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5 Tips on How to Grow a Thicker Beard

Growing a thicker beard can be a challenge for many men for a variety of reasons. The problem for most men is that once the beard reaches a certain point, itchiness can become so out of control that they trim or shave the beard to early.

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3 Best Mustache Combs – Pros and Cons

Whether you have just decided to celebrate No Shave November, are looking forward to January, or have sported an epic ‘stache for some years now, you know the value of a really good mustache comb. A mustache comb will keep your mustache looking neat and well-groomed...

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How to Straighten Your Curly Beard

There’s nothing worse than having a bad hair day; unless you have a beard.  A bad beard day is bad for your appearance, self-esteem, and beard. Ordinarily curly locks of hair are considered attractive and give the impression of youth and health. When those curly locks...

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How To Make Beard Balm At Home (DIY)

Implementing a beard balm into your facial grooming routine is a fantastic way to improve the health of your beard and decrease rashes, itchiness and damaged hair.

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Beard Butter – The Only Guide You Need

As beards are becoming more stylish, and seen as both manly and fashionable, it's becoming common to see beard butter featured as a part of a man’s bathroom arsenal. Beard butter comes in a variety of types, so if you are thinking of investing in this miracle...

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Ultimate Beard Fade – How to Pull It Off

One of the important aspects of growing a beard is being able to properly trim it. If you think you can forgo the razors and trimmers and look like you feel off the cover of the latest GQ magazine cover, you are going to be in for a rude awakening. Trimming the beard...

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5 Sexiest Beards In Music

There have always been musicians whose beards were almost as iconic as their songs. Kenny Rodgers, late period John Lennon, all of the Bee Gees and of course ZZ Top all spring immediately to mind. And beards are still reasonable visible in music today. Some are rather...

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5 Sexiest Beards in Sports

Written by Melanie There are some epic beards in sports right now. Brian Wilson and his dyed and hair tied facial mane.  James Harden and his impeccably groomed even when driving to the basket bush of a beard. But these are not men usually considered to be hugely sexy...

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