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“This is a great product for any guy growing or maintaining their beard. It’s easy to use and its light scent smells great. You don’t need a dropper because the hole on the top of the glass bottle (under the cap) is small enough to let out the correct amount of oil per drop. Just tap the base to get a drop out. I’ll definitely purchase this again.”

Gabriel Hernandez
“Beard isn’t all that long but I’m growing it out. At first this comb seemed a bit big for my needs. But even when it was short, it helped. And now that my beard is longer, it still works just as well. No complaints. It doesn’t smell like anything either. I also use beard oils and i thought the scents would eventually marinate into the wood but nothing so that’s great!”
“Bought this for my husband.
Does it work? Yes, the beard is softer and it looks nicer too.
Does it help with the beard itch? Yes
Does it help with the beardruff? Yes, with every use there is less dandruff
Greasy or oily? No, not at all. For him, it’s even better than Honest Amish.”

I have tried a few other different products, and hands down this one beats them all!
You can see and feel the difference after 1 use.
Thank you guys!

Jacob Kek

Finally, some strong wood comb that won’t break easily…
It detangles my beard and no more pulling my hair because of tangles… Great comb!

Tony A.

Really like this stuff. I have tried out several different beard balms and this is my favorite so far. Good quality ingredients, great scent, and it works great.


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