Barrister and Mann Review

Looking good is one thing, but it should be combined with an attractive smell. A man can get an exceptional style and combine it with an attractive thin beard appealing to the eye. But when you come closer, you also need to feel refreshed and attracted by the scent. 

This is where Barrister and Mann come in with their batch of artisan shaving soaps. It is a company with a short history compared to its peers but has already established itself as better ones. They are your go-to brand for unique soaps, wet shavers, aftershaves, and all things men. 

Follow us on our review of the Barrister and Mann brand and its products. 

What Is Barrister and Mann

Barrister and Mann is a grooming and shaving products manufacturer aimed mainly at men’s care. Their specialty is artisan shaving soaps, aftershaves, and personal fragrances to define a modern man. So basically, if you are looking for a premium shaving soap, you can find an appropriate one here with ease. 

The brand is still relatively young as it was initially founded in Boston, MA, in March 2013. Later on, they moved to Hartwick, New York, where they are located. 

Barrister and Mann concentrate on creating a unique fragrance native to their products alone. This has enabled them to become one of the most famous men’s grooming products providers and artisan shaving soaps creators. It breathes in reliability and confidence with its buyers. 

Benefits of Using Barrister and Mann Products

Barrister and Mann come with various advantages that leave the customers wanting more. First of all, there are a lot of different products on deck. You can get everything that you need for men’s grooming and shaving all in one place. 

Secondly, their products are high-end and quality. If you want the world’s best beard balm, for instance, you can easily find it here. More so, the smell of their products is out of this world. Each product they sell comes with a unique fragrance that will make your head spin, which is what artisan shaving soaps are all about. 

How Does Barrister and Mann Work

Barrister and Mann offer a variety of reliable beard care products. One of their most formidable offerings comes with a set of beard soaps, where each one comes with its unique characteristics. 

For instance, the introductory level is the Classic, where you will find soaps with unique fragrances that provide an excellent shaving performance. The Classic products are easy to lather, ideal for dry skin, offer a beard moisturizer that helps with a scruffy beard, perfect for men with ingrown hairs, and are also very slick. Even though these are introductory products, they are still one of the most sold ones on the site. 

Excelsior is the latest addition to the roster of Barrister and Mann products. These shaving soaps provide a richer lather, offer a better moisturizing effect, and are much more slicker. These are also more resistant to hard water and come with ingredients such as xanthan gum, which create a gel-like layer between the soap and the skin. 

Finally, Reserve soaps from Barrister and Mann are made explicitly for those lanolin-sensitive people. The soaps are not only lanolin-free but are hard-water stable and provide added moisturizing. They come restricted in scents like Classic, Fern, Cool, Lavender, Spice, and Waves. 

Pros and Cons of Using Barrister and Mann Products

Pros and Cons of Using Barrister and Mann Products

There are numerous benefits of an aftershave product that Barrister and Mann provide and other products on their list. But there are always going to be some downsides. However, if the positives greatly outweigh the negatives, you have nothing to worry about. 


  • Products provide a very quality lather and comfortable shave. 
  • The scent is unique and perfect. 
  • Not as pricey as you may think. 


  • Some samples can be a bit tricky to use. 
  • Certain products require extra water, which may result in a messy shave. 

Types of Barrister and Mann Products

Shaving Soaps

With the Barrister and Mann shaving soaps, no matter the type of shaver used, you will end up having one of the softest and smoothest shaves that you’ve ever had. You can throw away your old soap that came in a can and switch to these products as the quality is incomparable with other brands. 


Going with the standard shaving soaps is a good option if you want a smooth shave. These shaving soaps produce enough lather, are very silky and smooth, and allow adequate moisturizing. The Standard choice is always a popular one, primarily as it can be used on sensitive skin. Combine it with a shaving brush that makes a perfect lather and you are good to go. 


The Reserve shaving soap line is unique because it is lanolin-free and hard-water stable. More so, it is slicker than other products and adds a better moisturizing effect. These products offer incredible protection and will keep your face as smooth as a baby’s but the second you are done shaving. 


The Latha line of shaving soaps comes with a classic barbershop fragrance but mixes things up by adding a bit of lavender, vanilla, carnation, oakmoss, heliotrope, geranium, and musk. The result is a clean scent native to 1950s Madison Avenue. 


Aftershaves usually come with a matching soap scent but don’t have to be as there are a couple of one-off releases. The Barrister and Mann aftershaves are divided into Standard, Deltus, Kyovu, and Reserve. The provider also had Tonique, but it was replaced with Deltus in 2019. 

All of the aftershaves have a unique scent which is the main characteristic of this brand. You will not make a mistake in whichever product you decide to choose. But be sure to double down on a specific smell that you need. 

Hand and Body Soaps

For a luxurious body wash, you can check out one of the many Barrister and Mann hand and body soaps. If you are the kind of person that prefers using traditional soaps instead of gels, these products might be for you. They lather well, are not overbearing, and come with a specific fragrance that the company is known for. 

Shaving Brush

You can’t put on some shaving soap without a suitable shaving brush. Barrister and Mann have a formidable product for such needs with their Synthetic Fiber Shaving Brush (22mm). The fibers are excellent in applying soaps and are not too scratchy. The shape is very comfortable and it looks classy. The best part of it is that it is very affordable for $10. 

Beard Oil

Types of Barrister and Mann Products

Looking for a beard oil with natural ingredients? Look no further as Barrister and Mann also have a product that is entirely appropriate to use that will make your beard soft and silky smooth. They don’t have a lot of beard oil types to offer, but this one works more than well. It comes in standard scents that you can combine with other Barrister and Mann products or go scentless if that is something you prefer. 


Barrister and Mann will make smelling good incredibly easy for you. Since they have so much to offer, you can find a product that will be incorporated into your style. The brand is very big in smells, so expect some genuinely unique fragrances. You don’t have to waste a lot of time searching for products online when you can get the perfect one right off the bat with this brand. 

Cooling Body Spray

The Terror Body Spray from Barrister and Mann is a seasonal body spray perfect for stuffy indoor activities or hot summers. It activates with sweat and provides the cooling sensation you need in high heat. You don’t need to apply so much, just a dash and you are ready to face a hot day. 

Features of Barrister and Mann Products


All Barrister and Mann products come individually wrapped. Having an excellent and appealing package goes a long way and you will not understand the advantage of having one until you hold one in your hand. Each product is exquisitely wrapped and placed in an appropriate container that looks appealing and relatively easy to use. 


The scent of Barrister and Mann products is its biggest advantage. Since they have concentrated on producing unique and appealing fragrances for men, each product comes with an individual smell that you can pair with other types from a long line of offered products. They do provide scents for modern men. 


Quality is one of the main selling points of each Barrister and Mann product. It does not matter which one you will go for; all of them are very suitable and allow for excellent performance once used. You can rest assured that your purchase product will do precisely what it says on the label. 


Surprisingly enough, most Barrister and Mann products come at a very reasonable price. You can rarely find quality products that perform well and are priced appropriately. You will not have to spend a fortune looking and smelling good, as the price tag is affordable and aimed explicitly at modern men. 

How to Use Barrister and Mann Products

Since there are so many Barrister and Mann products, the first step will be determining what you need. If you want to get an entire package, an option allows you to get more products with the same scent. Since they are meant to combine, you are not going to need to spend a lot of time thinking about what you need and you may also get to save a bit of money at the same time. 

Step 1 – Go to the site

Browse an entire lot of products. Create a perfect combination that you need to use. Order the products you need.

How to Use Barrister and Mann Products

Step 2 – Shaving and styling

Combine the beard brush with the shaving soap. Apply some aftershave once you are done. Use some beard oil for your beard style.

Spray on some body spray to keep you active for the rest of the day. A combo of a variety of products will enable you to get the whole experience you need and keep you feeling fresh for the entire day. 

Barrister and Mann Alternatives

If you feel that Barrister and Mann are not for you and want a cheaper option, there are a few others out there. Razorock has a few good choices to offer at an affordable price but does not provide the same results as B&M products. Cella products perform well but only come in a single scent. Proraso and Arko are decent alternatives but are not as good as Barrister and Mann products. 

Nivea Shave cream is also decent, but again only one scent and not the same performance. Cheaper than these products and you are not getting an artisan soap and Barrister and Mann remain the top dog in the industry. 

Do’s and Don’ts With Barrister and Mann Products


  • Combine a variety of B&M products. 
  • It is okay to experiment. 
  • Try out a few different products before you find a perfect combination. 
  • Use the products as they were intended. 


  • Do not use products on your face that are not intended for such use. 
  • Overuse is never a good idea. 

FAQ About Barrister and Mann 

Who owns Barrister and Mann?

Barrister and Mann are owned by William Carius, the founder and current director. 

Where is Barrister and Mann located?

Barrister and Mann is currently located in Hartwick, New York. 

Where can I buy Barrister and Mann products?

All B&M products are available on their site for purchase or with the help of this page. 

Does Barrister and Mann sell soap samples?

Yes, they do. You can find various shaving soap samples in a separate section on their website. 

Does Barrister and Mann make vegan soaps?

Yes, they do. You can check out the offer or order a sample on their website. 


Choosing an appropriate artisan shaving soap is not the same as choosing a DHT blocker. Barrister and Mann make it a lot easier on you by offering a variety of products with a unique smell native to the brand. Smelling like a contemporary modern man has never been so easy and it comes with a variety of products that B&M has. It is best to check things out by yourself and see which combination suits you the most. Our opinion is that this is a brand that deserves a look, or in this case, a whiff.