly. Doing so can maximize their effects. You can’t expect similar results if you only use the products sparingly. Make sure to put them on your beard based on the provided recommendations and instructions.
  • Do look for a kit containing the basic and most important products. These could include a beard brush, scissors, and oil. Ensure that the kit has the items you need to accomplish your intended result from your beard grooming routines. For instance, if you want to go through the three stages of microblading, then the kit’s tools should help in that regard.
  • Do research your options. This means learning more about a kit before investing your money in it. Your goal should be to find a kit that is suitable for the type of beard you hold.


  • Don’t buy a kit just because it is cheap. Ensure that you consider the quality, usefulness of the contents, and any other factor that can influence the final price. The products inside should give you real value for your money, so look for a balance between price and quality.
  • Don’t buy a kit with contents that are high in harmful chemicals. If possible, choose a kit containing products that use all-natural ingredients. That way, you can avoid applying excessive amounts of chemicals to your face while experiencing adverse reactions.


Are beard growth kits safe to use?

Generally, yes. The reason is that most providers of these kits make it a point to build their kits in a way that contains safe and all-natural products. With that, you will have peace of mind using them since you know there will be no adverse negative effects.

Can I bring my beard growth kit on flights?

Yes, you can. These kits are generally safe and you can bring them even on long flights. They are also often compact, so you will never experience difficulty bringing them around.

What comes into the beard growth kit?

A beard growth kit usually contains all the basic products and tools necessary for your beard’s growth. There are beard oils, balms, creams, moisturizers, and sprays in the kit. You can also find those with beard growth pills, vitamins, or supplements. Moreover, most of the kits contain several of the basic tools you need to encourage the speedy growth of a thick beard with volume, like beard comb, scissor, and brush.


If you want to have a much better chance of growing a thick, full, and long beard with the least effort, then investing in a good beard growth kit can help. Just make sure to spend time researching all your options and studying what you need exactly, so you can find a kit that is a perfect match for your beard growth, grooming, and care needs.