There have always been musicians whose beards were almost as iconic as their songs. Kenny Rodgers, late period John Lennon, all of the Bee Gees and of course ZZ Top all spring immediately to mind. And beards are still reasonable visible in music today.

Some are rather fleetingly displayed, and others are just insane (see System of a Down and Nightwish for fine examples of that) but there are others that are simply downright sexy and have even improved the looks and fortunes of their owners significantly.

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Here are just 5 stellar examples:

Drake, Rappertumblr_nr5k5i8abq1tyakcwo1_1280

Drake first came to the attention of the world as a part of the cast of the everlasting teen soap Degrassi but even back then he was beginning to cultivate his now perfect beard, one of the things that tends to set him apart from other rappers, aside from his decided lack of dancing skills.

The Drake beard is a carefully considered work of art. Always impeccably trimmed it’s just enough to convey that extra hint of masculinity while also still conveying to the ladies that he’s just the sensitive, cultured dude they are really looking for.


Dave Grohl – Vocalist, Foo Fighters

I+m+a+guy+and+even+i+have+less+facial+hair+_a019a5c45f94826678907f1fe3f1d539When Dave Grohl rose from the ashes of Nirvana, left the safety of hiding behind a drum kit in the past and emerged as fully fledged frontman/axe god, it was with a beard and ‘stache combo that has now become as legendary as the man himself.

Dave’s beard is pretty much the perfect rock beard. Slightly unkempt, but not too much so. Full but not comically so. The mustache fits in perfectly. This is facial hair so iconic that it once pretty much starred in its own music video. And like everything else about Dave Grohl, it continues to be amazing with every year that passes.


Danny Worsnop, Vocalist, We are Harlot

64df51e4237b80114f579475b829e6e3When 17 year old English lad Danny Worsnop first hit the music scene fronting the metalcore band Asking Alexandria in the late 2000’s, he was an emo dream, something that fit right in with the band’s teenage fan base. Skinny body, skinny jeans, long, expertly styled dyed hair and a face so smooth that many might have been forgiven for wondering if he was even old enough to shave yet, despite his growling vocal style.

Then Danny began to evolve in ways that shocked his teeny bopper fans. He stopped dyeing his hair and let his natural, somewhat scruffy, ginger mane return, gained a few pounds and began cultivating a beard that at times has reached seriously epic proportions. At the same time, his musical stylings began evolving as well. Now in his mid-twenties, Worsnop and his splendid beard have moved into the hard rock genre with We are Harlot and now attracts a female fan base that is actually of legal age.

Zayn Malik, Vocalisttumblr_n3w212idEP1rtx0rto1_500

Another dude who has completely changed his image with the seemingly simple addition of a beard is former One Directioner Zayn Malik. Over the course of the five years he was a member of the world’s biggest boy band Zayn was always the one who broke out of the clean cut mode first and fastest. His tattoos were bigger and cooler (whereas Harry Styles’ kind of look like a ten year old temporary tatt experiments) he got caught smoking weed first and his look took a definite turn for the goth.

After quitting 1D, Zayn dumped his teeny bopper GF and apparently threw his razor in the garbage to begin cultivating an artful scruff that has given him enough of an edge to be taken seriously as a hip hop artist and a proper heartthrob that it’s acceptable for females over the age of twelve to appreciate.


Calvin Harris – DJ/Producer

Calvin Harris and his impeccable beard can serve as inspiration for every 980xnerdy guy out there who believes he could never be a hit with the ladies. Back in 2007, as he released his debut album I Created Disco, he was a pale and scruffy Scottish brunette whose go to look was a battered leather jacket, hoodies, Dad jeans and a scraggly five o’clock shadow that just looked sad.

However, in order to compete in the cut-throat world of EDM, and with the likes of pretty boys like Armin van Buren, Diplo and Avicii, he needed a proper look. So out came the bleach, the gym membership, the suits and the well cultivated beard of middling length. These in turn, attracted millions of dollars (he’s now been the world’s highest paid DJ for three years in a row), a modeling contract with Giorgio Armani and first Rita Ora and most recently Taylor Swift. The Calvin Harris of 2016 is almost unrecognizable as the CH of 2007 and the beard – and that gym honed eight pack – have an awful lot to do with that.

I am very interested in what you guys think. Who do you think has the sexiest beard in the music world?