How to trim your neckline

Whatever your beardivation, and whether you’re trying to grow out a man mane, or just keep something short and simple, the neckline beard conundrum really can’t be ignored.

Let’s face it  – nothing good comes from the neck beard (i.e. when your “beard” is racing down your neck to warmly greet your chest hairs).

It’s definitely not a professional look, it’s downright uncomfortable, and seriously – it makes you look like the ape-man; it’s not likely to turn any heads (at least not in a positive way).

So, yeah – you should care about making sure you have an actual neckline to set off your beard. You’ll look more professional, feel better, and can be proud of how sharp you’ll look.

But finding and trimming a good neckline can be a bit of a mystery.

Where exactly is this invisible line, and how do you trim it consistently? We can help you out with that.

Where Is a Proper Beard Neckline?

First, we do have to acknowledge that if you are trying to keep up a deliberate, particular beard style, the neckline may vary.

For some beard styles, a faded neckline, or a shorter one may work best.

However, for the average guy just wanting to grow out his beard or keep a simple short “box” beard, there is pretty solid “proper” line to aim for.

It is actually easy to find, so we want to keep the explanation simple.

Imagine there is an invisible line starting just below one ear lobe, traveling underneath your jaw and up to connect to just below your other ear lobe.

The lowest point of the neckline will rest right where the underside of your jaw slopes down and meets your neck (like a strap on a bike helmet).

Everything underneath the line can (and should) go. Still a bit fuzzy on the line?

Here are a couple more easy tricks to identify this spot:

1. Find your Adam’s apple and place two fingers above it. The top of your fingers is approximately where the bottom point of the neckline should be.

2. For an even easier method, tilt your head downward. A crease will form where the underside of your jaw meets the top of your neck. Put the finger on the crease and straighten your head. Voila – neckline!

How to trim your beard neckline diagram

The Basic Tools

Alright, so now you know how to find a good beard neckline, but you need the right tools to get the job done.

Beard comb: before you shave or trim, you should always comb out your beard first to remove any tangles and knots.

This also helps you get a better feel for its length and where the growth line is. You can use a beard brush or comb, but combs are the most convenient and compact, and can get the knots out more efficiently.

You can check out Beardoholic’s All-in-One Beard Shaping Tool, which includes a beard comb, or our 100% wood Beardoholic Beard Comb.

High-quality clippers: obviously, to get the job done, you need a high-grade beard trimmer with good blades and a variety of guards.

There are obviously a wide variety of trimmers to choose from with just as wide of price ranges. If you don’t already have a trimmer you’re pleased with, you’ll want to keep a few things in mind to help you find the right one.

Best beard trimmers

Beard shaping tool: If you want a way to guarantee better consistent lines and a faster way to get it done, we suggest using one.

You can also check out our Beardoholic All-in-One Beard Shaping Tool. What’s great about our beard shaper is that it is made from clear plastic, which is both more durable and practical than other materials, such as wood.

Because it is clear, it helps you keep an eye on where your beard actually is as you line up the tool. It also provides 4 different types of lines and angles so that you can achieve the beard style you want.

Use it for cheek lines, sideburns, and of course, your neckline. Finally, it also comes with a built-in comb for the most convenient trim and style session yet.  

For full beard grooming, there are of course other tools that you will want, such as a beard bib for easy cleanup, beard oil for conditioning, and a beard balm or wax for styling.

Some Quick Tips Before You Trim

Alright, so now you know how to identify a good neck line, and you’ve got your basic tools.

But before you get started, a few important tips and reminders:

1. It’s easiest to identify that neckline and shave along it if you have a three way mirror.

2. Avoid trimming up too high. You don’t want your line actually encroaching on your chin or your face. This will make your face appear too big for your beard – a strange effect indeed!

3. Remember to keep your chin up and use your fingers to keep the skin underneath your chin stretched as you trim.

If your head is tilted down and/or your skin isn’t stretched, the skin can bunch, meaning you’ll end up missing a spot and/or cut yourself, especially if you decide to use a electric razor instead of trimmers.

How to Trim a Beard Neckline: Free Hand

Okay – so you know how to find the neckline, you have your proper tools and some good reminders to keep in mind. Now – how to actually create a nice, well-trimmed beard neckline.

There are a couple of ways you can go about this.

If you prefer to trim free hand, that keeps the process simple, but you will need a very steady hand, patience, and will want to be extremely confident about where that invisible neckline is.

Step 1:

Draw that imaginary line from just below one ear lobe straight down underneath your jaw to where it slopes to meet your neck (about two finger widths about your Adam’s apple) and back up around to just beneath your other ear lobe.

Step 2:

Set your beard trimmers to at least two levels shorter than your beard length. Make note of what setting you use so you can continue to use it when working on your neckline. Even if you are growing out your beard, you want to keep the neckline and the growth on your neck short.

Step 3:

Clip everything below the imaginary neckline.

Added tip – if your chest is particularly hairy and prone to creeping up your neck, take this opportunity to trim the whole neck area so no hair is popping up out of your shirt collar.

And you’re done. You can of course do this with a razor if you want an even tighter shave, but just remember to be extremely careful and make sure you keep your skin taut with your fingers, else you’ll be likely to cut yourself.

How to Trim a Beard Neckline: Beard Shaping Tool

By now, you should have seen enough examples of beard shaping tools to get the idea – it’s basically a stencil for your face.

It is an easier way of ensuring that lines are symmetrical and even, and it helps with line placement such as in the case of finding where the neckline should be.

A beard shaper also gives you more confidence that you’re shaving in the right place and the right angle, so it will help speed up the process as well.

When using a beard shaping tool on your neckline, choose one of the sides that will work best with the contour of your neck (usually a curved side), hold it in place along the neckline, and shave the hair beneath the tool and right up to it.

You will need to place the tool on one side to shave one half, and then switch it over to the other side to shave the other half.

You may have a small middle section that you will have to do by free-hand depending on the shape of your tool.

Also, check out our article, “Beard Shaping Tool – Shape Your Beard Like a Master Barber” for the full down-low on why a beard shaper should be in every guy’s beard grooming kit, and some how-to’s on a bunch of different beard styles you can achieve using one.  

Go Make That Neckline!

So, now you’ve got the skinny on why a sharp neckline does actually matter and you’ve got some great tips on how to find it and trim it up.

Tomorrow morning when you’re doing your morning beard-routine, remember to give the neckline some TLC. It’s as easy as:

1. Two invisible straps dropping from below the ear lobes to underneath the chin. Use the two finger rule above Adam’s apple to find the lowest point (or use our beard shaper to help you out).

2. Shave everything below that line.

3. You’re done and looking manly.

Have any pro-tips from how you make your clean beard necklines? Hit us up with your tips or with any questions in our comments box below!

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