Born Andrew James Clutterbuck, Andrew Lincoln decided to change his name for professional purposes. While he’s been in the industry for quite some time, it wasn’t until recently that he became a household name.

Playing Rick Grimes in AMC’s The Walking Dead gained Lincoln great notoriety as well as nominations and awards.

Notable Career and Work

The British actor starred in a number of British television series such as The Canterbury Tales, The Woman in White, Wuthering Heights, and most notably, the sitcom Teachers.

His role as Mark in 2003’s Love Actually gained him much wider recognition, especially in the United States, where people absolutely go crazy for the ensemble cast Christmas movie.

He was nominated for two awards for his role in this film but unfortunately did not win.

His next big role didn’t come until April 2010, when Lincoln was cast as Rick Grimes, the protagonist in AMC’s post-apocalyptic horror series, The Walking Dead.

Since then, Lincoln has basked in the fame, fortune and praise The Walking Dead has brought him. He’s showed off his acting chops and has won 5 awards for this role and nominated for an additional ten more.

Style and Facial Hair Style

Andrew Lincoln has two different personas: Andrew Lincoln himself, on red carpets or out and about in his every day life, and Rick Grimes, who he is so famously known as from his role on The Walking Dead.

Andrew Lincoln’s style is pretty debonair. He’s seen on red carpets looking spiffy in sharp suits with his wife Gael Anderson in tow.

When he’s at a more casual event or occasion, he’s often sporting a button-down and jeans with military-style boots. He also knows how to pull off a t-shirt under a blazer like nobody’s business.

Rick Grimes, however, is an entirely different story. Since the show takes place in a post-apocalyptic world being overrun by zombies, fashion isn’t his biggest concern.

Andrew Lincoln Style and Facial Hair Style

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Grimes is usually seen in a dirty button-down with the sleeves rolled up, a utility belt that holds his gun, and worn-out jeans that look tired from all the zombie fighting.

Lincoln’s facial hair is a key player in his style. Sometimes on the red carpet, he’ll shock the crowds with a clean-shaven face.

Other times, he sports his signature long locks and gray scruff. On the screen as Grimes, though, he’s always got a beard.

How to Grow a Beard as Great as Andrew Lincoln’s

The Andrew Lincoln beard made famous through the character Rick Grimes on the Walking Dead comes about through a slow process of growth and maintenance.

There are ways to grow a beard faster or grow a thicker beard. The biggest thing to keep in mind when attempting to grow this kind of beard is the four-week rule.

The four-week rule means you will end up with a consistently thicker beard and will not miss out on any of the big beard potential you have.

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Around the two- to three-week mark, the beard growth can begin to really itch. This is where self-control comes into play in order not to shave or trim the beard before the four weeks have been reached.

When the itch comes in strong, instead of shaving, what you should do is simply apply a 100% natural beard oil to the area. This will moisturize the skin underneath to sooth the itch.

Once you reach the four-week mark, you’ll need to make a decision. From there, you can either continue to let the beard grow freely or you can sculpt and shape the beard as it grows out.

Letting it grow naturally will create a grungier look and shaping it will give a more polished look. Not all beard styles require grooming at this point or to have the best grooming kit, but there’s no denying that Andrew Lincoln takes great care of his.

Grooming and Styling Tips

Andrew Lincoln’s beard is typically close to his face, acting as the perfect barrier of stubble between him and the outside world.

A lot of famous bearded men are known for their long, lumberjack beards. Not Lincoln. His salt and pepper scruff and sideburns take center stage.

Andrew Lincoln and his salt and peper beard style

So, if you’ve reached the 4-week point and are trying to get the Andrew Lincoln beard look, then grooming is necessary.

Lincoln keeps his beard trim and neat, with the perfect balance of polished and scruffy. He’s usually got a mustache, beard, and sideburns that all connect. Trim all of these areas on your face the same length to achieve this look.

One thing that makes Lincoln’s beard extra notable is the gray coloring. Learning how to dye your beard is easy if that’s something you’re considering.

Most grocery stores sell boxed beard dyes and each set comes with step-by-step instructions so you won’t make any silly mistakes.

Once you’ve got the length and color down, it’s time for beard tools to come into play to maintain the look.

Tools Needed to Maintain the Scruff

Some items you may want to consider purchasing for your beard include a transparent beard liner, a wooden beard comb, and natural beard shampoo.

If you don’t have a beard liner/shaper, it might be time to invest in a new beard shaper. Some offer templates for beard, sideburns, and neck all in one.

Others outline different shapes such as a curved edge or step cut. Spend time looking at the details of the beard shaper before purchasing in order to make sure it provides what you’re looking for.

Next, make sure you have a beard comb. The best beard combs are made of metal or wood. Either is fine; just make sure the teeth are the right width apart to get through all the hairs without being too separated.

Finally, just as we like to keep our scalp clean and healthy to promote healthy hair, we also should be keeping our facial skin beneath the beard clean and healthy.

Purchasing a beard shampoo (review of best beard shampoos) will help with this, as they are specifically formulated for sensitive face skin and for coarse facial hair.

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