Enter The Contest (Rules & Prizes):

1st. Beardoholic Beard Oil + Exclusive Surprise Gift

2nd. Beardoholic Beard Bib

3rd. Beardoholic Beard Shaping Tool


Beardoholic beard contest


You can enter the monthly beard contest by filling out a simple form below:

Your Name, @Twitter, @IG, Facebook

Your Email

Your picture (required)

Tell us a bit about yourself and your awesome beard. What's your number one tip when it comes to beard growing, grooming,
or anything related?



– Make it sure your beard is clearly visible and the photo dimensions aren’t too small (thumbnail size)

– With your submission you certify that you own the rights to that photo. And you also grant full permission and all rights to be used by Beardoholic.

– Our voting system is pretty simple. On all entries, there are Like and Share buttons. Each time someone clicks on any of those buttons you get 1 point. If they click 10 times you get 10 points, if they click 223 times you get 223 points, and so on.

– We reserve right to remove any entry from the contest. Usually, it happens if someone tries to game the system or get votes in an unnatural way (buying, hacking, etc).

– Winners will be contacted via email or social media. If you as a winner don’t respond to this message in under ~36 hours, we will give the prize to the next best.

* Counter for votes/points updates every 24h
* The contest will start on 5th of August and you will be notified by email
* Winners will be announced on Beardoholic on the 1st of September


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